symbolic hummingbird facts

Symbolic Hummingbird Facts

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Exploring Symbolic Hummingbird Facts

A View Into Symbolic Hummingbird Facts

Hummingbirds. They’re fascinating little creatures. Odds are, you’ve landed on this hummingbird facts page because you’ve encountered one, and want to know more. Welcome.

There are lots of symbolic meanings associated with the hummingbird. Why? I rather think it’s because they’re unique. There’s nothing more attractive to our attention than something that stands out in a crowd. The hummingbird does that in spades.

Observing Hummingbirds for Deeper Meaning

One of the most interesting (I think) symbolic features of the hummingbird is its size vs. productivity. What do I mean by that? Well, hummingbirds are teeny tiny, but they expend Herculean amounts of energy. Hummingbirds can flap their wings at 100 beats per second or more. I think that’s vitally symbolic. It says something like: “Big things come in small packages.” Or, “Don’t underestimate the little guy.” Essentially, the hummingbird shows us that it doesn’t take a sledgehammer to get the job done. Sometimes a small ballpein hammer can accomplish a whole lot more.

Another element to hummingbird facts is their metabolic rate. This is the rate in which energy is spent. Hummingbirds have the highest metabolic rate of any bird, and most warm-blooded mammals. This means hummingbirds burn an astounding amount of energy. Ironically, they’re also expert conservers of energy. Hummingbirds can pull the reins on their activity when necessary. When food resources are low, these birds go into a sort of hibernation. All this means big symbolism.

“If nature has taught us anything, it is that the impossible is probable.”

~Ilyas Kassam
hummingbird facts hummingbird meaning
Hummingbird facts hummingbird meaning

Observing their ability to run like a rocket, yet also hunker like a hermit is a lovely illustration for our own energetic design. It reminds us that we too are capable of astronomical feats of productivity.

The hummingbird also reminds us that sometimes the best thing to do is lay low.

When hummingbird comes along, it’s a good time to consider what we’re doing with our energy. Are we frittering it away? Expending too much on pointless endeavors? Or are we using our energy wisely? Expending a bunch for positive purposes? Maybe it’s time to conserve energy?

These are all good things to think about in relation to the symbolism of the hummingbird and our own lives. Essentially, hummingbird asks us how we’re managing our energy.

hummingbird facts

Here are some keywords pertaining to hummingbird facts and their symbolic meaning…

Keywords for Symbolic Hummingbird Meaning

  • Joy
  • Life
  • Style
  • Energy
  • Vitality
  • Fertility
  • Infinity
  • Survival
  • Flexibility
  • Conservation
  • Discernment
  • Maneuverability

More About Symbolic Hummingbird Meanings

Continuing our discovery of hummingbird facts in a symbolic light, a look at this bird’s flight is noteworthy. Hummingbirds are unique from other birds. Most birds are expert flyers, but hummers can zip around in impressive maneuvers. They can jolt diagonally. They can even fly backwards and upside down! Not to muddle in other breeds of birds, but this maneuverability reminds me of Richard Bach’s story, Johnathan Livingston Seagull. It’s an allegory about a seagull who always strives to fly higher. He pushes himself to execute ever more elaborate flight maneuvers.

The tale might easily be applied to the hummingbird too. As an allegory, we can look at hummingbirds death-defying flight feats as a lesson that we too can maneuver in amazing ways. All humans are divinely designed. That means we have infinite capacity for greatness. Just because other birds of a feather might not move a certain way…that doesn’t mean we can’t. Dare to fly upside down. Be bold, and fly backwards. If you have a vision, risk moving outside the flock and maneuver yourself in unique ways to reach that dream of yours.

Another neat hummingbird fact is the hummingbird’s fine sense of taste. Hummingbirds can sense which flowers hold optimum nectar, and which ones are worth much effort. This is symbolic of refinement and a sense of style. In this light, hummingbird reminds us to be selective. They know what yields the greatest reward, and they remind us we can use the same kind of discernment too. Rather than settling for average, hummingbird asks us to recognize the good stuff. They remind us to love ourselves enough to go for the very best nectar life offers.

symbolic hummingbird facts and meaning
Symbolic hummingbird facts and meaning

“Mother Nature is always speaking. She speaks in a language understood within the peaceful mind of the sincere observer.”

~Radhanath Swami

Symbolic Hummingbird Facts in Myth, Lore and Legend

More fascinating hummingbird facts are all over the map in cultural symbolism. For example, the ancient Aztecs of central Mexico recognized the hummingbird as a sort of soul-carrier. They believed the souls of warriors were carried back to earth in the body of the hummingbird. Aztecs also revered the hummingbird as a sacred solar creature. As a symbol of the sun, the hummingbird represented things like life, creation, inspiration and promise.

Other central American cultures viewed the hummingbird as a symbol of love, sexuality and fertility. In this respect, the hummingbird was a sign of love on the horizon by whomever spotted it.

The Native American Hopi perceived the hummingbird as a kind of super-hero. Various myths tell a story of the hummingbird as a liaison between creator gods and earthly life. Essentially, the hummingbird asked the creator gods to save mankind from starvation by germinating plants on earth. In a way, this isn’t a myth. Hummingbirds are responsible for pollinating many different plants which may have assisted the Hopi in survival.

More Symbolic Hummingbird Facts

Some other Southwestern American tribes such as the Zuni and Navajo associate life with the hummingbird too. Their myths place the hummingbird in league with life-giving rains. Ceremonial crafts and dances were created with hummingbirds at the forefront. This was done to honor the bird, and as a plea for the hummingbird to bring rain. In this respect, the hummingbird is a giver of life.

Rains were vital to these tribes to keep their crops growing and for survival. The hummingbird as akin to life, provision and the promise of survival.

I hope you have enjoyed this article on symbolic hummingbird facts. If you did, then don’t miss my other article on More Hummingbird Meanings here.

My biggest hope is that these symbolic hummingbird facts inspire you to learn more about this intriguing creature. Don’t stop here! Keep exploring more hummingbird insights through your own research, meditation and contemplation.

As always, thanks for reading!

May all your hummingbird encounters be hum-dingers 😉

Mighty brightly,

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symbolic hummingbird facts

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