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Symbolic Meaning of Sacred Geometry

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I wanted to write about the meaning of sacred geometry because I often get asked the question: “What is sacred geometry?” or “What are sacred geometry symbols?” Because my time is short, and concepts like this come to me intuitively, I simply rattle off a response like: “Sacred geometry is a measurable, mathematical formulation that is a pattern upon which all life is built. It is considered divine (or sacred) because it is the fundamental construct of natural matter – such as skin, leaves, stones, hair, grass, etc.”

Now I re-read that pat response and I kick myself in the patootie. It’s not a fair devotion to the subject of sacred geometry, and honestly, it isn’t as simple to understand as it should be. So, that’s why I devoted this article on the meaning of sacred geometry.

Let’s face it, all of life is constructed by divine design. That’s why exploring the meaning of sacred geometry can be pretty keen, because getting to know the building blocks of life gives us broad views into the construct of our world and Universe.

What is Sacred Geometry?

what is sacred geometry
What is sacred geometry?

At its simplest, the meaning of sacred geometry deals with common denominating structures found in all things. From the cells in our bodies to the stars in the sky…all of these things have a measurable geometric formula that says: “I am the secret design that built you.”

Sacred geometry is akin to building blocks of all life. If you had a super-powered microscope, and shoved a flower petal under the lens, then hiked up the view-finder to a bajillion, you would see the molecular structure of the flower petal. Guess what else you would see? Yup…you would see sacred geometry…the actual construct of that flower.

Essentially there are distinct and similar patterns that are found in everything in the Natural realms. These geometric patterns are a recipe for creation as well as designs that insure future evolution of organic life.

 When we think of the meaning of sacred geometry, we can consider DNA (which has its own sacred geometry in its construction – cool, eh?).  The motif and structure of the molecular design is the foundation of manifestation – it’s what makes things become real, alive, concrete.

Where Did Sacred Geometry Come From?

If you’re anything like me, you’re going to be disappointed with the answer. I like nice and tidy origins. I appreciate being able to pull the string of time and history and getting to say: “Bingo! That’s where this all started.” When it comes to the origins of sacred geometry, we don’t have that luxury

This obscure line of science was more discovered rather than invented. And who do we have to credit for its discovery? The clever ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians of course (with the ancient Greeks following suit and developing the concept more over time). Consider the pyramids…these are epic examples of sacred geometry mimicked by the hand of man. 

There is evidence of the discovery of sacred geometry as far back as 2300 BC in Egypt and ancient Mesopotamia. Sightings of sacred geometry started popping up around this time in the form of artistic renderings, building designs and household tools and architecture.  Apparently, these witty folks started seeing common themes in the design of Nature, and began mirroring these designs to render glorious structures and works of art. I found some loose references of sacred geometry augmented by the wise Pythagoras. But mostly, since its vague inception, each culture and generation (whether ancient Greek or modern alternative thinkers) have improvised. That said, there are core, standard types of sacred geometry, which we’ll get into in a minute.

Sacred geometry can be used for meditation, focus and prayer.

Further investigation into these ancient cultures shed more light on the meaning of sacred geometry. In fact, it was assessed that sacred designs were used for prayer, meditation, focus, and spiritual ceremonies. To wit, sacred geometrical grids have been excavated, and it is thought these grids were used for holy practices to hone the mind, balance the spirit, and connect with ancient deities. More on that later.

Types of Sacred Geometry Designs (one size does not fit all)

There are different sacred geometric designs that produce different results. Imagine you want to bake a cake. You certainly wouldn’t start with ground meat to make your cake….err…unless you wanted a meat cake…eww! Gross!  Anyhoo, you would start with basic building blocks for a cake: Eggs, milk, butter, flour, etc.  Same goes with certain sacred geometric designs. 

For example, the sacred Vesica Pisces design is going to auger different energies and construct different patterns in your energy than the Sri Yantra design would. I go into these different sacred geometric patterns below.

There are many, many different kinds of sacred geometrical motifs. I’m offering you the most basic, common sacred geometry symbols and their meanings.

sacred geometry symbols and meaning
Sacred geometry symbols and meaning

Intro to Sacred Geometry Symbols and Their Meaning

As you go through these sacred geometry symbols, you will see that each is a stage of evolution or one symbol building upon the next. That is because each of these building blocks grows and evolves upon its previous incarnation.

Did you ever sprout seeds in school when you were a kid? Think of this promenade of sacred geometry symbols like that.

  • First you have a thought to germinate beans (Vesica Pisces)
  • Then you take action to sprout them (Seed of Life)
  • Then you nurture it until it sprouts and flowers (Flower of Life)
  • Finally, all that development leads to completion and manifestation (Fruit of Life)

Put in ‘farmer’s terms’ (which never fail me when trying to grasp heady concepts), it simplifies these concepts and just makes good sense. See the end of this article for further info on how to put these symbols to good use for manifestation and realization purposes.

Basic 4 Sacred Geometry Symbol Meanings

sacred geometry meaning vesica pisces

Vesica Pisces: Literally, it means “fish bladder.” Way to squelch all the romantic idealism out of metaphysical sacred geometry, eh? Well, in a way, it’s kind of a cool translation. Why? Because the fish bladder is a floating space that is replete with pure potential. As a symbol, the vesica represents the same – pure potential.  This symbol emulates the first idea, the inception, the beginning tendril of thought. In some creation legends, it is said that the divine source (god, goddess, whatever) merely thought of an idea first – then it was made manifest. This is what vesica pisces is all about. It is about the ignition between thinking the thought (having the idea) and the thought connecting with action to make it manifest, real, and part of physical reality. In this sense the vesica pisces is symbolic of: Inception, Before manifestation, First thought, Dream, Sense, Intuition, Imagination, Possibilities, Potential. This symbol stands for the dream developing over time, connecting with action and becoming reality. It is often a symbol that represents combining factors. This could mean friendship, copulation, marriage, connecting thought to action, etc.

sacred geometry meaning seed of life

Seed of Life: This sacred geometry symbol is considered to be the foundational building block of all organic life.  There are 7 circles at its core, and it eventually continues to grow and bloom into the “Flower of Life” (See entry below).  This symbol represents the beginning of all life. Some schools of thought consider the 7 circles to be the foundation of life in the sense it represents the number of days the Universe was created as cited by the Bible. It is also compared to the early embryo stages of development. Haul out your biology books here…the first stages of embryonic development start similarly to this “Seed of Life”…beginning with a few sacred geometric bubbles, and then undergoing mitosis (cellular division and multiplication) to grow into the flower of life. Biology books aside, the spiritual/intuitive seed of life meaning of sacred geometry deals with: New life, Creation, Inception, Beginning, Incubation, Germination, Renewal (because you can’t have something new from nothing – all life recycles…where there is an end, there is always a beginning and vice versa). 

sacred geometry meaning flower of life symbol

Flower of Life:  So, from all that mitosis (splitting and multiplying of cells) in the seed of life, we evolve to this sacred geometry symbol – the flower of life. The flower of life was first seen in ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian writings where it was branded on stone with red ochre.  This sacred symbol is built from the seed of life (7 circles) which evolves now into 13 circles which represent the 13 laws of the Universe. Now, opinions upon WHICH of the 13 laws this symbol stands for varies wildly. In truth, there are more than 13 laws of the Universe. These range from Law of Attraction, Law of Reciprocity, Law of Polarity, etc.  I hope to go into these laws in more depth later.  At any rate, this flower of life symbol represents the fully formed stages of creation, and within it lies the secrets of life and how to live life. It is symbolic of things like: Revelation, Expansion, Manifestation, Hope, Structure, Promise, Development, Stability, Exploration, Expression. This is the stage of growth that is born, yet fresh and new…ready for the next phase of adventure (the Fruit of Life – see next entry below).

sacred geometry meaning fruit of life metatron symbol

Fruit of Life: From ‘fish bladder’ to ‘flower power’ we now reach the fruit of our labor with this final symbol of the sacred geometry procession. This symbol is also known as the “Metatron Cube” Metatron is a religious figure. I’m not going to go into detail or split hairs, because Metatron is a big deal with epic meanings and spiritual implications. Suffice to say, Metatron is largely considered an angelic head-hancho that oversees the existence of life, as well as recording the existence of life.  Essentially, this symbol is named after Metatron because the ideal has been made manifest into the physical; now Metatron oversees the manifestation’s progress, records its development through life, and relays that information to God. Religious implications aside, the fruit of life symbol is simply a statement that says: “We made it!” From thought/dream to connection, action, nurturing, development and birth – the fruit of life represents the full development, the big cheese, the whole package…as God said “It is Done.” Period.  But nothing is ever really completely finished. There is more evolution to go.  The fruit of life (ultimate manifestation into physical reality) will continue to evolve, live, learn, progress etc.  That’s what this symbol is all about…kicking our dream-birdies out of the nest, and watching them fly (and helping if we can along the path of development). So, this symbol represents things like:  Completion, Wholeness, Realization, Harmony, Cooperation, Fulfillment, Satisfaction, Full-Development, Full Manifestation, Progress.

So what’s the point?

Putting it All Together: Using Sacred Geometry Symbols for Manifestation and Meditation

We can use these sacred geometry symbols to our advantage. By connecting with these fundamental growth-motifs, we in essence, are gripping the initial spark of life, the inception of life, the development of it, the birth of it, and the full manifestation of it. 

All that to say, we can meditate upon these building blocks to birth and manifest our own bits of life.  Whether you want to manifest a baby, have a dream come true, land a job, create more abundance, or reach a goal….focusing on these symbols and their procession in development can prompt some amazing results.

1) Have an idea (Vesica Pisces)

2) Devote more thought and attention to that idea (Seed of Life)

3) Invest action and effort to nurture the idea until it blooms and pollinates (Flower of Life)

4) Keep combining thought and action to develop that idea into manifestation and enjoy the fruits of your labor! (Fruit of Life)

Now, I realize many of you sweet peeps know FAR more about these sacred symbols and sacred geometry meaning than what I’ve written here. That’s awesome-possum! I just wanted to get to the simple basics. I don’t know about you, but stuff like this tends to go over my head.

Yeah, I get it intuitively, but when it comes to the nitty-gritty of “Why? How? What gives?”…I get lost and overwhelmed by all the details. Truly, the history and details of these divine designs are fascinating, but sometimes I just need to take it all in with baby steps. So, that’s why I wrote this article in bite-sized bits so we can enjoy the burrito without wanting to hurl from the whole burrito-info-overload syndrome.

I also realize there are more sacred geometry symbols that I haven’t listed here, like: Sri Yantra, Torus Yantra, and the Golden Section (or Golden Mean) that ties in with the Fibonnaci sequence.

But why cram all that down your curious minds when I can add a separate article on the website about these symbols?

Hint: Stay tuned, because I’ll be writing about these additional symbols as well as the 5 Platonic Solids (in the Fruit of Life / Metatron Cube symbol) and more about the Laws of the Universe meanings too! So if you don’t dig my sparkling personality (insert sarcasm here), then stick with me for future articles on this exciting, symbolic topic!

I hope you enjoyed this article on sacred geometry meaning and sacred geometry symbols. Furthermore, I deeply hope this article helped you puzzle together the intricacies of these symbols, and pointed you in a direction to use them in your meditation and manifestation sessions!

As always, thanks for reading. If you liked this article, I’d be delighted if you shared on your social networks!



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