About Symbolic Perception

Symbolic Perception

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Random Thoughts About Symbolic Perception: What is it? Why does it Matter?

Symbolic perception is seeing the world (or even our Universe) through meaningful goggles. It’s a way of living that seeks deeper meaning, connections, origins in events, people, and Nature. Perception is everything. How we see the world predicts how we communicate with ourselves, with others, and with the Universe. Perception is also how we determine the truth, forge conclusions, and sets the tone for our choices and how we live life.

About Symbolic Perception
About Symbolic Perception

Most of you sweet peeps are savvy enough to know that what is seen on TV or even observed in our daily lives is only a partial truth. This is just a friendly reminder that symbolic perception has many, many different layers. What we perceive can be shifty, one-sided, biased, whatever. That’s why we must be keen on our vision. Dig deeper with soulful eyes…see beneath the surface!

If you think about it, that’s what living a symbolic life is all about. It’s a way of daily living that seeks the deeper meaning underlying all things.  Living life “on the surface”…meaning, just seeing existence at face value is booooring!  Not to mention, a life without deeper meaning is lackluster, and holds no pizzazzle! Perhaps Socrates said it best,

An unexamined life is not worth living.


Albeit, this is a drastic stance, but nevertheless, the ancient Greek philosopher had a point. Maybe that’s why I got interested in interpreting signs and symbols in the first place…I just couldn’t bear living a life that was banal and held nothing more than monochromatic reality. I know that many of you feel the same way, and that’s what inspires me to keep publishing symbolic topics on this website.

The beauty of symbolic perception (and diving beneath the surface of common reality) is that it’s subjective. Meaning, your observation about something may be completely different that mine or anybody else’s. I think that’s bitchin’ and beautiful. What a dull, dour world this would be if everybody shared the same perception!

Also, remember someone else’s truth might not be YOUR truth. This reminds me of my life’s motto: Sapere Aude” This is Latin for “Dare to discern.”  There is a reason we humans have the capacity to make decisions, gather information, think logically…it is so we can discern and formulate our own opinions about what is true. To go a step further, we can even prove that our ability to form conclusions can even shape our entire reality.

Symbolic perception is crucial. It shapes our lives, contributes to our imagination, augments our ability to dream bigger and better. At the end of the day, what we perceive, we receive. That is to say, when we cast our eyes out into the world and only see in black-n-white terms, we receive kinda ho-hum experiences in response. Meh. We can do better than that! This Universe offers bedazzling potential, and when we look out with eyes expecting razzly-dazzly visions, then we will be greeted with magical moments at every turn.

About Symbolic Perception
About Symbolic Perception

Take-Away Points About Symbolic Perception

  • Everybody’s perception is different. When we open our minds to share our observations, we have the luxury of savoring a diverse symbolic soup of wonderful, varied viewpoints.
  • Seeing only the surface of life is a big yawn. Alternatively, seeing with symbolic perception unlocks a world of bangin’, bodacious delights.
  • Living a symbolic life is all about integrating imagination, intuition and creative perception. It’s about allowing magic and wonder to enter our experience so that we may enjoy a truly limitless life.

Am I suggesting we view the world exclusively in terms of rainbow-colored unicorns and snow cones? Of course not. However, I am saying with minimal effort, we can see ‘what is’ these thoughts about symbolic perception were inspiring for you. May all your observations be switched on and super-sized with symbolic meaning. As always, thanks for reading!

Mighty brightly,

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