Writing in Dreams Meaning

Writing in Your Dreams: Meaning and Interpretations

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I’ve talked about the importance of writing down dreams when interpreting them. But what is the meaning of writing in your dreams?  Great question, and I’ve got some thoughts. Dreams are like a mainline into the soul and the subconscious.  They stir up our innermost thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. And when all those deeper emotions bubble up to the surface in the form of dreams, it’s a good idea to pay attention.  Why? Because interpreting dreams can lead us to a better understanding of ourselves and our life path.

What Writing in Dreams Means
What Writing in Dreams Means

About The Symbolism of Writing and Writing in Your Dreams Meaning

Writing in your dreams is an interesting sleep-scene that bears contemplation and interpretation. At first glance, you might not think it’s a big deal.  I mean, we write all the time. It’s such a seemingly innocuous action.  From writing out grocery lists and signing our names to writing random notes or term papers – we write every day. 

But the deeper meaning of writing is far more profound than you might think. Consider – before the advent of typewriters, printing presses, and computers, the only way the word could be preserved was in hand-written form.  Ideas, language, secret knowledge, and more were hand-scribed on scrolls, parchment, etc.   Symbolically, writing is all about wisdom, sacred knowledge, and the preservation of vital information.

So, the meaning of writing in your dreams – by association – is connected to the idea of recording wisdom.  Furthermore, writing in dreams is also symbolic of retaining that information and keeping it safe, guarding it, and treasuring it.  The act of writing (in dreams or otherwise) is also about recollection.  If you think about it, writing is a way to store information.  Sure, it’s an old-school way of doing it. But, again, before the invention of flash drives and cloud storage – written documents were protected so the information stored within could be revisited, referred to, and recounted time and again. In much the same way, it’s the same with writing in your dreams. 

With all that said, we can deduce that the meaning of writing in dreams is about recording and retaining knowledge. What kind of knowledge depends upon the type of dream you are having.  Here are a few examples of writing in dreams, and what each scenario might mean in your waking realm.

Dreaming of Writing in Academic or Work Situations

If your dream revolves around writing for school or work, it could be that you might be preoccupied with these areas of your life.  Maybe (in your waking life) you’re consumed with getting a term paper done and even thinking about hiring an attentive essay writer to complete the assignment.  Or perhaps you have a huge deadline at work, and you’ve been hammering to get the task done.  Very often when we’re under stress at work or school, our dreams will help us “let off steam.” Dreaming of writing school papers or writing calculations for business budgets is a way for our minds to process too. 

I know when I was at school I’d dream of writing and I could actually see what I was writing down. More often than not, this information in my dreams helped me solve big problems.  You see, when the analytical (waking) mind is obsessed with getting a job done, it gets taxed.  That’s where the subconscious mind helps us release that pressure during sleep (and dreams).  Frequently these dreams manifest answers when we’re up against challenges at work or school.  So, pay attention to these types of academic or work-related writing dreams, because it’s your deeper self (subconscious mind) making a path for solutions and better productivity.

Writing Letters in Dreams Meaning
Writing Letters in Dreams Meaning

Writing Letters in Your Dreams

If you’re writing letters in your dreams, it’s likely a sign your deeper self desires to reconnect with someone.  While letter-writing isn’t as common today as it used to be, it’s still an activity that is deeply rooted in mass consciousness.  How so?  Because before email or texting, the only way to convey news or reach out to loved ones was through writing correspondence.  Therefore, writing in your dreams in the form of a letter implies it’s time to consider reaching out and communicating with others.  This is particularly true if it’s been a while since you’ve spoken to someone.

Furthermore, whenever you pen letters in your dream, it may symbolize your need to get started on something you’ve meant to accomplish. It may also indicate you need to deal with a problem that has arisen. Dream letters indicate this is a keen moment to create a choice and decide what matters most in your life. And as mentioned, it could also imply meeting & connecting with crucial people in your life.

Dreaming of Writing on Blank Paper

A blank sheet of paper represents pure positive potential.  Think about it.  This is “tabula rasa” – a totally blank slate upon which anything can be created or manifested.  In dreams, writing on a fresh sheet of blank paper indicates a need to start over.  This scenario is a way the subconscious is sending a message that says “It’s time for a fresh start.”  If you’re having this time of writing dream, it’s a good time to reassess your life, switch gears and try a new tact.

The meaning of writing in your dreams on blank paper may also indicate it’s time for you to create something magical in your life.  This dream indicates you’re faced with tons of opportunities, and all you need to is choose to get creative in your next venture.  Get artsy, crafty, and innovative. Jump on opportunities in your midst you might not have considered before.  Being faced with the unknown (like the blank sheet of paper in your dreams symbolizes) is much more appealing when you know it represents an incredible potential for gain and growth.

Writing in Dreams
Writing in Dreams

Dreaming of Writing in a Journal or Diary

Diary writing is a common form of writing therapy for tons of folks.  Heck, I’ve been keeping journals since I was able to write!  But what about dreaming of writing in journals?  These dreams are connected to the same reason we journal in our waking lives.  Think about it. Journals or diaries are a vessel where we keep secrets, hold precious memories, or record important events in our lives.  By association, dream journaling signals the same thing.  Writing in a diary while you’re dreaming indicates it’s time to revisit memories or revisit important moments in life.  It’s a sign to embrace nostalgia, and walk down memory lane. This type of dream is all about remembering, recollecting and revisiting segments of time in the past.

Dreaming of writing in a diary may also indicate it’s time to take stock of your thoughts and emotions.  If you consider, journals are a way to organize our thoughts.  Very often, writing therapy helps us gain control over the chaos in our lives and our minds.  Therefore, journaling in dreams implies you may need to employ more order and structure in your waking life.

The Last Word About The Meaning of Writing In Your Dreams

You’re savvy enough to know that interpreting dreams are extremely personal.  These are just suggestions to help you interpret dream scenes in which you are penning something.  At the end of the day, you are your own best judge and interpreter when it comes to the meaning of these fascinating dreams.  That said, I do hope these insights prove helpful in gaining meaning to writing in your dreams.  As always, thanks for reading!

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