Zodiac Signs Luckier Than Others

Are Some Zodiac Signs Luckier Than Others?

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There are some people out there who claim that certain zodiac signs are luckier than others. The belief is not that the people born into those star sign periods will necessarily experience more luck.  It’s more like these people are thought to be more open to luck. In other words, one common way to look at luck with regard to zodiac signs is that some are more inclined to “make their own luck” by being open to good fortune and seizing upon it when it comes along.

Lucky Zodiac Days of Birth

Some astrology enthusiasts might take things a level deeper too. Specifically, there are some experts in horoscopes who maintain that the day on which you’re born has a huge impact on fortune. They’ll break it down into individual days within a given star sign’s reign, or look at which star signs succeed better in certain years than others. These ways of thinking are more fluid –– somewhat in line with figuring out which days are luckiest for specific signs (as opposed to which signs are “luckier” more generally).

But which signs are lucky, and when are they at their brightest in this respect? Here, we’ll take a quick look into these questions and offer insights as to whether some zodiac signs are luckier than others.

The Luck of Zodiac Signs
The Luck of Zodiac Signs

Lucky Zodiac Signs and The Elements

In a straightforward but interesting guide on this subject, Gala Bingo broke down some horoscopes with help from British astrologist Russell Grant. The astrologist looked specifically at the elements of earth, fire, water and air, and how they correspond with the divisions that connect human behavior to astrology.

The conclusion Grant reached was that people born in the summer months (Cancer, Leo, and Virgo) in the Northern Hemisphere have a higher belief in their own luck. This goes to our previous point about how some are more open to good fortune and thus more likely to seize upon it. So when it comes to the question, “are some signs luckier than others?” it could all boil down to believing in luck (rather than 100% determined by the sign itself).

Lcuk of Zodiac Signs
Luck of Zodiac Signs

Belief in Luck

Additionally, though, there is some scientific foundation to the idea. Science writer David Robson recently published a book called “The Expectation Effect” in which he details how people who believe who expect to be lucky are lucky.  Furthermore, it explores the fact that “lucky charms” really can really improve luck – mostly because there is belief in the charm that good luck is on their side.  

In scientific terms these are examinations of the placebo effect –– but that doesn’t make the results any less real. Those same results point to there being something to the notion that people who are more open to luck (and believe in it) tend to find it.

Other Thoughts About How Some Zodiac Signs Are Luckier Than Others

Even so, it is of course not only those born in the summer months who can get lucky. There’s a lot more thought to be at play. The planet Jupiter, for example, is believed to bring luck to Sagittarians who are willing to take the occasional risk. And Grant, the astrologer referenced previously, believes that Geminis are also quick thinkers, which should help them to discover new opportunities faster than their counterparts. This is a great example of people doing their best to make their own luck.

We should also note briefly that as is often the case in astrology, there are also some contradictions that complicate the picture. For instance, Cancers are thought to approach risk with caution, which can counteract the supposed predisposition to find and/or embrace good fortune.

Are Some Zodiac Signs Luckier Than Others?
Are Some Zodiac Signs Luckier Than Others?

So, Are Zodiac Signs Luckier Than Others?

It all depends on what you believe, really. Astrology is about belief and interpretation more so than strict definitions, and this holds true where luck is concerned as well. If you really want to dive into the issue, you’ll find explanations for why people born under a given star sign are more or less lucky on various days, during specific seasons, and so on.

That said, if you hold to the idea that we can create our own good fortune if we’re open to it, then those summer signs might just have an advantage in the luck department!

Author: Amelia Baker

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