Symbolic and Spiritual Birds of July

Symbolic and Spiritual Birds of July

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As the sun shimmers brightly and nature explodes with sun-fueled verve, certain avian creatures take center stage with their spiritual significance and symbolic meanings. This sets my mind a tizzy with all the potential, power, and magic birds present when they grace the skies during this vibrant month. Discover why these winged beings hold a special place in our hearts and minds as we delve into the captivating realm of symbolic and spiritual birds of July. Ready to fly with me? Let’s roll this beautiful bird footage!

Why Are Certain Birds More Powerful in July Than in Other Months?

Certain birds radiate a remarkable and fiery energy that aligns perfectly with the month of July and the summer season. The longer days and warmer weather bring forth a sense of vitality and renewal, mirroring the characteristics of these powerful avian creatures.

In fact, the birds of July hold a symbiotic relationship with the symbolic themes of the month.  Themes like:

  • Power
  • Fertility
  • Victory
  • Passion
  • Vitality
  • Assertion
  • Revelation
  • Conquest
  • Prosperity
  • Accomplishment

These aren’t all the quick keywords for the symbolic themes of July and her birdies – but it’s a good start to give you a hint of how the avian realm responds to this sunny summer month.  

July also marks a time when migratory birds are abundant, signifying movement and progress. These feathered travelers inspire us to explore new horizons and embark on exciting journeys both physically and spiritually.

July holds a special significance for certain birds whose symbolism echoes the essence of this vibrant summer month.

Symbolic and Spiritual Birds of July

July is a time when the energy of birds can be particularly potent, symbolizing various qualities and messages for those who pay attention.  Here are a few symbolic and spiritual birds of July (and their meanings) so you can see what I mean about the power of summer-fueled flight.


Symbolic and Spiritual Birds of July - Robin

You might think (rightly so) that the robin is symbolic of springtime themes..  I’ll grant you that, because it’s true. But the robin is also a bright bird of July for its radiating red breast. It’s a sympathetic link to the solar themes of this month.

Furthermore, the red robin continues its quest for flourishing and thriving during this time of year.  Perseverance, determination, true grit – the robin reminds us that no matter what the circumstances may be – we need to keep fighting the good fight and moving with the groove of nature.

In many cultures, the robin is seen as a messenger from the spirit world.  The robin often carries messages of hope and promise – but that’s up to the beholder to interpret. Its presence in your life may signal that positive changes are on the horizon. Pay attention to any insights or inspirations that come your way when you encounter a robin during this mystical month.

White Dove

Symbolic and Spiritual Birds of July - July

As I was outlining this article on symbolic and spiritual birds of July, the white dove came cooing into my extrasensory ears.  It’s a lovely creature that represents wicked-awesome stuff like freedom, peace, release, and hope.  Seeing as how there are several holidays this month that rejoice in these same things (ie, Independence Day, Pioneer Day, Canada Day, etc), it clicked as to why the ivory doves in my soul were stirring.

So, if you don’t already know, the white dove is a symbol of peace and purity, and holds great significance in various cultures and religions across the globe. Its graceful appearance is often associated with hope, love, and harmony – I think that’s a pretty cool set of assertions to hold in the summer month of July.

In Native American traditions, the white dove is symbolic of ephemeral stuff – things like connecting to the unseen world.  The white dove is often considered a touchstone or gateway creature that opens up avenues for humans to launch into intangible realms in order to understand and communicate with non-physical energies.  In layman’s terms, that means we can receive or retrieve messages from ancestors or loved ones who have passed by hitching an energetic ride on the white dove’s wings.


Symbolic and Spiritual Birds of July - Heron

Where I live, the herons are off the hook in July.  It makes sense.  Fish are biting, and it’s only logical that great herons will be nipping at their fins – replenishing themselves so they can tend to their ongoing business of surviving and thriving.

In the realm of symbolic and spiritual birds, the heron holds a significant place in July. This majestic bird is often associated with patience, grace, and wisdom. With its long legs and elegant stature, the heron embodies tranquility and mindfulness.

The heron’s ability to stand still for extended periods before striking at its prey symbolizes focus and precision.

In Native American cultures, the heron is seen as a liaison between spirit and physical realms. It’s believed to wing messages of self-reflection and inner knowing. Much of this is associated with the birds’ easy capability on both land and water. To elaborate, water is emotion or spiritual, land is physical and analytical – you blend the two and the heron is a perfect image of balance between diverse worlds.


Symbolic and Spiritual Birds of July - Warbler

At the time of this writing, I have a pair of warblers nesting above a hanging fern on my front porch. They are a marvel to behold (even though I can’t see the nest – I can hear those teeny baby birds twittering in the unfurling sanctuary of those fern fronds).

Anyhoo, warblers are small, vibrant birds known for their merry, melodious songs and energetic nature. These tiny creatures flit about in the trees with agility, adding a jolt of happy jive to the summer landscape. With their distinctive colorings and markings and cheerful chirps, warblers capture the essence of July’s lively spirit.

Their presence symbolizes joy, creativity, and adaptability. Warblers teach us to embrace change gracefully and find beauty in every moment. As they dart through the branches in search of insects they remind us of the importance of endurance, and staying active even when tempted to chill out during the lazy days of summer.  These birds remind us to stay persistent in our pursuits and never give up on our goals.


Symbolic and Spiritual Birds of July - Kingfisher

The kingfisher is a big nod to the transient nature of summer and the month of July. These sun-kissed moments are fleeting, and the kingfisher reminds us to seize the fleeting joy of summer by its snarglys before it passes to the next seasonal phase.  To this point, the kingfisher is even connected with the concept of halcyon days in mythology

If you don’t have the time to click the aforementioned link about halcyon days and the kingfisher, I’ll save you some time by telling you this bird sighted during summer months is believed to be a sign of better times ahead, prosperity, and favorable conditions in our midst.

Kingfishers are masterful hunters, and their vision is astonishing – they can sight their prey up to 100 yards away.  They’re also clean creatures, preening and bathing to stay prim and squeaky clean. What does this mean for us during July?  We could construct a symbolic narrative here to say that the kingfisher reminds us to keep our lives in order, keep our vision focused, and aim for our goals with enthusiastic determination.

Bald Eagle

Symbolic and Spiritual Birds of July - Bald Eagle

You might have guessed, the bald eagle makes the list of symbolic and spiritual birds of July because it’s an American icon (the national bird).  Bold and beautiful, the bald eagle is a symbol of courage and freedom in many cultures.  So, it’s a big feathery deal during the 4th of July a commemorative day we celebrate our independence, so naturally, the bald eagle is a venerated sight for this national holiday. 

This iconic bird is known for its keen eyesight and impressive hunting skills. Native American tribes view the bald eagle as a spirit messenger, winging sacred, wise messages between humans and the divine (at least, to those who are open to listening and perceiving such energetic whisperings).

In July, spotting a bald eagle soaring high in the sky can bring feelings of inspiration and strength. Its symbolism encourages us to stoke the flames of our inner power and face challenges head-on with grace and determination.


Symbolic and Spiritual Birds of July - Swallow

This amazing feathered friend is associated with freedom and hope, making it a great spokesperson (err, bird) for the month of July.  In many cultures, the swallow symbolizes loyalty and love due to its habit of returning to the same nesting site each year. Swallows are known for their determination during long migrations, inspiring us to persevere through challenges.

Their presence in July signifies summertime abundance and joy. The sight of swallows swooping through the sky brings a sense of lightness and playfulness to our days. Their cheerful chirping adds a musical backdrop to warm summer evenings.

But their lovely summer dances aren’t all about fun and frivolity.  In truth, their aerodynamic acrobatics are all about hunting, catching, and nabbing their food.  That’s a sign.  It reminds me of a famous quote by artist M.C. Escher, who said, “My work is a game. A very serious game.” 

I believe that’s what the summertime swallow (and symbolic birds of July) is all about – Hone your craft, have fun with your work, but seriously dude, work your ass off (and it doesn’t hurt to enjoy and look good while you’re kicking ass out there either).


Symbolic and Spiritual Birds of July - Hummingbird

Magical. Mysterious. Utterly enchanting. The iridescent, rapid-fire-flying hummingbird is a symbol of loads of jolly stuff like joy, life, infinity, survival, flexibility, verve, and shrewd perception.  

Never to be underestimated, the mighty hummy reminds us that big things come in small packages.  Considering this mini avian gem is responsible for untold feats of pollination, and its tireless energy fuels a wave of relentless energy devoted to survival (of their kind and the environment) – you can’t deny that this is one humdinger of an icon for the month of July.

As is the case with many power-birds Native American traditions hold the hummingbird in high esteem for its ability to be a journey-taker and maker.  When I say journey, I’m not necessarily talking about the physical type – although the hummer has been known to be a guide on a rando odyssey or pilgrimages in native tales and lore.  

But what many non-natives don’t know is that the hummingbird is a thoroughly capable spirit guide with the strength, gumption, and ability to guide us through the dark paths of the mind and soul.  It serves as sort of a “follow the bouncing ball” (you know those cartoons)…they beckon us to follow them in spirit quests as darting balls of beauty and hope – following them to skip to the next word in the song and the next step in our sojourn to spiritual understanding.  


Symbolic and Spiritual Birds of July - Seagull

If you’ve ever been to the beach, or maybe a boardwalk carnival – you know why the seagull made the list of summery symbolic and spiritual birds of July.  Speaking personally, seagulls dot just about every memory I have of summertime on the Gulf Coast with my aunties.  Their squawky presence and jerky movements also stipple my memories of every summer carnival or festival along various East Coast visits in the summer.  

Even in my most land-locked moments, seagulls descend on freshly cut fields and acres of farmland where I live. If you can relate, then you might hold the same esteem for summer seagulls as I do.  But what do seagulls symbolize as a bird of July?  Great question and I’m glad you asked.

If you took the time to read the previous paragraph, then you might pick up on the prime symbolism of seagulls, and that is opportunity.  These are masterful opportunists, and they squeeze every iota of every advantage they can manage out of every situation.  Resilient, resourceful, damn fine scavengers. 

They get the job done.  It isn’t always pretty, and they don’t care.  They get on with the business of life, and they do it with such ferocity that says, “Back off, I’m living my life my way – you do you – and I’ll do me.”

Additionally, their distinctive cry echoing along shorelines, seagulls remind us of the importance of communication. They have a strong sense of community, often gathering in flocks to socialize and forage for food together. This highlights the significance of teamwork and collaboration.

In many cultures, seagulls are considered heralds from the spiritual domain. They’re thought to offer guidance and protection to those who encounter them. Their presence is often considered lucky or a sign of happier days to come.

Blue Jay

Symbolic and Spiritual Birds of July - Blue Jay

Ooh, la, la! Blue jay is the grand poobah of July, if you ask me.  It’s all about bold, raucous, talk, power play moves, and bodacious attitude – in many ways, that’s a lot of what summer is about.  The brash, the brazen, the bombdiggity.  You get the idea.

As a matter of fact, In Native American ideology, the blue jay often represents clarity of thought and fearlessness. Its loud call serves as a reminder to speak up for yourself and assert yourself confidently (but with cunning and strategy – the way the BJ does). Heck yeah!

The Blue Jay, with its striking blue plumage and distinctive crest, is a bird full of symbolism and spiritual significance. Often associated with communication and intelligence, the blue jay’s presence may signal a message or insight coming your way.

Observing a blue jay in flight can symbolize freedom and independence – another nod to Independence Day on July 4th. This majestic bird encourages you to spread your wings and pursue your dreams without hesitation.

Known for their resourcefulness, blue jays are adept at adapting to different situations. They serve as a reminder that flexibility and quick thinking are key attributes on the path to success.

Ways to Honor the Symbolic and Spiritual Birds of July

Now that (hopefully) these symbolic and spiritual birds of July have inspired you to move through the month with sass and class, what’s next?  Stuff to do with these fluffy lovelies, that’s what.  Here are some ideas on how to honor these (and tons of other) birds of July:

  • Build:

One way to honor these feathered creatures is by creating a bird-friendly space in your backyard or balcony, filled with plants and feeders they love. Invite them into your environment with respect and admiration.

  • Observe:

Another way to pay tribute to the birds of July is by studying their behaviors and characteristics so you can gain insight into the lessons they bring. Take time to observe their flight patterns, songs, and interactions with other wildlife around you.

  • Create:

Consider incorporating bird-themed décor or artwork into your home as a reminder of the wisdom these winged beings offer. Let their presence inspire creativity and mindfulness in your daily life.

  • Spy:

Engaging in bird-watching activities can also be a meaningful way to honor the spiritual birds of July. Grab your binoculars, launch yourself outdoors, and embrace the beauty of nature by observing these majestic creatures in their natural habitat.

Powerful Bird Quotes and Affirmations to Try in July

Looking for some powerful bird quotes and affirmations to add a touch of inspiration to your July? Here are some uplifting words to help you soar through the month:

  • “Like a bird, spread your wings and let the winds of change lift you higher.” – Unknown
  • Affirmation: “I am as free as a bird, embracing new beginnings with grace.”
  • “May my spirit be light like a feather, carrying me through any challenges that come my way.” – Unknown
  • Affirmation: “I trust in the journey ahead, knowing that I have the strength within me to overcome obstacles.”
  • “Just as birds sing without worrying about who is listening, embrace your authentic voice and let it be heard.” – Unknown
  • Affirmation: “My song is unique and beautiful; I share it with the world fearlessly.”

A Special Bird Meditation to Try in July

Embrace the tranquil energy of July by incorporating a special bird meditation into your daily routine. Find a quiet outdoor spot or sit by an open window to connect with nature. Start by taking deep, restorative breaths and centering yourself in the present moment.

Visualize yourself as a graceful bird soaring through the sky, feeling the freedom and lightness of flight. Imagine the warm, July summer breeze against your feathers, carrying you effortlessly through the air. As you meditate on this avian experience, let go of any stress or worries weighing you down.

Focus on embodying the characteristics of your chosen bird species—whether it be wisdom like a hummingbird, courage like an eagle, or serenity like a dove. Allow yourself to truly immerse in this meditative journey and feel rejuvenated by the peaceful connection with these spiritual creatures.

I highly recommend this awesome-sauce soundtrack for your bird-in-flight meditation; it’s called Eagle Soaring by Kay Proudfoot (and it’s free! Thank you, Kay!).

Let these symbolic birds guide you toward inner peace and clarity during this transformative month of July.

Final Thoughts About Symbolic and Spiritual Birds of July

I hope you had a great time flying with these smashing symbolic and spiritual birds of July.  Of course, you should know – the birds listed here aren’t nearly all the prominent birds of this month – but it’s a start.  Maybe this article inspires you to check out birds that are prevalent in your area this month.  If nothing else, it’s my sincerest hope that this article prompts you to look at your world in deeper ways and skydive into the symbolism of birds with renewed vision.  As always, thanks for reading!  Happy July!

Mighty brightly,

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