Symbolic Staff of Asclepius Tattoo Ideas

Staff of Asclepius Tattoo Ideas

Staff of Asclepius Tattoo Ideas

The staff of Asclepius tattoo meaning will most likely convey healing as it is a symbol of the medical field.

Asclepius was a Greek god of healing and medicine. His name means "to cut open" which is mistakenly thought to be associated with surgery. In actuality, Asclepius was cut open from the womb of his mother (while she was burning on a pyre because of infidelity to her husband and Asclepius' father, Apollo).

Temples for healing are named after Asclepius; they are called asclepieia.

Legend states the legendary physician, Hippocrates invoked the god Asclepius to provide the purest form of healing to his patients. Indeed, some versions of the physicians oath (also known as the Hippocratic oath) require the initiate to swear upon the name of Asclepius to always heal with highest integrity and intent.

Some keywords to think about for staff of Asclepius tattoo ideas...

Staff of Asclepius Meanings

  • Life
  • Faith
  • Magic
  • Healing
  • Renewal
  • Medicine
  • Apothecary

The Greek Healing God Asclepius

God Asclepius Tattoo Ideas

Snakes are associated with the staff of Asclepius tattoo meaning for their healing symbolism in ancient Greece. Snakes (both venomous and non-venomous) were used in healing rituals by Greeks because their venom was thought to be medicinal. Furthermore, the shedding of a snakes skin is symbolic of sloughing off illness and transitioning into new health.

People interested in healing of all kinds: Physical, spiritual, emotional, mental will be keenly drawn to the staff of Asclepius tattoo ideas.

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