Symbolic Buffalo Meaning

Symbolic Buffalo Meaning

Symbolic Meaning of Buffalo

To be clear, this page on symbolic buffalo meaning actually details symbolism of the Bison. In order to reach a wider audience with this information, I've identified the page as "Buffalo" but technically the information I've been prompted to share is related to the bison. Click here to learn the difference between Buffalo and Bison.

That settled, this mammoth creature is one of the most Titanic of mammals, weighing up to or over a ton.

I've had the chilling honor of seeing a Buffalo face-to-face in the depths of winter and I was awestruck by its girth. Further, I remember being completely transfixed by its presence. Steam swirling from flared nostrils, a dark horned beast emerging from a white realm of crystalline snow. Remarkable.

This sight instantly transported me into Native American realms, and it become clear why the American Bison was such a revered symbol, particularly with tribes of the Central North American plains.

Some keywords pertaining to symbolic Buffalo meaning include...

Symbolic Buffalo Meaning

  • Provision
  • Gratitude
  • Abundance
  • Consistency
  • Strength
  • Stability
  • Blessing
  • Prosperity

When I saw that dark massive Bison emerging from a thick veil of mist, I thought my heart would stop. I was so enamored with the image. That Bison was gargantuan, I was quite sure it could block the sun if it had inclination to do so.

I talked to a Lakota friend of mine, and she confirmed the symbolic Buffalo meaning I cited in the list above. She also told me the Buffalo was a true reminder of the greater whole. She explained the Buffalo is like a hologram - one example of abundance - it's behemoth features are a physical manifestation of the store-holds available in the energetic realms.

She also told me the White Buffalo is the considered incredibly holy. When the White Buffalo comes into our awareness (dreams, vision or even while hiking) it is a huge sign of promise, and great prosperity is soon to come after sighting this regal creature.

In Native American Indian legend the Buffalo is associated with smoke/tobacco/the pipe, which firms up its status as a sacred animal. As the legend goes, the White Buffalo Calf Woman appeared to the Lakota long ago. She imparted her wisdom of agriculture - but more importantly, WBCW proffered a specialized understanding of the ways of the Universe to her people.

White Buffalo Calf Woman illustrated, in magical ways, that all things are interconnected. She reminded the Lakota of the gravity of being human, and how our presence impacts and influences everything else. With this kind of power, comes great responsibility, and she gave the people the Sacred Pipe, that, upon smoking, revealed the truth of her words.

I didn't need a sacred pipe to remind me of Whit Buffalo Calf Woman's timeless wisdom when I saw that Bison framed against the silvery tendrils of its steamed breath. It was very clear to me, in that moment, majesty truly exists. I know my reverence for the bison has been categorized within the Great Spirit, and I know my devout respect for this creature contributes to a grand symphony of honor that still continues to play out today.

That's what the symbolic Buffalo meaning says to me. It reminds me I am always provisioned and my attitude towards abundance influences the rest of this planet.

These are the questions asked of me when that Bison and I met on that cold morning...

Questions the Buffalo Asks Us

  • Are you grateful?

  • Do you respect what has been given?

  • Are you ignoring the abundance around you?

  • Do you squander the bounty?

  • Do hunt down resources rather that trust your coffers are always stocked?

  • Are you missing the opportunity to recognize true blessings?

Take time to research and learn about symbolic Buffalo meaning with an aim to satisfy your own personal inquisitiveness about this magnificent creature. I promise, your positive investment in learning about the Bison ways will influence your environment in tremendous ways.

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