Animal Symbolism: Meaning of Cat Prints

Animal symbolism of Cat Prints

I started pondering the animal symbolism of cat prints after I spotted a path of cat tracks in the snow one morning.

Paw prints of any kind can serve as an oracle.

This page outlines the message behind the animal symbolism of cat prints, and gives some ideas about how to interpret paw prints for deeper meaning we can apply in our daily life.

In obtaining symbolic meaning of cat prints (or finding animal symbolism of any tracks) there are many elements to consider, here are just a few things to keep in mind when seeking spiritual meaning of animal tracks:

  • The nature of the animal
  • The placement of its prints
  • The direction of the tracks
  • The weather and environment surrounding the tracks
  • The current state of mind we are in when observing the tracks

If we take the time to look at cat prints, often we'll see that they fall in-line with each other. The back feet swing up to meet the front feet - settling in the first prints placed - essentially giving the appearance of one single line of tracks.

When we see a line of cat paw prints, we might want to take the time to consider a trail of thought that goes something like...

Symbolic Meaning of Cat Prints

  • Focus
  • Goals
  • Vision
  • Continuity
  • Destination
  • Following a Path

Symbolism of cat paw prints speaks of continuity, as well as the path of the straight and narrow. Print paths may also beg the question from us: "What am I leaving behind me? Or, (philosophically speaking) "What kind of trail do I leave?" Or, "What kind of legacy am I leaving in my past?"

Symbolic cat prints in the snow deal with purity, cleansing, and honesty because:
1) snow is of water which is a cleansing element
2) snow is white which has virgin symbolism.

The domestic cat speaks of mystery, opportunity, and freedom. Cats also move in silence, which brings about another symbolic layer to my scenario.

The cat prints I've been seeing were moving North, which speaks of new beginnings, ideas, creativity, wisdom and thought.

All of these observations together indicate these symbolic cat prints are a message to focus thought upon the center of truth.

It is a message to filter out distractions and funnel attention into the pure heart of the matter. This is being presented in order for freedom to be obtained and new opportunities to come forth.

Further, this centering of truth must be consistent and remain a continuous practice - otherwise desires will remain elusive and unobtainable.

If the domestic cat is your totem, you may be interested in the page I wrote about the lore and symbolic meaning of the domestic cat here.

My page on symbolic meaning of animal tracks might also be of interest to you.

Animal tracks, when looked at from a spiritual perspective can be an insightful way of finding meaning, and connecting to our source through the common bond of nature.

This is just a small example of how animal symbolism in the form of tracks can bring deeper insight into our mental and spiritual realm.

Delve into your deeper self today and walk the path of your animal energies - you'll be amazed at where they take you!

I hope you have enjoyed these musings about the symbolism of cat prints. Be sure to check out more related articles on animal symbolism and identifying animal tracks via the links provided at the end of this page.

The cat print image at the top of this page was kindly provided by: Dawn Perry on Flickr.

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