Hot to Get Your Aura Photographed

How to Get Your Aura Photographed

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Many, many moons ago, I had my aura photographed.  At the time, I was in the prime of my esoteric studies, and it seemed a good idea to explore the concept of Kirlian photography firsthand.  To this day, I still have mixed feelings about aura photography, and I’ll share what I’ve learned since I first said “cheese” for an aura polaroid.  Intrigued? If so, welcome, and please read on!

Hot to Get Your Aura Photographed

First Things First: What is Aura Photography?

If you’ve been on this website or consider yourself privy to the realm of the profound, unknowable, or unseen, you probably already know what aura photography is (or at least what an aura is).  But, for the sake of rounding out a properly balanced post here – I’ll elaborate.  Aura photography is a clever photo process that captures the energy field surrounding an individual, known as their aura. It is based on the belief that every living being emits an electromagnetic field of energy, which can be visually represented in various colors and patterns. The aura reflects our emotions, thoughts, physical well-being, and spiritual state.

Through specialized cameras and sensors, aura photographers capture these subtle energies and translate them into vivid images. These images visually represent our unique energetic signature.

The colors present in an aura photograph hold significant meaning. Each color represents different aspects of our personality and can offer insights into our emotional state or current life circumstances. For example, vibrant shades like blue may indicate calmness or spirituality, while red might suggest passion or intensity.

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Moreover, aura photography offers a holistic approach to self-discovery by blending science with metaphysics. It allows us to explore the interplay between mind, body, and spirit – offering glimpses into the unseen forces that shape who we are at our core.

Hot to Get Your Aura Photographed

What Are the Benefits of Aura Photography?

For me, getting an aura photograph was about doing research.  But you might have other reasons for getting your aura photographed – and those benefits will be different from mine.

See the Unseen

One of the main benefits of aura photography is its ability to visualize subtle energies that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye. This snapshot could potentially help you better understand yourself and how you interact with the world around you.

Identify Your Energy Flow

With an aura photograph, you may discover areas where your energy is blocked or imbalanced. This awareness allows you to take steps towards healing and restoring harmony within yourself. It can also highlight strengths and positive qualities that may be less apparent in everyday life.

Get Guidance

In addition to self-discovery, aura photography sessions often include personalized interpretations from experienced practitioners. These professionals can provide guidance on how to interpret your aura colors and patterns, offering valuable insights into areas such as relationships, career paths, or spiritual growth.

Quench Your Curiosity (like I did)

Furthermore, getting an aura photograph can be a fun experience that sparks curiosity and conversation among friends or family members who participate together. It provides an opportunity for connection as everyone explores their individual energy fields side by side.

How Do You Get Your Aura Photographed? (and what to expect)

Now for the meaty bits. How to get your aura photographed! I’ve got ideas…

To begin, find a reputable aura photographer or a wellness center that offers this service. You can hop online or ask for recommendations from friends who have had their aura photographed before. Once you’ve found a suitable place, schedule an appointment at your convenience. I was fully entrenched in the alternative thought movement in my area at the time, so I got connected with a Kirlian photographer through my contacts.  That’s really the best way to get your aura photographed – ask around among people you know and trust.

On the day of your appointment, it’s best to wear solid-colored clothing, as patterns can interfere with the accuracy of the photograph. Before taking the photo, the photographer will explain how the session works and may ask you some questions to understand your intentions and expectations better.

Next, you’ll sit in front of a specialized camera that captures electromagnetic energy fields around your body. The process is painless and non-invasive; you only need to relax and be yourself! The camera will capture multiple images showcasing different aspects of your aura.

Once the photographs are taken, the aura photographer will interpret them based on colors in different areas of your energy field and the emanations identified in the photo. This interpretation can uncover potential insights into various aspects, such as emotions, personality traits, health conditions, and spiritual growth.

I shouldn’t have to say this because I know you sweet peeps are super-savvy and smart. However, in the spirit of CYA, please remember: Getting an aura photograph is not meant to replace professional medical advice or therapy sessions but rather serves as a tool for self-reflection and exploration. It can be fascinating to see visual representations of our energetic bodies and gain new perspectives on ourselves.

Hot to Get Your Aura Photographed

Is Getting an Aura Photograph Worth It?

If you’re anything like me – someone who is curious about energy, spirituality, or just exploring new experiences – getting an aura photograph can be a fascinating and unique opportunity. While some may view it as purely entertainment or pseudoscience, others believe that aura photography offers deep insights into our emotional and energetic states.

While there are certainly skeptics who question the validity and scientific basis of aura photography, ultimately, whether it’s worth it depends on each individual’s beliefs and intentions. Getting an aura photograph could be worthwhile if you approach it with an open mind and view it as a fun experience rather than expecting concrete answers or solutions.

Final Thoughts About Getting Your Aura Photographed

To be sure, aura photography can provide an interesting perspective on who we are beyond what meets the eye.  It was an intriguing experience for me, and I hope this article about getting your aura photographed helps you choose whether or not to try it.  Whatever you decide, please know that your experience is unique – and ultimately, what you get out of an aura photo is up to you.  As always, thanks for reading!

Mighty brightly,

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