Tips to Crushing the Coronavirus Blues

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Hey, do you remember the phrase ‘going viral’? It was actually a good thing. Coronavirus kinda kicked that term in the teeth, eh?

When I first started whats-your-sign, I was chomping at the bit in hopes that one of my videos or articles would go viral. Ideally, going viral meant getting an overwhelming awareness of a good cause or concept on the internet (ideally).

My oh my, how this trend-phrase has been turned on its ear in the midst of this crushing coronavirus situation! Jinkies! But why can’t we flip it over again? Why can’t we take the viral concept and take advantage of it in a positive way?

We can.

Why? Because human potential is infinite. The power of human thought, energy and heart is ferociously powerful.

Now, I don’t want to come off as all woo-woo here, but it’s a solid truth that our thoughts and attitudes can change lives. There is no limit to the transformations we can make if we simply choose to shift our perception.


Ideas for Squishing Coronavirus-related Depression

Tips to Flipping (off) the Corona Virus Blues

♦ Who You Gonna Call?: Remember the psycho-reactive goo in Ghostbusters II? Yeah, the mood slime that threatened to eat NY while it fed off all the negativity? Well, those clever proton-pack-toting Ghostbusters figured out the slime responded equally to positive moods.  When the virus is threatening to slime you into the perils of dispair…think about the happy side-effect of that Pepto Bismol colored goop. In other words, feed yourself, your family, your world positive vibes, and watch as positive vibes come back to you. Turn on some Jackie Wilson (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me)…it worked for the slime…heck, it moved the whole Statue of Liberty…think what a good jive can do for you?

Flex your positive mood muscles!

Moods are muscles. We have got to nurture them, flex them, train them. Left on their own, our moods can atrophy and continue to slog in the slums of depression.  We’ve got to program our moods, train them to reach higher elevations. Eventually, the good moods become stronger and can even crush the wicked Vigo Von Homburg Deutschendorf’s in our lives (you know, the creepy Carpathian? Okay, so I’ve watched Ghostbusters II a few too many times. Guilty!).

 Sinatra Cinched it!:  Are you familiar with that song “High Hopes”? Sinatra crooned some good advice:

“Next time you’re found with your chin on the ground,
There’s a lot to be learned, so look around.”

Good tune. Good advice.

I realize my sugar-plum- fairy side is showing here, and I don’t mean to be hippy-dippy  in the midst of this virus-viciousness. But honestly, we can’t rise above our situations until we start looking at the high points. I don’t make many guarantees, but I know that when we doggedly cling to the positive, focus on the things that ARE going well, that action produces a snowball effect. Expressing gratitude for the good stuff (even if it is minuscule), and consistently recognizing the positives will trigger a fundamental, chain-reaction that actually produces positive outcomes in our lives.

Consider the old computer programming adage: “Garbage in, garbage out.” …The term holds true for putting goodies in our life-program too. I’ve witnessed countless examples of this: Concentrating on what is good, what is working, what is loving, what is kind will absolutely set the scene for better efficiency, more love, and more kindness in our lives.

♦ Every Coin Has Two Sides: Life exists because of polarities. You simply can’t have ALL good, or ALL bad. In fact, did you know there is such a thing as  ‘good’ viruses? Yeah! True, on the whole, a virus is a spit-ball of bad juju (in fact the word virus is a term for ‘poisonous liquid’ in Latin). But let’s play with the possibility that every virus in the world might not be as villainous as we might think.

Consider the jungle known as our intestines. Our gastro-plumbing is plugged with millions of bacteria..some good, some downright nefarious. Did you know there are natural viruses also squatting in our digestive tubing? Yup, and some of these viruses are actually beneficial as a first defense against the nasty kind of bacteria bunching up in our bowels.  

Or consider the unflappable Panicum. Also known as ‘panic grass,’ this plant grows in the most inhospitable environments on the planet. Panic grass survives and thrives in brain-frying desert heat, face-melting volcanic regions, and even scalding geysers of Yellowstone. How do they do it? Science indicates this plant is a host for a virus that actually protects them from these hellish environments. Yep. A virus latches onto a fungus connected to the panic grass. This marriage actually forms a defense that allows this sassy grass to flourish in hell-fire-alarm-high-temperatures. Pretty nifty, eh? 

All this to say, yeah, the virus-scene is bad…but it’s not ALL bad. Not until I did some research did I discover there was such a thing as a beneficial virus! It’s all about seeing potential and changing perspective.

Keeping positive perspectives under coronavirus challenges

♦ Heavy is the Head: You know me, I can’t pass up the chance to poke at the symbolism of something. The coronavirus got its name because, under a microscope, the virions (a virus particle outside the host cell) appear to have a halo or crown. Corona, in Latin, means “halo, crown, or garland”. Isn’t it interesting that something that has inflicted such fear and strife in our lives possesses a victorious or even angelic symbolic quality?

What’s my point? I am saying that even though this whole corona thing is a big fat bag of poo, there is still a crowning-factor we can tap into.

At the risk of repeating myself here, I’m suggesting we consider the positive impact the coronavirus has kicked up in our lives. Has the quarantine given you time to rethink your life? Spend more time with your kids? Do some home improvements? Time to get in better shape? Walk the dogs more? Pick up some hobbies you never had time for before? Resurrect some dreams you had on hold before the quarantine?

You get my drift. For every evil, there is always a virtue. Consider the halo perching upon the horns. For many of us, this could be a revolutionary time of benefit and growth in our lives.

There is no question this time in human history is unprecedented and rife with challenges.

I can’t deny the strain we are all enduring through this corona-crap. But for every season there is a purpose, and for every low there is a high.

I wanted to share these thoughts to remind you that the darkness is actually proof of light. It’s not always going to be grim, and while it is, we can shift our perspectives towards lighter, brighter focus for our long-term well-being.

I hope this article helps you get a handle on some serious issues we are all facing. If you liked this article, I’d be so grateful if you shared it on your social networks.

Until next time,

Stay well, stay symbolic!

Mighty brightly,

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