Chakra color meditation

Chakra Color Meditation

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Chakra Color Meditation Tips

From the Q & A Files

The following is a question I received about how to use chakras and chakra color for a deep, rich, meditative experience. I hope you like what I have to say on the subject!

Question About Chakra Color Meditation

Avia, I find myself all over the place. I know how to meditate, but I just can’t seem to get myself into the groove anymore. I’ve recently been diagnosed with bi-polar, and now more than ever I want to get back into my meditations. I am using color, art and painting as therapy for my scattered, raging mind. It helps a little. I wonder if there is a way I can focus on color as a meditation anchor? I just don’t know. Anything you can suggest would be great. I know you said you’ve been meditating for decades, and your insights on symbolism have been so helpful to me, I  thought for some reason you could maybe recommend meditation for grounding and focus that might work. Thank you.” ~Sasha

Avia’s Responds to Sasha’s with a Chakra Color Meditation

Hello Sasha,

Thank you for your trust in sharing part of your story with me. I am very glad to hear the website has been friendly and useful for you.

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It’s good to know that color is an anchoring, calming influence for you.

Have you thought about initiating a chakra color meditation?

Chakras are a beautiful tool to use in order to self-reflect, gain understanding, meditate, and gain inspiration.

There are many meditations and focus practices you can use in order to funnel your energy, slow down, and spiritually evolve.

Personally, I like to view the chakras as a colorful staircase in meditations. Here is a run-through of a color chakra meditation that has served me well throughout the years, and I think it might help you too:

Color Chakra Meditation – A Staircase of Color

In this meditation, you will visualize the seven chakras as a staircase moving higher and higher. Each step on the staircase represents a chakra.

First step is the root chakra. The last and seventh step is the crown chakra. Each step is illuminated with that chakra’s color in your mind’s eye.  See yourself gliding up this chakra staircase, and with each step you take, that level is illuminated with the color of that chakra. Kinda like that scene in the movie BIG, where Tom Hanks steps on a giant  key board on the floor and each key he steps on lights up.  So, let’s get to it…

“Stepping” Into Chakra Color Meditation

Get yourself calm, relaxed and prepare as you would for any other meditation.

Bring your breath and awareness to the first step – the red root chakra.  Spend time visualizing, sensing and experiencing the full force of this ‘step’ or chakra. This is that base, core, primal energy felt in all expressions of passionate crimson explosions.

Once you have fully experienced the first, red, root chakra step, move to the next step when you are compelled to do so.

When you take the next step, your mind’s eye will be standing on the radiant platform of the orange sacral chakra. Now fully sense this energy center. Feel that lovely warming sensation in the depth of the body. Allow orange to saturate every cell in your body (just as you will each other chakra color in the meditation).

Same goes with the next…yellow – the solar plexus chakra. Experience the ebullience and the joy shimmering from this chakra within you and radiating out through your body, and even beyond..into your room, your home, your neighborhood, the atmosphere!

Continue on and fully steep yourself into each chakra color….become one with the meaning of their colors, their feeling, their purpose and personality.

Chakras, when aligned, are extraordinary focal points and can offer tremendous healing (mentally, spiritually and physically).

Continue to move up the staircase of colorful chakras until reaching the ‘top stair’ – the violet crown chakra. At this step, you are at the very top – your view is expanded – your vision is endless – you have moved beyond common reality and extraordinary insights, guidance and calming occurs. Unity occurs. Presence occurs.

This is just one chakra meditation I’m sharing with you in hopes that this might help and offer  personal growth.

I hope this idea about chakra color meditation might prove helpful in both your focus, and continued creativity.

Please do check out the links below, as I’ve written more about chakra meanings and color meanings too…I think you might find these additional articles helpful.

Mighty brightly,

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PS: These suggestions do not replace the treatment of a medical professional. You know that already, but in this day and age, I’ve got to say it.

Mere color can speak to the soul
in a thousand different ways.

~ Oscar Wilde
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