Law of Polarity Meaning

Law Of Polarity Symbolic Meaning

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Exploring the Symbolic Meaning and the Law of Polarity: If you haven’t noticed from the way I go on and on about symbolic meanings – I’m coo coo for symbolism (and cocoa puffs too, but that’s another kettle of fish :)! I dig interpreting symbolism for so many reasons, of which I’m also known to drone on and on about. 🙂

Law of Polarity Meaning
Law of Polarity Meaning

Law of Polarity and Symbolic Meanings

I talk a lot about the beautiful language of symbolism. This post is just one more woodchip for kindling the fire of living a symbolic life. Hopefully, it kindles your fires too. So what’s the newest woodchip?

Perspective. It’s everything. Our perspective can spiral us into misery, or it can lift us into the throes of elation. We can look at anything with distaste or with adoration. Yep. Anything. Even the most seemingly revolting sight can hold a silver lining. I guarantee it. How? Because it’s law. The Law of Polarity.

“All potential lives in the spectrum of polarity.
Your potential depends upon your point of perception.”


What is the Meaning and Symbolism of Polarity?

Consider. Every subject has two perspectives. Light vs. Dark. Life vs. Death. Up vs. Down. Left vs. Right. Hot vs. Cold. You get the idea.

So what does interpreting symbolic meanings have to do with the Universal Law of Polarity? Plenty.

Most predominantly, seeking symbolism offers us the option to perceive anything in different ways. If you’re looking at something bad…I mean, really bad…something that, on the surface, you can see nothing good about…try looking at the non-visual, symbolic meaning of the situation.

I’m reluctant to use an example of something ‘really bad’…but bear with me. Last Spring I encountered a dead bird. Her passing was sheer heartache. I could see no silver lining in the death. Tragic. Heartbreaking. I wept.

But then I shifted my perspective. I started to look at the symbolism underlying the death of this sweet bird. “After all”, I told myself, “Death is symbolic in itself. It symbolizes the transference of energy. Because by nature, energy cannot be destroyed, only changed. Birds are energy. Ergo, this so-called ‘death’ is a celebration of bird energy moving from one phase into another.”

This helped. Speaking about death in a symbolic dialogue eased my grief. A little.

Law of Polarity Meaning

For Every Darkness There is Light

Taking a symbolic view of our life experience can help balance our view of reality. Imagine a sliding scale of perception. On one side is a perception that is hopeful, joyful, light-infused. The other is the polarity of these views: Hopeless, despair, dark-filled. Of course, we’d all like to be on the lighter side of the scale, right? But sometimes that side isn’t reachable from where we are. If we’re interpreting our lives with a negative lens, then sliding into bliss can be a tough task. There’s beauty in this, because we can coax ourselves into a place of “it is what it is”.

Therefore, the symbolic reasoning that death is a release into a new form of energy helped a little. It got me to the middle of that sliding scale. It moved me to that center-most point of polarity: Neither here, nor there. In being in that center, I was able to release everything about the experience. Seeing the symbolism of death– how it represents a release from one life into another – got me into “It is what it is”. This, in turn, got me to a place of surrender. That surrender offered me a space in which I was released from grief, but also uncommitted to joy. It sounds funky, but it was a cathartic experience. By seeing the death for what it was in a symbolic way, I was able to find balance. I could harmonize and center myself.

Now, this is a pretty extreme example. But I used it on purpose to demonstrate the potential inherent in living a symbolic life.

“When we shift our perception, our experience changes.”

~Lindsay Wagner
Law of polarity meaning

The Law of Polarity is Immutable

The Law of Polarity is immutable. That means it can’t be changed. This universe operates by, and indeed would cease to exist without the Law of Polarity. It’s the same with the concept of yin and yang. In all of nature exists polarities. There’s always two sides. It’s just the law.

But we, as conscious, illumined beings can circumvent the law. Bend it just a little. Because we are equipped with the power of perception, we can choose to see the light or the dark in any situation. And interpreting situations symbolically can afford us either tiny or huge shifts that move us into high-minded thinking or otherwise. At the very minimum, symbolic thinking can put us in the center of the scale – to a point of “it is what it is” kind of surrender (and serenity).

An Example of Law of Polarity

Let’s take another example. Spiders. Now some of you (like me) may get giddy over our arachnid babies…but I know for many, arachnophobia is a legitimate struggle. To those of you who hit the roof when itsy bitsy spider goes out your water spout – this might help.

Did you know spiders are symbolic of infinity? Yep. Moreover, they’re symbolic of the eternal nature of life and the Universe itself. Big stuff. It has to do with their eight legs. The number eight represents the everlasting nature of life. To revisit the physics of energy: It cannot be created or destroyed, only changed. Spiders represent that in the numerology of eight.

Spider Meaning and the Law of Polarity

Spiders also represent constancy of life through their web-making skills. Cultures all over the world have viewed spider webs as symbols of life, consciousness and creation. From Native American to Greek, Mayan to Egyptian…each culture tells a story of the spider/spider web as a source of the magic indwelling all life.

Closing Thoughts About the Law of Polarity

Still not convinced? Well, I tried. My point is this: If something seizes you into the unwanted side of polarity – like fear or loathing for my arachnophobic friends – symbolism CAN offer an easing of the severity of perspective.

This is really just the surface of potential in working with symbolic perspective. What really knocks my socks off about maneuvering the Law of Polarity is its connection with other laws of the universe. Specifically, the Law of Attraction. Now that’s where living a symbolic life reaps immeasurable potential and results. Stay tuned for my next article in this series: Symbolic Meanings and the Law of Attraction.

As always, thanks for reading!

May all your polarities be viewed on the bright side,

Mighty brightly,

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