Symbolic Living and Natural Magic

Symbolic Living Natural Magic

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Thoughts About Symbolic Living

Symbolic living is akin to living a magical, enchanted life. It takes a certain amount of belief and faith to live symbolically.  Seeing the natural magic of symbolism in life isn’t about taking a willy-nilly frolic into fairyland. Too much dreaming without substance is all fluff.  That’s why I appreciate healthy skepticism. It’s necessary to question.

In my experience, I’ve encountered things that logic cannot explain, and so my questions persist. Science attempts to explain Natural magic in symbolism, but it doesn’t fully explain the human element that deals with attitude, perception, and the dynamism of mind/spirit when connected with Nature.

Symbolic Living and Natural Magic
Symbolic Living and Natural Magic

A Word about Natural Magic

The realness of Natural magic and living a symbolic life is dependent upon perception and reality. I once wrote: ‘Magic is inherent in every inhalation of life.’ and that really is true. From a studious stance,  science and metaphysics can track down logical, organized connections within energetic phenomena taking place in every moment of our conscious existence. 

From a creative, imaginative stance…magic just “is”.  It’s in every atom, every cell, every nook, and cranny of life.  It doesn’t have to be explained, or shoved under a microscope – it’s just present – at all times, and in all things. That’s where symbolic living comes it. It takes Natural magic connected with mental/spiritual observation which creates a whole new understanding.

Applying Reason to Symbolic Living

We must wield the glimmering sword of reason to slice away doubt and get to the core deeper meaning in Nature. But we’ve got to be able to suspend our doubt long enough to marry logic with imagination.

Life requires balance, and living a conscious life represents an endless Q&A between provable tangibles and intangible mysteries.  It’s healthy to be skeptical.  I certainly am.  Believe it or not, I’m hugely suspect of most things I encounter that deny logic.  But I think that makes me a crackerjack intuitive.  Why?  Because I’m not mindless, and neither are you.  I pick apart the unexplained.  In the process of asking and pondering Natural phenomena, I usually come across a loop I can hook my psychic claws into.  Once hooked, I can suspend my analytical mind just long enough to peer into an opening of Natural magic, wonder and wisdom. I think that’s what symbolic living is all about

Symbolic Living and Natural Magic
Symbolic Living and Natural Magic

Old Ways and Symbolic Living

Plus, I can’t help but revert back to my ancestry – and the ancient lineage all humans share.  Native Americans, Vikings, ancient Celts, Aborigines, etc….all the Old People of the Old Ways.  They had old-school psychic chutzpah.  They knew stuff that went deep into the core of what symbolic living and Natural magic were all about.   We can argue they didn’t have the science to explain stuff as we do today.  But does that make their wisdom any less significant?  I don’t think so.

Take sympathetic magic for example.  This is a kind of practice that sees corollaries in Nature and mimics them in ritual to bring about a similar, binding effect.  An illustration of this is the Celtic Druid approach to mistletoe.  Science tells us mistletoe is a parasite on the oak tree.  Druids saw it as a symbiotic partner to the oak.  As such, Druids harvested mistletoe and used it in sacred rituals to bind their community.  It was used as an omen or a symbol to keep marriages together and bind the clan together.  Mistletoe in the ritual was used to imitate a bonding, a kinship, a glue to that which is deeply rooted and strong like the oak. 

Were the binding rituals effective?  I can’t say.  But I’m certain the divorce rates of ancient Celts were far less than that of the population today. Am I suggesting that all marriages end in divorce because a hand-fasting or a mistletoe ritual wasn’t employed?  Certainly not. But I am saying Natural magic and symbolic living has a way of binding us together in ways that are far more powerful than conventional approaches.

What’s relevant here is the connection and collaboration with Nature.  I wholeheartedly feel (and have experienced) the effects of Natural magic when profoundly, respectfully connected to it, and the overall experience of symbolic living is eye-opening, enriching, profound

Yes, indeed, there is such a thing as Natural magic.  Look around at the miracle of Earth and our galaxy…that’s proof enough of magic.  Yes, magic can be conjured by symbolic living.  Is it the end-all-be-all of answer to all questions?  No.  I don’t think so.  I think magic requires fortitude.  I think symbolic living requires intellect, imagination and a willingness to believe while still maintaining an even mind. 

Symbolic Living and Natural Magic
Symbolic Living and Natural Magic

Closing Thoughts About Symbolic Living and Natural Magic

I rarely make guarantees.  But I promise you this:  There is a sublime, enchanted life taking place beyond our bills, our jobs, our kids crying, and long lines at the grocery store.  There is more to this life than what we see day-to-day. 

There is a gossamer veil that divides common experience from uncommon experience.  Luckily, that veil is translucent and ephemeral. If we want to, we can venture behind that veil to access otherworldly experiences.  It takes an altered perception, and a balanced perspective to straddle the common and the uncommon. 

Am I saying symbolic living is easy?  No.  But I am saying it’s doable. Natural magic is everywhere, and it’s up to us to interpret the signs and symbols within our environment to deepen our lives and daily experiences. As always, thanks for reading!

Mighty brightly,

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