Name Change Numerology

Name Change Numerology

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Name Changes and Numerology: I get many questions about name number meanings, specifically the numerology of names.  Recently a reader asked about name changes and numerology.  Specifically, she asked if the meaning of her name changes if she legally changed her name. This post addresses the consequence of name change numerology and how to interpret if our name is changed.

What is the impact if we take a different name? What if we have a nickname?  How do we interpret the numerological meaning of our “real” name in relation to our adopted/married/nickname etc? Traditionally, numerologists recommend using the name with which we are most familiar.  I’ve done numerology readings for people who have had their changed name for decades, it has become a part of their life, and the meaning is very profound.  There are still other situations where I’ve interpreted name number meanings according to a nickname or “Bill” instead of “William” with equally profound results.

Name Changes and Numerology
Name Changes and Numerology

When in Doubt, Interpret Both Names

When it comes to name changes and numerology,  I always do readings on both names and provide both results to my client (unless he or she instructs me otherwise). Why?  Because I know nothing happens without some deeper reasoning.  Ergo, I know significant numerological meanings can be found in both names.

When I play around with name number symbolism, I’ll first ask for the name most used or common.   For example, a friend of mine has been called “Dutch” for 40 years.  I interpreted his nickname first as his primary reading. But, I’ll almost always do a second reading with a formal (less familiar) name too. I’ve encountered doing this gives an added layer of clarity. It’s almost like revealing two different personalities, 1) The side we show to the world and 2) the side of ourselves we keep private. If you have several names read on for ideas about interpreting name change numerology

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Common or Familiar Name Numerology

Determine your name numerology according to the name you are most comfortable and familiar with.  This could be your nickname, birth name, even your changed name, whatever.  This is the name you call yourself (and likely the name most of your friends/family know you by too).

The number associated with the name you are most intimate with will be a metaphor for your intimate path in life.  This number will speak to you about:

  • what is close to your heart
  • what you comfortably show, share and express with others
  • how your common, daily life experience is unfolding
  • how you connect & interact in family and social settings
Name Changes and Numerology
Name Changes and Numerology

New Name Changes

Determine the number for the name that is not as familiar to you as your common name.  Perhaps it’s a newly discovered adopted name or a change from maiden name to married name – or perhaps you’ve taken an assumed name.  The name number meaning associated with this newer name in your awareness could potentially reveal:

  • long term views or focus in personal development
  • the hand of fate or destiny playing a role in your life
  • internal or hidden sides of personality – traits not likely expressed outwardly
  • a persona you want to express, but has been latent (or is not yet comfortable to reveal to others)

Important note: Be mindful of how you feel about this secondary name.  Is there joy surrounding the less familiar name?  Did you pick it yourself and love it?  Your feelings associated with your names (both common and uncommon) will affect your name change numerology interpretation too.

Spiritual Name Changes and Spirituality

I’ve known people who had names divinely spoken to their psyche – these are spiritual names that belonged to these people even before they were born into this lifetime/place.  In this instance, that name is going to have a wholly different meaning in numerology.

Name Change Numerology
Name Change Numerology

Combining Name Numerology Meanings

 Another practice that can be very revealing is to combine name numerology meanings. For example, if your familiar name number is a 2 and your married name number is  7, combine these two numbers to make 9 and begin to research the conjoined symbolism from there.

Overwhelmingly, I’ve found combining these name numbers to be extremely enlightening as to my client’s personality, personal development, and multi-dimensional progress.

I hope this information on name changes, numerology, and name numerology proves helpful to each of you as you seek out innovative ways to uphold the most important tenet: “Temet Nosce” (know thyself).  As always, thanks for reading!

Mighty brightly,

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