What is Intuition?

What is Intuition?

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According to Webster’s Dictionary, the definition of intuition is:  “A direct perception of truth or fact that is independent of any reasoning process.”  BORING! The word intuition comes from the Latin word intueri, meaning “to see within.”  Okay, not as boring, but still rather vague. By themselves, these references don’t seem very helpful.  But, put them together and we’ve got a good start on our path to answering the question “What is intuition?”

Using a Compass as an Analogy for Intuition

What is Intuition? The Compass as an Analogy
The Compass as an Analogy for Intuition

As mentioned, Webster’s Dictionary states that intuition is a “direct perception.”  While that’s true, it’s still ambiguous.  So let’s flesh out this definition of intuition by likening that “direct perception” to a navigational compass. 

No matter where on Earth you stand, a functioning compass points north.    That needle is honed to point to the magnetic power indwelling the North Pole. Your intuition works in the same way.  Intuition or “direct perception” will always point to your “true north.”

We are each guided by a greater force.  Known by many names, this force is both part and parcel of who we are.  When we consult our intuition, we are linking up with this greater force and looking to our own spiritual or soulful true north.

Just as a compass is always drawn to point clearly to a constant heading, intuition performs the same exact function.  Intuition is consistent.  It never wavers. And it points to the heading that is magnetized or connected with our souls.

About Trusting Your Intuition

About Trusting Your Intuition

How many times has someone told you, “Trust your intuition!”  Well, what does that mean – really? 

Sure, pretty much all of having gotten that tingly sensation alerting us when something is wonky or a sense of warning that makes the hair on the backs of our necks stick up.  Most of us can attest to being in a position when we didn’t follow that intuitive impression – only to admit we got into a pickle and regretted not heeding that inner voice.

Or, we may get twitter-jitters when we have a bright idea accompanied with the sense “Hey, this could really work!” And we’re lead to act on that impression or idea to discover our intuitive hit was a winner.

The long and short of trusting intuition is this:  The message, idea, impression that comes out of the blue is something to pay attention to.  These intuitive communications come from a deep place of the greater self that is very into guidance for self-survival.

If you remember that intuition comes from your deeper self, and that part of you is protective, it desperately wants you to survive and thrive – then you’ll know trusting your intuition isn’t just simple as “following a hunch” – it’s about evolving, empowering, surviving, and excelling in life.

North and True North: Clarifying Intuitive Direction

What is Intuition? True North Guidance
What is Intuition? True North Guidance

An actual compass or magnetic navigational device doesn’t point to “true north” – it points north-ish.  While a compass will point north, it doesn’t point to the geographic North Pole, which is considered true north. Instead, a compass points to the magnetic North Pole which is in Canada and about 1000 miles south of the geographical true north known as the North Pole. 

Confusing?  Admittedly, it’s a bit baffling for me. Luckily, our intuition doesn’t have to be as perplexing (or sciency).  All you have to know about intuition or intuitive direction is that your deeper instinct is compelled to lead you in the right direction for you. 

How Do We Know It’s Intuition?

Better still, how can we be sure we are consulting our intuition and not hearing some kind of rogue ego-driven directive? Here are a few tips to identifying the correct source of intuition

How Do You Know It's Intuition?
How Do You Know?
You will know your intuition is guiding you by these truths:
  • Intuition will always point to your highest and best direction
  • It indwells you for the purpose of your protection and survival
  • Messages from intuition often come in the form of inspiration
  • Alternatively, intuition comes into play as a type of warning to keep you from danger
  • It makes you breathe easier, makes you feel lighter and brighter
  • Hits from intuition will offer a strong sense of focus and clarity
  • It will point to your most genuine joy and self-preservation

The Last Word

I hope this post helps to answer some of your questions about intuition  At the end of the day, it is your personal, magnetizing inner force that is compelled to guide you in advantageous ways.  It is your inner compass that navigates you to stay safe and make choices that honor who you are. As always, thanks for reading!

Mighty brightly,

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