Identifying Animal Tracks

Identifying Animal Tracks

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Animal Tracks: Meaning and Symbolism for Spiritual Awareness and Totem Connections: Identifying animal tracks takes our exploration of animal totems, and Native American animal symbols one step further by broadening our understanding and respect for the animal spirits we call upon.

identifying animal tracks
identifying animal tracks

Why Bother With Identifying Animal Tracks?

Tracks tell a story about the ones who left them. Identifying animal tracks opens up a mystery novel that tells the reader about the life of the animal.

Furthermore, tracks are spirit shadows of a physical self and by understanding them, we become joined to the animal spirit we are observing.

It’s good to know these animal characteristics. It shows respect to Mother Earth, and respect to the animal. The more we know, the more we are able to work together with our totems in a mutually supportive relationship.

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Identifying animal tracks
Identifying animal tracks

Spiritual Meaning of Animal Tracks

Identifying animal tracks in a spiritual sense sends a message to the energetic animal realm. Our focused attention indicates a genuine interest and trust in the wisdom animals can impart to us. Our search for deeper meaning through animal tracks signals our faith in the beauty and knowledge the animal kingdom holds.

Native American wisdom views animal tracks as shadow prints on our lives – left by the spirit of the animal.

In that same tradition of thought, I’m offering symbolic meaning of animal prints, and included some points of contemplation for each animal because identifying animal tracks is made even more profound when we understand the messages each animal has to give us.

“You can find the footprints of God
wherever there is beauty, virtue,
humility, justice, truth, love and peace.”
~Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Identifying Animal Tracks
Identifying Animal Tracks

Common Animal Tracks And Their Symbolic Meanings


Identifying animal tracks of the Badger indicates a need for us to deal with creative powers. Tenacious, fierce, and wildly effective in its pursuits, the Badger reminds us that all things are possible when we tap into the creative power that is accessible to all of us. Learn more about badger animal symbolism here. Also see Badger Tattoo Meanings.


Bear tracks indicate reflection and self-observation. Hibernation is also a form of self- reflection. We all need to undergo times during our day and our lives to do as the Bear does. When we cross paths with the Bear, we should envelope ourselves temporarily in solitude and silence with a goal for rebirth and self-understanding. I’ve written a brief review of bear symbolism here. Also see Native American Bear symbolism.


Identifying animal tracks of the Bobcat indicates a balance between body, mind and spirit. The Bobcat is also naturally very powerful. This tempered with balance is a sign of a true leader. When we cross paths with the Bobcat we are encouraged to contemplate our capacity for leadership. Are we leaders? If so, are we good ones? If we have not chosen to be leaders in our lives, then the Bobcat asks us to take a moment to give thanks and respect those who in our lives who are. For more information, go to my Bobcat animal totem page. See interpreting symbolism of domestic cat prints here.


Dog tracks indicate servitude, loyalty, compassion and respect. Long viewed as the guardian of ancient knowledge, along with being man (and woman’s) best friend, the Dog holds endless lessons for us. Specifically, when our paths cross with the Dog, we must be mindful of ALL paths we cross. In short, as the Dog’s compassionate heart overlooks human weakness, so too should we as humans overlook faults within each other. For additional meaning of the Dog, check out my Dog Symbolism Page.


Identifying animal tracks of the Duck indicates a need for patience and calm. When our paths cross with the Duck, we must take a moment to appreciate the simplicity of the moment. Observing in this matter is where we find patience, and where solace can also be found. Also see my Celtic Animals page, where duck symbolism is mentioned.


Identifying animal tracks of the Elephant indicates strength, enormity, and silent wisdom. Honored over the ages in many cultures for its intelligence and power, the Elephant’s importance in our perspective is as large as its size. When we cross paths with the Elephant we must keep in mind that size does matter – but not the way we might first think. It is how we USE our size that matters. Specifically, it is the size of our silent knowing, or spiritual presence that will move the perceived obstacles in our way. Click here for more symbolic information on the elephant totem.


Fox tracks indicate observance, and family affairs. The Fox is very family oriented, and will always attempt to lure intruders away from the den when there is evidence of a threat. Also very observant of the behaviors of others around it, the Fox rarely misses a trick. When we cross paths with the Fox, we are reminded to take stock in the treasure found in our family ties, and give thanks for our family. Further, the Fox urges us to observe ourselves in relation to family. Is there family tension? If so, why? In calmly observing our own behavior and that of our family members we can also begin understanding and learn forgiveness. More information on the symbolic meaning of the fox found here.


Identifying animal tracks of the Goose indicates single-mindedness in purpose and deed. The Goose is quite a determined creature, and when our paths cross with the Goose we must observe our lives for areas that we have been lax. See more about the Goose here.


Identifying animal tracks of the Muskrat indicates resilience, detachment and adaptability. Muskrats have many attributes such as inhabiting both land and water, able to adapt to surroundings, being relatively waterproof, and having a knack for going about their business undetected. Given this, when we cross paths with the Muskrat we are encouraged to tap into our own ingenuity and adaptability when dealing with our present circumstances – realizing that everything has a potential for positive outcome (no matter how bleak appearances may seem).

Possum (Opossum)

Opossum tracks indicate cunning, sharp wit, but more importantly – detachment. The Opossum is capable of using its intellect and intuition to get itself out of the stickiest situations. And if all else fails, it plays dead. When our paths cross with the Opossum, we must realize that even with all of our cleverest plans and highest intelligence, sometimes we have to “play dead” to get our desired results. In short, sometimes the best way to handle a problem is to step away from it temporarily. Learn more about possum meaning and symbolism here.


Identifying animal tracks of the Porcupine indicate innocence, faith, and wonder. The Porcupine rarely instigates trouble, and has few natural enemies. This being the case, it lives in a state of wonder and child-like innocence. Further, it realizes that all things are for the better good of Mother Earth, and provisions will always be met. Should we be fortunate enough to cross paths with a Porcupine, we would all do well to heed these qualities of trust and wonder for ourselves. Read more about symbolic porcupine meaning here.


Raven tracks indicate a message to us beyond time and space. Long revered for being a great bearer of magic, the Raven transports the energy of messages and healing to its intended destination. When our paths cross with the Raven we are encouraged to change our perspective and admit to the magic around us as well as within us. For more on the symbolic meaning of Raven from a Native American perspective click here for my blog post. Also view Raven Symbolism here.


Identifying animal tracks of the Turtle is to identify Mother Earth herself (see Mother Symbols). The Turtle teaches us to stand with both feet firmly on the ground as we connect to Earth. Further, it shows us how we can protect ourselves – and that’s it is acceptable to withdraw ourselves from conflict when the occasion calls for it. When we cross paths with the Turtle, we must focus on being grounded. The Turtle also beckons us to take things slow and easy for the time being. All things will happen in good time. See more about the turtle here.


Wolf tracks indicate the presence of a teacher and spiritual energy. The Wolf is connected with Sirius, the star in the Canis Major constellation, wherefrom the teachers of ancient times originated. This being the case, the Wolf is a symbol of mentoring, teaching, and wisdom for us. Additionally, its connection with Sirius, along with its nocturnal habits of howling at the moon make the Wolf a largely spiritual teacher. When we cross paths with the Wolf we are urged to be aware that we are all teachers to everyone we meet. In a single sentence, we can teach love or hate to all those we encounter. For more information on Wolf symbolism, go to my Wolf Totem Meanings Page.

animal symbolism squirrel tracks and meaning
Symbolic Animal Tracks

Final Thoughts on Identifying Animal Tracks for Totem Connections and Spiritual Awareness

Keep in mind, animals can leave their tracks on our souls and psyche’s more profoundly than on our physical path. This is a neat concept to ponder.

Why? Because an animal track is a story left behind about the journey a creature takes…likewise, the spirit of an animal can impress upon our hearts, and leave its energetic signature upon our own spirit. In other words, be open to the non-physical tracks your animal totem leaves behind in your experience. Animal energy has a powerful way of communicating intense messages if we’re open to receiving them. It’s up to us to clear the trail so our animals can have an easy passage through our spiritual wilderness.

I hope you have enjoyed this page on identifying animal tracks. Be sure to click on the links at the end of this page for more symbolic animal meanings. With that, I bid you happy tracking, and animal blessings. 

Mighty brightly,

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