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I created this article on Celtic goddess names and meanings because I got an email from a woman who did one of those DNA tests. She discovered a wealth of Irish-Celtic lineage in her test results, so she wanted to know more about the goddesses of her heritage.

Introduction About Celtic Goddess Names

Even if you’re not Irish, you very likely have traces of Celtic blood running through your veins.  These are Indo-Europeans, whose migrations meant a mix of ethnicity as they traveled and eventually expanded across Europe.

A study of the Immigrants entering Ellis Island reveals 78% of newcomers were European.  There are even theories the Celts migrated as far as the US (some tribes were masterful seafarers).

We’re really a global society.  In the end, our true ethnicity is human, and that gives us a common bond to the regal Celts and their goddesses.

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A study of Celtic goddesses and heroines reveals her ability to adapt and overcome.  Albeit, often on her own terms. We can adopt the same acceptance, and in so doing, we find an open channel to the Goddess energies of old Europe.

In my own experience, I have encountered Celtic goddesses, and have found them to be effective communicators, and fairly willing to offer guidance…but only when approached with fearlessness and courage. These women do not deal with temerity well.  Rather, they expect the same bold approach as they themselves took within their tribal communities.  So in honor of the Celtic tradition and to give you a frame of reference, check out the list of Celtic goddess names and their personality types below.

Celtic goddess names and meanings
Celtic goddess names and meanings

Celtic Goddess Names and Their Attributes


She is a Celtic goddess of love. In addition, she oversees stable crop growth, and helps keep cattle healthy and even help with wealth issues. She is a goddess of light and summertime. She was considered a sovereign goddess – meaning she was considered to be very powerful.


She is a goddess known for her wisdom of the unknown realms. Her sisters are Macha and Morrigan who together, make the dark triple goddess. Badb is a shape-shifter and also a warrior goddess. Her name means “fury.” She was often thought of as a goddess of war, but she was also a great inspiration to warriors going off to war.


She is the goddess of fire, midwifery, protects women/children, poetry, water, agriculture, healing, divination, craftsmanship. Her Celtic goddess names stand for many things, such as: “exalted one” and “light.”  She has two sisters, by the same name, creating the classic trinity goddess: Brigit the Poetess, Brigit the Smith and Brigit the Doctor/Healer. Her later representative is St. Brigid.


Danu is the guardian and ruler of things like rivers, water, motherhood, protection, birth, beginnings, fertility. She is considered a guide and ally to an ancient segment of Celtic population called the Tuatha. She showed her people the way to a new land. Once the Tuatha settled. Danu taught them to fish, make weapons, create poetry and music. Her Celtic goddess name means “swiftly flowing.” Get the full article on Celtic goddess Danu meanings here.


This goddess is aligned with all things equine. Epona is a powerful goddess known for her connection and devotion to horses. Horses were a big deal to the ancient Celts. Early Celts didn’t have horses, but once these people got their hands on horses, it changed their whole world. Horses made the difference between winning or losing in a lot of different areas in their lives. Considering the gravity and importance of horses in the Celtic culture, you might imagine a horse goddess holding a lot of influence. You bet she did! She is still held in very high esteem. Epona is also the overseer of fertility, strength, animals, healing, dreams, and female power. Her Celtic goddess names include “white mare” and/or  “night mare.” Yes, there are stories of Epona and connections to nightmares. -Truth is, none of these theories have much substance.


She is a very twisty goddess, which is what I personally love about Medb. She is the goddess that rules over altered consciousness.  That might sound funky, but when you need to commune with nature spirits, deities, and the energies of the unseen world, Medb is the goddess gal-pal you want on your side. She is also the goddess of equality, speech, sex, and strategy.  I love that the Celts has a female deity to represent things like equality. Rock on! Anyway, her Celtic goddess name means “she who intoxicates.” No doubt!


Macha, like Epona is also strongly connected with horses…but it’s in a slightly more severe capacity. Macha tends to horses of war and their movements on the battlefield. She is also an overseer of sovereignty and is said to bestow goods, lands, wealth to those she deems worthy…by doing this, she was able to make ordinary clansmen into leaders, chieftains and eventually kings. Further to this, Macha is the ruler of inheritances, and she was always consulted for issues of acquisition. Inheritance or collection of land, property, wealth…even the heads of enemies (which was a big thing for the ancient Celts)…Macha was the one you entrusted to these sticky situations. Her Celtic goddess names include “of the plains” and/or “vast vision.”


You can’t be here on this website stuffed with info about goddesses and such without knowing who Morrigan is. She is famous in the realm of Celtic legend. This is a  strong, brutal, powerful goddess of strife and battle…she is the relentless female warrior who insists you face your foe with fearlessness and nerves of steel. Interestingly, Morrigan is also an overseer of fertility, healthy cattle, and gaining wealth in all its forms. Her name means “phantom queen” (I just think that’s so cool!).

Closing Thoughts About Celtic Goddesses

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you these are not all the Celtic goddesses. Oh my no. There are tons more goddesses in Celtic legend, lore and history. Some not-so-well known, but no less important or powerful.

I hope this article helps the woman who wrote in wanting more understanding about her Irish-Celtic heritage. It is my further wish that this article helped you put a ‘face to a name’ so to speak when approaching Celtic goddess personalities.

The next time you hear the phrase “what’s in a name?” maybe this article on Celtic goddess names and their meanings might make you say “A LOT!” Goddess names and meanings say so much about these strong, lovely personalities in the Celtic way of life. I hope you were able to gain as much inspiration from this article as I did in writing and researching for it.

As always, thanks so much for reading.

Goddess blessings to you,

Mighty brightly,

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