Symbolism of Dimes and Meaning of Number Ten

Symbolism of Dimes and Meaning of Number Ten

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Seeing the Number Ten and Dimes all the Time: What does it Mean?

I got an email from a woman who constantly encountered dimes on her path as well as the number ten reoccurring in her life.  She asked me about the symbolism of dimes and/or the symbolic meaning of the number ten – to which I responded: 

Symbolism of Dimes and Meaning of Number Ten
Symbolism of Dimes and Meaning of Number Ten

Answers to the Meaning of Number Ten

The meaning of number ten deals with returning to our center, coming full circle.  Ten holds a vibration of unity, as well as fresh starts. It’s the combination of one and zero energy that renders the meaning of initiation (one) and full, fresh potential (zero). 

If the number one symbolizes the beginning, then we can say that the number ten represents the outcome, result, or achievement of that first step or beginning. It’s symbolic looking at the alpha (1 – beginning) and omega (10 – completion) upon one’s path. The most profound message number ten hails is “whatever we sew (first step, one),  we shall now reap. (attainment, ten)” 

Number ten meaning also represents fulfillment, attainment, and completion.  These attributes are obtained by observing the ten containing all the elementary numbers from 1 to 9.   As such, Ten is a vessel holding all the jumbled up potential found in the language of numbers. Ten is also a bit slippery because reduced – it turns back to number one – hence, again – a full circle, coming to the beginning – finding unity (all is one, one is all).

Symbolism of Dimes and Meaning of Number Ten
Symbolism of Dimes and Meaning of Number Ten

Meaning of Ten and Symbolism of Dimes

That you are picking up a great deal of dimes is quite a good sign.  Specifically, dimes may be symbolic of shiny opportunities coming your way that you once thought were lost to you. 

Remember, number ten meaning is a strong representation of recycling events (full circle) – a dime is a superior symbolic symbol of such phenomenon.  Consider how many times a dime (or any money for that matter) is recycled through our society

Symbolism of dimes provide messages of lost opportunities regained.  Things we thought we should not or could not do are beginning to resurface.  Our energies are being recycled.  Our intellectual currency is on the brink of change. 

Shiny, bright, and round… the symbolism of dimes deal with big beacons of promise.  Dimes hold the meaning of number ten firmly in their vibration and it says something like:  “Events are coming full circle.  Cast off the old, and don the new.  Step into the beginning that is for your greatest good.”

Mindful Questions: What to Ask When Seeing the Number Ten and Dimes on Your Path

When we keep seeing the number ten in our lives, or when we keep stumbling over dimes in our journeys…these might be signs to ask the following questions of ourselves…

  • Is it time to make a fresh start?
  • Am I looking at all possibilities and potentials in this situation?
  • What is my status about my self-worth?
  • Do I feel my message is valuable?
  • How am I exchanging my value and message to others?
  • How do I communicate my value to others and the world?
  • Do I feel complete about my journey? Or…
  • Am I just going through the motions to fill a void?
Symbolism of Dimes and Meaning of Number Ten
Symbolism of Dimes and Meaning of Number Ten

Closing Thoughts About Symbolism of Dimes and the Meaning of Number Ten

Seeing the number ten is about living up to your full potential. The symbolism of dimes is about how you exchange that potential. Why? Because the dime in terms of money is a form of exchange. Think about it…money changes hands…on thin dime may even travel the world in the journey of currency.

How are you expressing and exchanging your own potential? Furthermore, how are you manifesting number ten energy (completion, meeting potential) in terms of self-value?  Dimes are a form of value, and when we see them on our path, it’s a sign to question our beliefs about our own value. 

I trust this information on the symbolism of dimes and the meaning of the number ten helps you on your path. As always, thanks for reading!

Mighty brightly,

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