Origins of Aura Photography and the Evolution of Kirlian Photography

Snapshots of the Soul? Aura Photography and the Evolution of Kirlian Photography

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Have you ever looked at a living thing and wondered if there’s far more to it than what your physical eyes perceive? Maybe there’s a realm filled with energy and vibrant auras that envelop living stuff constantly.  The truth is – that’s precisely the case. Thanks to some clever insights and a bit of experimentation – we can actually view beyond the surface. I’m talking about the origins of Kirlian photography and how it came to be known as aura photography. What is it? How does it work? If you’re at all interested, I’ve got answers to these and many more questions about capturing more than meets the eye with aura photography.  

Kirlian Photography: The Sciency Bits About Aura Photography

You might know this special type of picture-taking by names like electrography, corona discharge photography, or aura photography.  Whatever you call it, Kirlian photography is a photographic technique that entails putting an item onto a photographic plate and applying high-voltage electricity to it.  The resulting images showcase patterns surrounding the object – capturing elements beyond what our naked eyes perceive.

The discovery of this technique dates back to 1939 when Semyon Davidovich Kirlian, a Russian electrician, and his wife Valentina were conducting experiments involving discharge in their darkroom.

The advent of this unique image-making was quite by accident.  The Kirlians accidentally placed a plate in proximity to a flat metal plate that is connected to an electrical generator. When they developed the plate, they were astonished to witness lights encircling the objects captured in the image. And upon further viewing of the developed plate, they were equally surprised to see colorful lights surrounding the objects in the image. Intrigued by this revelation, they proceeded to conduct experiments using objects and electrical voltages, eventually labeling it as “Kirlian photography.”

The Evolution of Aura Photography

Kirlian’s discovery gained international attention in 1958 when Science Fair Magazine published an article about it. The popularity exploded further when rumors spread that Kirlian had taken pictures of human souls leaving the body at death.

Following this buzz about capturing the soul’s departure on camera, many scientists began researching and experimenting with this technique to understand its true purpose and potential uses.

In the early 1970s, researchers at UCLA (University of California Los Angeles) used Kirlian photography to study acupuncture points on human hands and feet. They found a direct correlation between these points’ glow intensity and certain medical conditions such as arthritis and cancer tumors.

During this time, another researcher named Thelma Moss conducted extensive experiments using Kirlian photography on plants. She found that the energy fields captured in photographs had distinct patterns and could even indicate a plant’s health. From these and other observations, we begin to hear the term “aura photography” crop up in the 20th century.

In the 1980s, Russian researchers used Kirlian photography to study the effects of electromagnetic fields on living organisms. They discovered that the energy field around living objects changed in shape, intensity, and color when exposed to negative or positive charges.

Kirlian Photography Today

Thanks to techy improvements, today, Kirlian photography has evolved into a more sophisticated form known as GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization). This technological advantage allows for a more accurate and detailed analysis of energy fields surrounding living organisms.

Over the years, Kirlian photography has been used for various purposes, including medical diagnosis, plant health assessment, parapsychology research, and even art. It continues to fascinate people and remains a subject of ongoing scientific research. Whether it is capturing the essence of an object or providing insight into its overall well-being, Kirlian photography remains a unique window into the invisible world of energy fields.

Origins of Aura Photography and the Evolution of Kirlian Photography

So How Does Aura Photography Work?

I already mentioned that the electro-magic of aura photography takes place when an object is on top of a photographic plate and connected to a high-voltage power source. When the electricity runs through the object, it interacts with its natural energy field and creates a discharge of electrons around it.

This electrical discharge appears like colorful sparks or halos around the edges of the object in the photograph. These patterns are believed to represent the vibrational frequency and energetic state of the subject being photographed.

Many theories are twisting in the wind about explaining the phenomenon behind this specialized photography, but ongoing research still exists to understand how aura photography works fully. 

One theory suggests that these energy fields are produced by varying amounts of moisture and conductivity in different parts of the subject’s body. Another explanation points towards bioelectrical processes happening within living organisms that create their own electromagnetic fields, which can be detected by this method.

While some skeptics argue that aura photography is nothing more than simple electrical discharges caused by moisture on the skin or humidity in the air, others believe that these images reveal invisible energies beyond our physical perception.

That’s All Great, But What Do You Do with Aura or Kirlian Photography?

As I hinted earlier, aura photography has gone through various stages. Initially used to study the aura of living tissues and plants, this technique has evolved and found applications beyond its original intention. Let’s take a closer look at some of the typical applications of Kirlian photography.

1. Aura Photography

One of the most popular uses of Kirlian photography is for capturing and analyzing auras. The process involves taking a photograph using high-voltage electricity to create an electromagnetic field around an object or human body part, resulting in an image that shows their energy fields or auras. These images are believed to reveal information about one’s personality, emotions, and overall well-being.

2. Medical Diagnosis

Kirlian photography has also been used in medical diagnosis as it allows doctors to visualize changes in the energy fields around different parts of the body. This can be helpful in identifying any abnormalities or imbalances that might exist before physical symptoms appear. Moreover, it can provide insight into the patient’s overall health by analyzing their emotional state and stress levels.

3. Plant Research

In addition to its use on humans, Kirlian photography has been extensively used to study plant life. It can capture images of plant leaves and other body parts that show different variations in shape, size, texture, and color intensity – all influenced by factors such as water content, light exposure, and environmental conditions like pesticides or chemicals present in soil.

Origins of Aura Photography and the Evolution of Kirlian Photography

Capturing the Aura and Beyond: What Can Kirlian Photography Show?

Although Kirlian photography has gained popularity recently as a means for capturing breathtaking images of colorful energy fields, its true purpose goes beyond aesthetic or spiritual appeal. By using high-frequency electricity and specialized cameras equipped with photographic plates or digital sensors, Kirlian photography can reveal hidden aspects of life that are not visible to the naked eye.

So what exactly can Kirlian photography show us? Let’s explore some of its incredible abilities:

Aura Imaging

One of the most well-known applications of Kirlian photography is capturing the aura around living objects. To elaborate, the aura is considered and believed to be an electromagnetic field that surrounds all living beings and can reflect their physical, emotional, and spiritual state. Through Kirlian photography, we can see this invisible field manifesting itself in colors and patterns unique to each individual.

By studying these images closely, researchers have observed changes in people’s auras before and after certain activities such as meditation or exercise. This suggests that our thoughts and actions directly influence our energetic fields.

Detecting Energy Imbalances

Since every part of our body emits different amounts of electric charge, Kirlian photography can also be used to detect imbalances or disharmony in the body’s energy system. By taking images of a person’s fingertips, it is possible to see if there are any areas where the energy is weaker or stronger than average.

This can potentially help identify health issues and provide insights into the body’s overall energy flow. Some researchers even believe that Kirlian photography has the potential to diagnose diseases at an early stage by detecting abnormalities in the energy field.

Revealing Emotions and Mood

Kirlian photography can also show changes in a person’s mood and emotional state by capturing fluctuations in their aura. For example, when we experience positive emotions such as love or joy, our energetic field may appear brighter and more expansive compared to when we are feeling negative emotions like fear or anger.

Similarly, plants and other living objects also have an aura that can change depending on their environmental conditions. Using Kirlian photography, researchers have shown how plants respond to stimuli such as music or emotional thoughts directed toward them.

Investigating Paranormal Phenomena

While Kirlian photography has mainly been used for scientific purposes, some people believe it can capture evidence of paranormal activity. Some of these claims include capturing images of ghosts or spirit entities and detecting the presence of energy from objects with a supposed mystical or magical connection.

However, these claims are highly debated in the scientific community, and no concrete evidence exists to support them. The images produced by Kirlian photography can be easily manipulated, making it difficult to draw conclusions about paranormal phenomena through this technique alone.

Documenting Energy Healing

Kirlian photography has also been used to document the effects of energy healing practices such as Reiki and acupuncture. By taking images before and after a healing session, practitioners can see if there are any subtle changes in a person’s aura that may indicate an energetic shift.

While some studies have shown positive results in using Kirlian photography for this purpose, more research is needed to fully understand the relationship between energy healing and changes in the aura.

Origins of Aura Photography and the Evolution of Kirlian Photography

Criticism and Controversy Surrounding Kirlian Photography

While many proponents of Kirlian photography believe that it can reveal hidden energy fields or a person’s aura, skeptics argue that the phenomena captured in these photographs are simply a result of moisture, oils, or other natural elements on the object’s surface.

One major criticism surrounding Kirlian photography is its lack of scientific evidence to support its claims. The concept that an individual’s aura can be captured on film using electric currents goes against established principles in physics, such as diffusion and electrical resistance. Additionally, many studies have failed to replicate Kirlian photographs under controlled conditions, leading many scientists to dismiss them as pseudoscience.

Another controversial aspect is the potential for manipulation or fraud in Kirlian photography. As with any type of image manipulation, there is always a risk of misleading or doctored results. In some cases, photographers may enhance certain features or deliberately create fake “auras” to deceive their audience.

Furthermore, there have been concerns raised about exposure to high levels of electrical currents used in Kirlian photography setups and their potential hazards to health. Some research suggests that prolonged exposure to these currents could cause burns or other detrimental effects on the human body. Yikes. No bueno!

Despite these criticisms and controversies, Kirlian photography remains popular among spiritualists and alternative healers who believe in its ability to capture and interpret auras. It continues to be used in fields such as alternative medicine, where it is believed that changes in a person’s aura can indicate illness or disease.

Final Thoughts About Aura Photography

Maybe I should have led with this, but I had my aura photo taken once.  It was interesting, but I felt a little itchy about blindly believing that my aura was captured in this photo I was given.  But that’s me. Ever the cynic.  I mention it because that’s what I’m encouraging you to do.  I wrote this article to give you an idea about what aura photography is and its development from the Kirlian’s initial discoveries. Ultimately, you’re the best and only judge of what aura photography is and its legitimacy in your life.

Mighty brightly,

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