white crow and white raven meanings

White Crow and White Raven Meanings

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This article comes from a question I got from Tom. Here is his question about albino or white crow and white raven meanings….

white crow and white raven meanings
Question about white crow and white raven meanings

Hi Avia,
I have questions about white crow and white raven meanings.
Some years back I witnessed & had an encounter with a “white crow” flying alongside the bus with a herd of a few other black crows. I asked my uncle he said it was a good omen & positive.  that was all he knew.
A few years ago we saw a white raven.
We are asking if you have any info/research on white crows & white ravens? Thank you!

Holy crow! What’s the symbolism of seeing a white crow and/or a white raven? Well, the main meaning of these sightings is that it is widely considered a blessing, or a good omen.

Why? Because they are so rare, for one.  Secondly, we’ve got to consider the basic symbolism backing the color white in connection with these opportunistic, unique birds.

White is symbolic of:

  • Clarity
  • Renewal
  • Purification
  • Cleansing
  • Honesty
  • Opportunity
  • Beginnings
  • Insight

So, let’s put all this together and get cracking on clear, symbolic white crow and white raven meanings.

white crow and white raven meanings
Exploring white crow and white raven meanings

Things to Consider When We See White Crows or White Ravens

Ravens and crows are black. Period. However, sometimes Nature throws us a curve-ball, and alterations in pigmentation crops up. When this happens, and we see this white anomaly in Nature with crows or ravens, we’ve got to pay close attention to…

1) What’s going on in our lives

2) The overarching thoughts that have been consuming our minds

3) The status of our environment and our relationships.

When we see these oddities in Nature like white crows and ravens, it is a message. In order to interpret that message easier, we can look to the 3 points of thought above, and determine how these points relate to the personality and symbolism of crows/ravens dressed in white.

An unusual encounter of albino or white ravens or crows indicates a cleansing. White is symbolic of healing, purification and revelation. When we see these odd feathered friends, we can expect answers and exposure in the areas of our lives that have been obscure or elusive.  We can expect revealing insights on issues in our lives that have previously been hidden from us. The following are a few more suggestions about what it means when we see white crows and white ravens…

No More Tricks (and Hopefully All Treats)

By nature, crows and ravens tend to be a tricky bunch. In many cultures, they are considered to be the tricksters or pranksters of the skies. This is due to their playful nature, and sometimes inexplicable behavior.

When we see a white crow or white raven, it’s time to come clean with ourselves. Are we fooling ourselves? Are we deluding ourselves? Are we being honest about what’s going on in our lives? That’s what these white crow and white raven encounters encourage us to do. White reveals. It sheds light in the darkness. 

If we consider that ‘purifying’ element the color white brings to the symbolic scene, combine it with the jokester symbolism of the crow/raven…then we get a message that says “No more tricks – all is now revealed. Pranks aside, it’s time to come clean and get real. Be pure with intention and get honest.”

white crow and white raven meanings
More about white crow and white raven meanings

Renewed Focus. New Vision. Get Clear, Dear!

Along with their tricky personalities, crows and ravens are also considered symbolic secret-keepers in many cultures, myths and legends.  This has a lot to do with their onyx color. Black represents secrets, the obscure, the unknown.  But when the tables are turned, and we see white ravens and crows – that’s a sign of unveiling secrets. In essence, when we encounter the white version of these secretive birds, we need to be prepared for some astounding truths to come forth.

Because crows and ravens are extremely intelligent, they are symbolic of getting intellectual clarity. When we run into white crows and ravens, we can anticipate rare and beautiful “light bulb” or “aha” moments in our midst. A flash of brilliance is bound to happen upon us. New ideas are sparked, new thought patterns are created, and a renewed intelligence forms within us that helps us find solutions to problems and clear out old mental blocks we struggled with in the past.

White Crow and White Raven Meanings: Opportunity Awaits!

To an extent, all birds are resourceful. But crows and ravens are among the most opportunistic in the feathery family of birds. As scavengers, they eat everything. They are also clever at repurposing food, materials and debris for survival.

What does this have to do with white crow and white raven meanings? Simply put, it means these white-robed versions are telling us we are about to see our opportunities with crystal clear vision. When hopes, ideas, dreams and possibilities might have grown dim in our sights…an encounter with the white crow and white raven confirms renewed potential – and it’s time to take full advantage of our resources. If you’ve given up on resources or possibilities…these white crow/raven sightings are an encouragement to re-evaluate the opportunities within our midst.  Also, new opportunities are on the horizon!

white crow and white raven meanings
Final thoughts about white crow and white raven meanings

Take Away Tips About White Crow and White Raven Meanings

Essentially, everything black crows and black ravens represent is flipped on its head when we see them dressed in white. Consider the opposite meanings of ravens and crows if you have been gifted with a white or albino crow/raven sighting. Here are a few take-away tips to summarize what I mean…

Treats not Tricks:  In their dark form, crows and ravens are notorious for being pranksters. In white, crows and ravens are symbolic of pure honesty, lack of trickery, and an element of trust.

See Clearly Now the Haze is Gone: Crows and ravens have been highly regarded for their intelligence. In dark hues, they tend to keep their wisdom a secret. The white version of these winged beauties is a sign that all shall be revealed, mysteries are exposed and clear intelligence will shine bright to help us solve various intellectual problems.

Opportunity Knocks: Because crows and ravens make the most out of just about everything they come in contact with, they are respected as being some of the most ultimate opportunistic scavengers in the bird realm. Seen in their albino or white form, crows and ravens are a sign that our ships of possibility are sailing in. Opportunities and advantages are revealing themselves, as evidenced and blessed by a white crow or white raven sighting.

These are just a few symbolic ideas about white crow and white raven meanings. If you are lucky enough to see one of these winged wonders, I know you will experience very promising experiences. From clarity to opportunity…honesty to illumination, these white/albino feathered friends are sure to be a blessing.

I hope you enjoyed this article on white crow and white raven meanings. If you did, I’d be delighted if you shared this on your social networks.

Bright, white blessings upon you,


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