About Your Rising Sign - Ascendant Sign Meanings

About Your Rising Sign – Ascendant Sign Meanings

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What is a rising sign? A better question might be what’s the big deal about your rising sign? Well, it is a big deal. In fact, it is part of the trinity of your birth chart. As such, your rising sign is a critical key to expanding upon your whole personality, your proclivities, and life’s trajectory. With that kind of gravity attached to rising signs (also known as ascendant signs), it’s a good idea to learn more about it – so read on for these basic ascendant sign meanings.

The Triangle of Your Birth Chart

Ascendant Sign and Your Birth Chart Trinity
Ascendant Sign and Your Birth Chart Trinity

As mentioned, your birth chart is comprised of a beautifully balanced trinity.  Think of it as a triangleEach side is essential to structure and meaning.  These three sides to your birth chart are your sun sign, moon sign and ascendant sign.

Each side (or zodiac sign) has equal weight and measure.  So, your while your sun sign may shine brightly in your relationships and with how you interact with the world – it isn’t more important than your moon or ascendant sign.  Here is a brief rundown of each of these signs and their symbolic meaning.

Sun Sign: If you ever read your horoscope, you’re obtaining that information through your sun sign. Your sun sign personality is much like the sun – it shines out upon the world.  Your sun-centric sign is the side of yourself that is most visible – like the sun – it is obvious.  It represents on-surface aspects of our nature and personality.

Moon Sign:  You could say this sign in your birth chart is the opposite of your moon sign, but it’s really much more complex than that. Sure – symbolically speaking the moon is a stark contrast from the sun.  Likewise, your moon sign is the side of yourself that is not-so-obvious (unlike your sun sign personality). It represents passive, latent, instinctual, psychic, deep stuff that is not often expressed – sometimes we’re not even aware of how our moon sign is working in our lives and impacting our personality.

Ascendant Sign: Ah, now to the nitty-gritty of this post about your rising sign!  Briefly, (cuz I’ll go in-depth later), this is the zodiac sign that was rising on the horizon at the moment of your birth. Some say the ascendant sign is how we are reflected upon the world. But that’s only part of it.  Because the rising sign is connected with the act of your first breath taken in the world, it is also about survival, what motivates you, what inspires you, and what makes you move, live, dance, etc.

About Your Rising Sign - Ascendant Sign Meanings
About Your Rising Sign – Ascendant Sign Meanings

More About the Meaning of Your Ascendant Sign

As mentioned, your ascendant, or rising sign, reflects the astrological zodiac sign that was rising on the horizon at the moment of your birth. This is why your exact time of birth is required for obtaining your correct rising sign. It’s located on the cusp of the first house of your astrological chart – or easily visualized at the nine o’clock position of your circular chart (if viewing it as a clock face).

Oh, if you don’t know about your rising sign, you can find out with this simple, accurate rising sign calculator here.

If you were to think of your sun sign as that active, vibrant aspect of your potential and personality – and the moon sign as your soulful, emotional, spiritual (even secret) side of yourself, then you could say your ascendant is kind of like the body – the physical or tangible aspect of you – but it goes much further than that.

The basic description of the ascendant sign is that it might be a way to describe your physical temperament or responses, your outward mannerisms, and behavior, the personality you put on public display. It is the part of yourself you may be most willing for other people to see in casual, impersonal situations. Changes here will explain why even people born on the same day as you will have very different personalities, different strengths and interests, and different life experiences.

Keywords Associated With Ascendant Sign Meanings

  • Survival
  • Insiration
  • Motivation
  • Interactions
  • Impressions
  • Appearances

The ascendant in your birth chart indicates the ways in which you interact with the energy you put out in the world and the energy you receive from others. Behavior patterns that you constantly experience in partnerships and relationships are a reflection of the zodiac sign in your ascendant. Therefore, it’s a good idea to be aware of this, because your rising sign can help break negative patterns in friendships, family relations, or romantic partnerships.  

On a deeper level, your rising sign speaks to how you survive. Why? Because this sign is rooted at the instant moment of your birth – there is propelling energy attached to it.  When I say “survival” I’m not just talking about paying the bills or growing food to eat to live.  Survival has many different aspects.  Read on for more about what this fascinating sign says about you.

About Your Rising Sign - Ascendant Sign Meanings
About Your Rising Sign – Ascendant Sign Meanings

What Your Rising Sign Says About You

Your rising sign says a lot about how you move, function, and survive in life.  As mentioned, I’m using the word survival very broadly.  Sure – you need water to survive – but in terms of astrological symbolism, we’re talking about deeper necessities.  Here are some examples of how your survival-centric rising sign influences and manifests in your life.

It’s All About Me! (err, well, I mean, it’s all about YOU): 

Attention and recognition from others is a big part of any human’s survival.  Even if you shun the spotlight, or live like a hermit –  how the world recognizes and interacts with you is part of who you are.  Your rising sign will indicate how you are motivated to gain attention.  Think about the aspects of your ascendant sign and observe how you consciously (or unconsciously) apply these aspects when it comes to being seen, being loved, attracting attention, and being recognized.

Health Matters: 

Your ascendant sign is also reflective of health proclivities.  Every sign has certain strengths and weaknesses – this includes rising sign influences upon health.  Once you know your ascendant sign, you can explore these health trends in your sign for more revealing information about your physical wellbeing.  This can also be helpful in making better choices that honor your health or avoiding things that tend to cause weakness in your sign’s condition.

Good First Impressions: 

Because you connect with your ascendant zodiac sign the moment you came into this world – that kind of “first step” energy is connected with your rising sign disposition.  In other words, your rising sign is strongly responsible for leading the charge in making first impressions.  It often manifests unconsciously – it reveals the deep-seated propensities or drives you to have to impress others with your charm, intelligence, physical appearance – or however your sign opts to manifest in order to make an impression upon others.

The Final Word on Ascendant Sign Meaning

In the end, all your signs weigh equally in creating your unique, brilliant personality.  These thoughts about your rising sign are just a guideline.  The ultimate answer as to how you survive, live, and thrive in this world is truly in your own hands. 

By understanding your ascendant, you can gain clarity about your personality trends, perspectives, and proclivities – that’s helpful in learning to know and love yourself. But just remember, you aren’t defined by your sign – it’s not a prison sentence or a “get out of jail free card.”  It’s a guide – not an edict. 

In other words, the possibilities surrounding who you are, how you go through life, who you meet and connect with, etc – it’s all determined upon the core essence that is radically awesomely you. As always, thanks for reading! Oh, also, I intend to write another article post on each of the 12 ascendant sign meanings – so stay tuned!

Mighty brightly,

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