Ways to Enhance Your Luck

Ways to Enhance Your Luck: Tips to Feeling Lucky

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Knocking on wood, good luck symbols, or crossing your fingers are all traditional ways to garner good luck.  However, as it turns out – luck is more about mind and mood than rubbing a lucky charm. If you want to enhance your luck, let’s take a look at what science says about luck. Here are a few insights about luck from Richard Wiseman, a professor at the University of Hertfordshire in the UK. 

His research began with a simple question: “How is it possible that some people are in the right place at the right time for positive things to happen to them, yet others seem to carry bad luck on their backs?” Read on for answers. 

What Does Science Say About Luck?

Wiseman, as a prominent social scientist, wanted to find the answer.  To do so he conducted several experiments. He asked a group of volunteers to rank themselves according to their perceived level of luck and to participate in different tests. 

One of them was a very simple experiment.  They had to count the number of images they saw in a newspaper. In the middle of it, unbeknownst to the participants, he left an easy-to-read message that read, “Tell the researcher you saw this and win $250”. 

People who thought they were lucky stopped counting and read the newspaper message aloud to collect the money. It was as easy as that. Those who had previously considered themselves unlucky, however, became tense and went so far as to say nothing. 

That result inspired the central idea for his research, which is: Luck is a matter of attitude. “Most people are simply not open to their surroundings,” says Wiseman. What’s more, in his view, only 10% of our existence is random; the remaining 90% is defined by how we cope with what does or doesn’t happen.

What to Do When You’re Feeling Lucky

So, let’s review some of the keys Wiseman suggests to feel luckier (and note that luck is different from chance; chance would be winning the lottery, while luck is a much broader concept).  He states that luck is more of a feeling or a state of mind.  As such, the best way to enhance your luck is to get in the proper mindset and take advantage of an uplifted mood.

Tips to Feeling Lucky
Tips to Feeling Lucky

First, open yourself up to new experiences. A good example would be trying out a minimum $10 deposit casino, where you can find all types of games and things to bet on. In fact, online betting has become the modern-day mecca, where luck meets chances.

You can read any gaming review and truly see how lucky some gambling enthusiasts are. Whether you’re an amateur winning his or her first round at the blackjack table or a newbie winning a spin at the slot machine – you never know when your luck is going to strike. So, take a chance.

The point here is, if you’re feeling jazzed and upbeat – that sets you up to enhance your luck.  Remember, luck is linked to mind and mood.  So, when you’re feeling lucky (happy or high-energy), perhaps you can try doing something out of the ordinary and observe the outcomes. 

A Lesson About Luck From Harry Potter

Remember that scene in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince?  I’m talking about the scene where Potter drank a draft of Felix Felicis, also known as “Liquid Luck.”  If you recall, Harry just felt lucky after taking the potion.  He wasn’t sure where he was going or what he was doing – he just had an instinct that good fortune was on his side. 

Tips to Enhance Luck: The Liquid Luck Theory
Tips to Enhance Luck: The Liquid Luck Theory

Now, I’m not suggesting you replicate the recipe for Liquid Luck and start chugalugging.  However, I am saying you can take advantage of moments when you are feeling lucky.  The times when you feel energized, upbeat, and inspired are the moments to do something different.  Drive a different route on your way home.  Do something you’ve thought about for a long time – but for whatever reason – haven’t started it.  Share a smile at the store, or actually talk to a stranger when you’re out. 

You get the idea.  When your energy is already high, that’s a great time to enhance your luck.  You never know – doing something spontaneous while you’re in an elevated mood could potentially result in some extremely lucky opportunities!

Tips to Enhance Your Luck

As Dr. Wiseman discovered and as we’ve discussed, luck is more about what is going on internally than what happens to you from the external. Meaning, becoming luckier is an inside job. Here are a few tips to enhance your luck from the inside out.

Get Relaxed

If you seek to have control of everything to the millimeter, you might miss things that are out of your initial objective and that can be very positive. Living in a more relaxed way is not only good for your health but also a great way to enhance your luck.

Listen to Your Gut

Identify your hunches and pay more attention to them. Consider your digestive system. It has more than 100 million neurons that give us clues about what we do not consciously see a priori and that provide us with very relevant information to make the right decisions.  Where do you think the term “gut feeling” came from? 

We could say, the body instinctively senses luck & positive energy in the atmosphere.  The body is a miraculous resource to sniff out opportunities, narrow down hunches, and can serve as a luck-detector.  So tune in to your body to enhance your luck.

Luck is an Inside Job: Attitude is Everything
Luck is an Inside Job: Attitude is Everything

Believe You Are Lucky

Trust that whatever happens to you can be a very positive event.  We know that it is better to live with confidence than to always be on the defensive. Therefore, start “acting as if.”  Even if you’re not very confident, or don’t feel upbeat – start easing yourself into these higher elevations of emotion.  It’s kinda like pretending, or “faking it until you make it” – but believing you are lucky is a great way to enhance your luck. Essentially, you’re training yourself to be lucky.

Make Negatives Into Positives

We all know bad things happen – but what if these things are actually good?  How many times have you looked back at your life and realized that without enduring that tragedy in the past, you would never have some of the most wonderful things in your life?  In many cases, bad experiences turn out to be positive ones. Learning from mistakes with optimism or imagining that it could have been much worse can be a relief. It can even potentially enhance your luck

“Being lucky is an inside job.”


Conclusion About Enhancing Your Luck

As we can see, luck is a perception.  Luck depends on what we do and how we narrate what happens to us. Whether it’s getting a bonus at work or finding luck in love – you never know what form luck will take.  The trick is to be ready for it!  As always, thank you for reading.  And good luck to you!

Mighty brightly,

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