good luck number meanings

Good Luck Number Meaning

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Exploring Good Luck Number Meaning

Thoughts about lucky number meaning: This page on good luck number meaning is one of a series of pages I’ve offered in the vein of good luck symbols.

Numbers are powerful resources for information. Whether you believe in numerology or not, there is compelling evidence that shows numbers speak a symbolic and sometimes foretelling language. If you consider, all of life is built on numbers. Mathematicians can cite the existence of life is comprised of ones and zeros. That means numbers are connected to life.

good luck number meaning
About good luck number meaning

In my series of number meaning and symbolism, I dive into this in more depth. This article about good luck number meaning is just another offering of information. It is a concept that is available for contemplation and consideration.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours as to whether there is merit to numerology or even lucky numbers. As you read through this good luck number meaning page, just bear in mind – luck is yours to make.

It’s my contention that all numbers hum a certain vibration or frequency. Therefore, all numbers have a lucky feel to them because of specific energetic patterns, vibrations and history.

Here are a few good luck number meaning s for your consideration…

good luck number meaning
Good luck number meaning

“There are rules to luck, not everything is chance for the wise; luck can be helped by skill.”

– Balthasar Gracian

Lucky Number Meanings

One isn’t the loneliest number, but it’s certainly one of the luckiest. Number one is symbolic of beginnings, like being first in line for a “good thing.” Being number one is like being on top – it’s a symbol of accomplishment and achievement. Number one is also symbolic of the sun, which is abundant in symbolism like health, wealth and security. Number one is lucky in new ventures, maintaining focus to accomplish goals and taking action.

The good luck number meaning for two is about variety. Twos tell us we have the best of both worlds at our command. Egyptians upheld the number two in various symbolic amulets and rituals to represent the two-fold path of completion (1. Knowledge and 2. Wisdom). Egyptians knew luck comes from within, and if you possess both knowledge and wisdom, you are a lucky bloke indeed. Two is also a lucky number in relationships – it signifies a strong, balanced partnership.

Threes are lucky, lucky, lucky! It’s a sacred number with tons of mystical, esoteric connotations throughout every culture. Mostly, threes take the power of two forces and mix them together to make a new energetic presence. Three can be your lucky number when you use it as a point of focus – like a triad of intentions. Visualize a upright triangle. Assign admirable qualities to the parallel sides, like “patience” and “belief” then picture the base as the new energetic force made by those qualities. In this example, we could say “success” is made from the combination of patience and belief.

The good luck number meaning for four is grounded in stabilizing energy. This will be your lucky number when you are dealing with matters of the home, or require security. I’ve had clients focus on number four energy when they are looking to buy a new house. Sound silly? If luck is what we make of it, then focusing on specific number energy is just another cool tool we can use to our benefit. The Egyptians did, and they attributed their god Horus to the power of number four – a provisional deity who also offered protection.

Fives are particularly lucky in Chinese traditions where we see the five Chinese blessings: Health, Wealth, Luck, Life, Peace. Alchemists and esoteric practitioners utilize the lucky power of five-pointed stars for protection and well-balanced energies in their work. Indeed, the number five is all-encompassing energy in matter. Five is a lucky number for physical health and protection. I also think it’s rather lucky that it was David’s fifth stone thrown that downed Goliath in the legendary Biblical face-off.

As far as good luck number meaning goes, the number six is auspicious in matters of love and relationships. This is because the number six is associated with the planet Venus who incites harmony and passion in our connections. The number six is also assigned to the Lovers card in the Tarot, which speaks to us about balanced relationships as well as open, honest communication. Consider the harmonic energy of number six for luck when engaging in new partnerships or relationships.

One of my personal favorite lucky numbers, seven is auspicious in matters of scholarly achievement. Seven is also associated with spiritual, psychic and intellectual development. It’s the number of wisdom and higher reasoning. Seven is also a time-bound energy, it often signals good timing when seen in sequences. For example, if you see a series of seven in your day (on the clock, on bus tickets, license plates, room numbers, etc.) it often indicates good timing for scholarly/spiritual endeavors.

The verdict on number eight being a lucky number is typically up for debate in numerological societies. But, I like to think of it as a lucky number because of its cyclical nature. Turn it the numeral eight on its side, and you get a lemniscate (infinity symbol, or mobius strip).Why is this lucky? Because everything is infinite and also transient. That means what is lost shall be returned. What’s distant shall eventually be nearby. With this kind of energetic malleability, eight should be the poster child for good luck number meaning because it means our luck is always changing, recycling, expanding and revolving.

Nine is a lucky number because of its association with the number three. And, it’s a number that says “many happy returns” because of its ability to return to itself in mathematical equations. Multiply any number by nine and reduce it. You’re always going to get nine. (5×9=45, Reduced:4+5=9). It’s a number of integration and returns to primary source. Consider the number nine when you’re looking for inspiration from a lot of different directions with a goal to make a solid, unified statement.

I hope you have enjoyed this page on good luck number meaning. Check out the links at the end of this page for good luck symbols, more number meanings and other symbolic insights. Thanks for reading!

Mighty brightly,

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