Dreaming of Butterflies and Butterfly Dream Meaning

Dreaming of Butterflies

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Dreaming of Butterfly Meanings

There’s a lot of transition going on lately, so I wasn’t surprised when dreamy butterflies started cropping into my sleep-time awareness.  Dreaming of butterflies is deeply symbolic, denoting powerful themes such as…

Keywords for Dreaming of Butterflies

  • Love
  • Change
  • Renewal
  • Transformation
  • Spirituality
  • Freedom
  • Psyche
  • Movement
  • Intuition
  • Communication
Dreaming of Butterflies and Butterfly Dream Meaning
Dreaming of Butterflies and Butterfly Dream Meaning

Dreaming of Butterflies and the Afterlife Communication

I really want to emphasize that keyword, “communication” – because it’s really specific when it comes to dreaming of butterflies.  Very often, butterflies will enter our sleep phases as a message from loved ones who have parted ways with us.  In my experience, butterflies flutter in my dreams every time I have experienced the death of a precious soul in my life. For me, this is always a message that my soul-peep is well, and communicating with me through the butterfly in my dreams. It’s a sign of assurance…a statement from a loved one who might be saying something like, “I’ve transformed beautifully! I love you! Do not grieve, because I’m flitting through the afterlife in technicolor style now!” 

I’m not the only one who holds this idea of butterflies in dreams as a message or a sign from people who have crossed over into non-physical.  There are many accounts from early European country folk noting butterfly dreams are linked to the souls of heaven or the afterlife. Before science or technology squashed all the magic out of dream meanings or the magic in natural sightings (in imagination or in reality), these country-loving people paid close attention to signs from Nature in dreams and in daily life.  The butterfly is just one among many visitors that were honored and held big juju for folks. It was (and still is) a powerful reminder that there is life after death, and our loved ones are always communicating with us.

Dreaming of Butterflies and Butterfly Dream Meaning
Dreaming of Butterflies and Butterfly Dream Meaning

Butterfly Dreams and Change

Associations with change and transformation are linked to butterfly dream meanings because of the intricate and impressive process these babies go through in becoming such (from egg to larvae to pupa to butterfly).  Often when we dream of butterflies it’s a confirmation that we are going through a transition in our own lives.  It’s like the subconscious mind is telling us to be aware of these changes. I’ll go a step further and say the butterfly is encouraging acceptance of these changes too.  Current transformations pointed out by dreamy butterflies are natural, and I think fluttery butterfly wings in dreams remind us to do our best to appreciate these shifts as they come (rather than fighting the changes).

Expanding on this point, dreaming of butterflies also reminds us to trust in nature and evolve in the unfolding process of our lives.  In other words, respect the shifts, and observe each step in the transformation.  Each metamorphosis is natural and vital to our growth and evolution.

Dreaming of the Butterfly and Transforming Perceptions

The butterfly in dreams may also be symbolic of reinventing our perception. This comes from the butterfly being an icon for perception, psyche and intuition as well as a symbol for change, metamorphosis and progress.  When the sandman comes with the butterfly in tow in your dreams, it might be time to consider making changes in thought. This is especially true if you might be dealing with conflicts or challenges in communicating with others.

Furthermore, dream butterflies are a sign that it’s time to trust intuition more. Butterflies are sacred symbols of the psyche and extra-sensory perception in many myths. In fact, the story of psyche is about listening to our soul-wisdom and trusting our inner voice. Butterfly dream visitations may very well be an encouragement to rely more on inner wisdom and rather than keep trying to jam everything into analytical, conventional boxes of thought.

Dreaming of Butterflies and Butterfly Dream Meaning
Dreaming of Butterflies and Butterfly Dream Meaning

Butterfly Dreams and Moving

Lastly (but never least), dreaming of butterflies may be a poignant sign to get moving. Because these brilliant creatures are known for their impressive feats of migration, that behavior is hard-coded in our dream-time.  If you subscribe to the mindset that all life is connected (which I wholeheartedly do), then this concept of “hard-coded” behavior might make more sense.

To explain, the powerful impulses within creatures such as the butterfly that compel them to migrate are also found within our soul-code too.  At the end of the day, we are all one – so dream butterflies very often tickle our fancies about migrating, moving, relocating or just changing our physical scenery.  If you’ve been pondering the idea of shaking things up regarding your lifestyle, living location or big changes that require big moves and the butterfly starts visiting your dreams…that’s a sign.  It might be time to listen to those delicate wings, and starting beating your own wings into motion too.

Final Thoughts About Dreamtime Butterflies

I sincerely hope these thoughts about the meaning of butterfly dreams offer you insight and inspiration.  Just bear in mind, these are general perspectives about dreaming of butterflies.  Ultimately, only you can determine what the dream meaning of the butterfly is to you. It would be awesome and ideal to invest some time in meditation about your bountiful dream-time butterflies to get a more personalized interpretation.  I promise, when we quiet our minds, and genuinely seek the soul, we will always receive insight into our questions about dreams!  So happy dream interpreting, and as always, thanks for reading!

Mighty brightly,

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