meaning of Platonic solids and symbols

Symbolic Meaning of Platonic Solids

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Meaning of Platonic Solids

Okay, confession time. Many, many moons ago when I was first introduced to the meaning of Platonic solids, my initial thought was “Oh, cool! Friendly symbols! Doing a solid for a buddy!” LOL! Well, in my defense, the term “platonic” (little ‘p’) is derived from Plato, the ancient Greek philosopher who was one of the forefathers of higher learning. The lower-case term ‘platonic’ that means friendship-oriented affection originates from Plato’s thoughts and discussions about love.

But this article on Platonic Solids isn’t about BFF’s or friendship (unless you factor my friendly intention to share this information with you). This article on the meaning of Platonic Solids is a continuation of articles I’ve been writing about Sacred Geometry.

At their simplest definition, Platonic solids are 5 elements that are an essential part of all creation in the Universe. I go into more detail about the meaning of Platonic solids further down this post, but first, some background info…

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Meaning of Platonic Solids
Meaning of Platonic Solids and Sacred Geometry

A Word About Sacred Geometry and Platonic Solids

Sacred geometry is a measurable, mathematical formulation that is a pattern upon which all life is built. It is considered divine (or sacred) because it is the fundamental construct of natural matter – such as skin, leaves, stones, hair, grass, etc.

That’s a highfalutin-sounding way of saying there are proven, mathematical, geometric building blocks that are at the core of all life.

When we drill down to the molecular level of a flower, or the structure of a star – we are going to see sacred geometry at work. Life follows a pattern of growth, evolution, existence, and transformation. That pattern is illustrated in sacred geometry symbols.

There are four prime sacred geometry symbols. They are: Vesica Pisces, Seed of Life, Flower of Life and the Fruit of Life (aka: Metatron’s Cube). I talk a lot about these building blocks of life in sacred geometry on this article if you want more information.

I mention these four symbols because the last one, the Fruit of Life or Metatron Cube is key to understanding the meaning of Platonic solids.

Meaning of Platonic Solids Sacred Geometry Metatron Cube
Meaning of Platonic Solids in Sacred Geometry: The Metatron Cube

Metatron Cube (Fruit of Life Symbol) and its Connection with Platonic Solids

The image above is the Fruit of Life Symbol (or Metatron’s Cube), and is one among the four prime sacred geometry symbols of life. It represents the culmination of manifestation. This symbol stands for all the ideals, energies, actions and factors combined to create the final product. This could mean a new birth, it could mean the realization of a dream or goal. The Fruit of Life symbol makes a statement that says: “It is created. It is finished.” 

It’s referred to as the Fruit of Life symbol because it represents the fruit of our labor, and the final product of a long process of progress and transformation. The symbol is also referred to as the Metatron Cube because it is associated with an angel by the same name who oversees new creation and also records the progress of this new birth in the Universe.

Interestingly, when we dissect this symbol, we find the five Platonic solids nestled within its geometric layers. Essentially, it took a lot of steps to evolve to this stage of completion. I talk about these steps of growth in terms of sacred geometry on this full article here, if you’re interested.

Simply put, the Fruit of Life symbol is bound by the five Platonic solids and their divine marriage insures the completion of creation.

Meaning of Platonic Solids
Meaning of Platonic Solids

Five Platonic Solids Meaning and Associations

Okay, we’ve covered a lot of ground here…My silly intro about ‘making friends’ with Platonic solids, an intro into sacred geometry, a briefing on the culminating structure which is the Fruit of Life or Metatron Cube and a summary on what Platonic solids are.

You will notice each symbol has a different number of sides, edges and vertices (connecting or intersecting points). Independently, each Platonic solids meaning has a specific symbolic story to tell. Combined together, they unite to create the foundation of life.

Now it’s time to dig deep and breakdown the meaning of Platonic Solids…Ready? Let’s GO!

Meaning of Platonic Solids Fire Tetrahedron

Tetrahedron: This solid represents the classical element of FIRE. This polyhedron has 4 faces, 6 edges and 4 vertices (connecting points). Spiritually and symbolically this element speaks to the passion, energy and divine spark of life. Fire is also aligned with sex, desire, and drive. When we meditate upon this symbol we are aligning with the igniting factor of desire, creation and motivation for expansion. This essential element deals with survival and also celebrates the joy of new birth and existence.

Meaning of Platonic Solids Earth Hexahedron

Hexahedron: This polyhedron represents the element of EARTH. This foundational symbol has 6 sides, 12 edges, and 8 intersections. This element/symbol represents the physical realm. It is symbolic of material essentials such as home, foundation, money, food…things that keep us grounded, and rooted. When it comes to things that keep us whole, well, and centered, this is the element to ponder.

Meaning of Platonic Solids Air Octahedron

Octahedron: This is the element of AIR. This polyhedron has 8 faces, 12 edges, and 6 vertices. Both as a fundamental building block and as an element, the air is representative of thought, intelligence, and perception. Air is required for inspiration (if fact the word inspiration literally means ‘to breathe’) and for the continuation of life. When we are in the presence of this polyhedron and its element, the sky is the limit, we must breathe deeply, think deeply and become taken up with the unseen elements of air to fly us into higher spaces.

Meaning of Platonic Solids Water Icosahedron

Icosahedron: This Platonic solid stands for the element of WATER. This symbol has 20 sides, 30 edges and 12 vertices. Water is the element that governs emotion. It has the most dimensions because as a fundamental building block it requires the most flexibility. Consider: Water takes on the form in which it is contained. It also has the capacity to take on many different forms like vapor (steam), solid (ice) and liquid. The same is very true with our emotions. As humans and creations of the divine we experience an endless array of emotion and intuitive perceptions. This is key when meditating upon the Icosahedron-water element.

Meaning of Platonic Solids Ether Dodecahedron

Dodecahedron: This is the final element – ETHER (AKA: Aether, Either). Lastly, this spirit-aligned building block has 12 faces, 30 edges, and 20 intersections. The most intriguing among Platonic solids meaning is this tricky element of ether. It symbolizes spirit – but more than that – it is symbolic of the cooperative union we are inherently born with – that union is our connection between humanity and divinity. This is the collective symbol/element that glues together the seen and unseen…it unites the known and unknown. This element represents liminal space and understanding – meaning – this is the “in-between” element of existence. Scientists have proven the presence of dark matter, and it plays a huge role in life and development. If we were splitting hairs, we could say Aether is the dark matter…that luscious essence that lives invisibly in our environment and life – but without it – nothing could manifest, and no one would exist. Yeah, that’s heavy, but ether and this Platonic element is a heavy-duty essence. We’ve got to have ourselves pretty aligned in terms of physical, mental, and spiritual in order to hit this element for meditative practices. This energy takes us where the regular busses don’t run.  When we want to get ‘far out’ in our perceptions – ether is the ticket we got to punch in our travel through life.

Closing Thoughts on the Meaning of Platonic Solids and Sacred Geometry Symbols

Did I give more gravity to one meaning of Platonic solids than another? Maybe. But at the end of the day, each element is essential to how life works, evolves and eventually transforms back into non-physical.

A word about the order of the elements. If you look deeper into these deep concepts of sacred geometry and Platonic solids meaning, you are going to find different translations. You will also find different orders of the elements.

I’m an order-oriented kinda gal. I need to know origins, and I need to know what comes first in the procession of knowledge.

So, the way I was taught in my early days of metaphysical training was this elemental order: Fire, Earth, Air and Water with Ether being the all-consuming ‘wild-card’ weirdo glue that clings like ephemeral awesome-sauce to all the other foundational elements.

If you take a close look at the geometry behind the elements/Platonic solids you can see that the order I propose here makes sense. Each building block builds on the next.  Each consecutive element becomes more complex. The exception is ether vs water. Structurally, water is more complex. However, symbolically, ether has a subtle yet profound influence.

Okay folks, I’ve waxed on about this fascinating topic of the meaning of Platonic solids, and I’m a little concerned I might have waxed too much.

In presenting this article, it was my sincere intent to provide clarity and a succinct understanding of this otherwise confusing subject. Speaking for myself, I often find intricate mathematics and geometry to be 1) intimidating and 2) totally over my head.

I’m numerically dyslexic. Sure, I can decipher numerological meanings and interpret geometrically symbolism until the cows come home. But at the end of the day, the science can be elusive and out of my reach.

So, this article is a collection of many notes, research, wisdom, and experience I’ve gained over the years when it comes to the meaning of Platonic solids and elemental meanings.

I hope you enjoyed it! And if you did, I’d be delighted if you shared this on your social networks. Also, please check out the “Other Articles” below that are related to this information – I think you might dig other insights I have for you!

As always, thanks so much for reading.

Bright, platonic (yes, the friendship kind) blessings to you,


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