How to Use Astrology for Creative Change

How to Use Astrology for Creative Change

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One attractive notion about the so-called New Age, and a transition to the Age of Aquarius, is that it levels the playing field. Every person matters, as a contributor to human evolution.  So by following your soul’s purpose, you do your part to “save the world.” It also gives us all opportunities to use astrology for creative change within ourselves and our world.

There’s already a speedy evolution underway, as more realize that we’re “spirits dressed in the matter.” Astrology is a tool that can help you discern your unique blueprint, born in this moment of great creative change. Here are some tips on using astrology for creative change so you can get that ball of transformation moving in your life and in others’ lives as well.

Know Your Strengths

How to Use Astrology for Creative Change
How to Use Astrology for Creative Change

The gifts, inheritance, and “flow” of a chart are there for you to cultivate. In an astrology chart, you can find many strengths in spaces such as trines, sextiles, conjunctions, and so forth. It’s easy to get into grooves in life, and over-use some skills and ways of being while neglecting others. 

For example, perhaps you’ve been favoring the mind or mental function at a desk job, to the detriment of a fiery Mars, or experimental Venus. Suggestion: Set intentions at the new or full moon that activate a dormant planet, house, or area of potential (ex. Mid-heaven, North Node) in ways that fix your eyes on inspiring goals. 

Is your Jupiter in Pisces bogged down in the mundane? When the Moon is new or full in Pisces, set intentions that show you’re willing to grow in that direction.  In doing so, you can tap into strengths in your astrology that you might never augment or appreciate before.

Know Your Challenges (recurring frustrations)

Become intimate with your squares and oppositions. These are places in the chart where discordant energies come together, tension builds, and something has to give. Usually, there’s a trial and error process of getting it right, before learning how to channel that intensity in the right way. 

Where you find squares, you find sparks, and that makes it a point of vitality. Knowing where those stressful pressures are in the chart helps you become more aware of how they play out in your life. Drama without conflict is boring! Your squares are pockets of energy that form something new, an expression of your character that’s hard-won.

Tune Into the Cosmic Calendar

How to Use Astrology for Creative Change
How to Use Astrology for Creative Change

Once you’re aware of the solar and lunar calendars, it rejoins you to what early cultures knew. In your mind’s eye, you can see the Sun making its annual journey, and the Moon waxing and waning in relation to it. 

There’s a rhythm of the spheres, and it’s possible to sense it once you cultivate that kind of awareness. Suggestion: Keep a lunar calendar and begin marking new and full Moons in some way that reflects what’s going on in your life. 

One of my teachers, Vicki Noble, suggested tuning into the Moon for a year and a day. Can you sense when the Moon moves from Pisces to Aries? Do you pick up on a shift in the collective mood? Keep a Moon journal to record your observations.

Know When to Act

The trends and transits of astrology can help you act when you’re at your best, and the timing is right. It tells you why your vitality is low due to a Saturn transit, or that a Mercury retrograde is jamming the communications circuits. 

But it’s very important to know yourself, and the ways you thwart your progress, like procrastination, self-doubt, and risk-aversion. The current transits to your birth chart, as well as collective trends, can be weighed against your sense of knowing when you’re ready to take steps forward.

Know Where You’ve Been

How to Use Astrology for Creative Change
How to Use Astrology for Creative Change

The Moon and the South Node are two points in the chart that are a doorway into the past. The Moon is a foundation of the Soul and hints at what treasures and baggage have come from the family line. 

Suggestion: At the new and full Moon in your lunar sign, open to healing, wisdom from ancestors, and guidance. Where is your South Node? The South to North node path takes a lifetime, during which the lessons of the past are used to bring balance, and settle into the new foundation of this life.

Know Where You’re Going

The Sun and North Node can be like beacons to what you’re becoming in this life. The Sun is your basic nature, and expressing its traits fully is a key to realizing your potential. Know your Sun sign, its house position, and its relationship to other planets. 

When it comes to the long view of your destiny as a spirit, the North Node also holds clues to what lessons you’re learning. It’s a gradual process, and it can be tempting to rest on the laurels of the S. Node inheritance. But the unfolding of your life is set up, so you’ll follow the path toward that destiny.

Know Your Mind and Avoid Distractions

Among intuitives I’ve known, a big concern that we always shared was the desire to “stay clear.” That meant keeping the mind and in turn the body and spirit channels, free of distractions, random static, and noise pollution. This keeps intuitive from picking up on what’s trying to come through on subtle levels. 

We’re vulnerable now to all kinds of frequencies and waves that can interfere with our mental-spiritual clarity. Try to detach from the more limiting and toxic aspects of the “shared reality” of what’s considered the mainstream. Make “staying clear” a top priority! Suggestions: Minimize the use of cell phones. Don’t feed your mind poison. Understand your Mercury sign, and keep your mind challenged and clear.

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