Dream Interpretation

Diving Into Dream Interpretation

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When it comes to dream interpretation, it’s good to know that dreams are a form of self-communication. They point out certain issues or aspects of ourselves that require our attention. You might even say dreams are messages from our inner, deeper selves. This perspective is corroborated by many psychologists who feel dreams are a communication method used by the subconscious to deliver information to our conscious, waking minds.

Swimming Through a Sea of Dreams

What’s interesting about dreams is that they are vast with potential, power and replete with funky surprises. In a way, dreams are like the ocean. Much of our oceans are still unexplored and so, therefore, hold unknown wonders. Same with our dreams. The seas of our dreams are deep, sometimes dark, and certainly stuffed with swimmy mystical, magical delights.

A dream is a microscope through which we look at the hidden occurrences in our souls.
~Erich Fromm

Dream Interpretation
Dream Interpretation

Sea of Dreams and Why We Should Dive Deep Into Dream Interpretation

Each of us (and our dreams) is like an ocean. Our waters rise and fall in cyclical rhythms that are at once natural and mystical. And, within our waters stirs ancient life in infinite variety.  Some of this life we know intimately.  Other aspects lurk more deeply, and our knowledge of these life forms might be vague at best.

Dreams churn our energetic waters, move the silt, and bubble up deeper aspects of ourselves up to the top of our awareness. This allows us to pick up new treasures and discoveries (in the form of personalities, tendencies and behaviors) that have surfaced in awareness.

Should we fear the unknowns in our watery depths? Not at all.

There is nothing in the grand body that does not know itself. There is nothing within the totality of the ocean that is excluded – all is known – all is accepted…..same holds true with our humanness in its wholeness.

In the end, we must swim in ourselves, and do so playfully – as a child would splash in the waters of the sea, fearless, unabashed and exhilarated by the experience.

When it comes to dream interpretation, do it with gusto.  Approach your energetic waters like a saucy pirate sailing the waves of your personality in search of dreamy booty.

color meaning in dreams
color meaning in dreams

Three Tips for Negotiating a Sea of Dreams and Dream Interpretation

When we dare to dive in the sea of dreams, and earnestly approach dream interpretation, there are some tricks of the trade that might be useful. To carry on with the analogy, here are some ways to “fish” for dream meaning and interpretations.

Use the Right Bait

Part of catching the “big fish” of dream meanings is preparing for insight. The best interpretations come when we take care of ourselves first. Good food, exercise, self-care…all that stuff you already know. Also, have a pen and paper or some kind of recording device by your bed. Just like a fresh catch, fresh dreams are best interpreted quickly after we awaken.

However, life (or even our understanding) doesn’t always permit immediate interpretations. Writing down our dreams is a great way to ensure we can go back and catch meanings down the line. Otherwise, it’s highly likely we will forget, and lose those precious insights altogether.

Reel it In

Dreams can be crazy and colorful and frankly sometimes don’t make a lick of sense. That’s why we have to reel them into our level. Wild situations in our dreams can be tamed a bit to make more sense. For example, take a dream of a farting sloth and man-eating flowers…First take the weirdness out, then identify what each aspect means.

In this example, start with the simple symbols, like what do sloths mean to you? And flowers? Then tackle the weird bits, like…What’s in your life that is consuming you and/or the beauty in your life (man-eating flowers)? And consider stuff you need to let go of, maybe it’s time to depressurize (farting). You get the idea. Just like diving, penetrate the surface first (simple symbols) and then go deeper into the more complex (sometimes freaky) scenes in your dream.

Row With It

Keep rowing in your dreamy seas. Dream interpretations are not a slot-machine-one-stop-shop thing. They unfold and evolve over time. Your first interpretation might be perfect, but over time things might happen that might make you reconsider the dream and its initial interpretation.

types of dreams and dream meaning

Final Thoughts on Dream Interpretation

These are just a few thoughts about dream interpretation and how dreams are so impressively vast in meaning and potential. Dreams are beautiful messages from the deeper psychic waters that stir within us. It’s worth it to take time to swim and contemplate those waters to gain more wisdom about ourselves. Oh, and if you liked this, you might also like my article on the Jungian dream interpretation method and how to do it.

As always thanks for reading.

Sweet dreams!

Mighty brightly,

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