Elephant Trunk Up and Elephant Statue Placement

Elephant Trunk Up or Down: Elephant Statue Placement and Direction

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Elephant Trunk Up or Down – Thumbs Up for Good Luck? Thoughts about elephant statue placement, direction and trunk position meanings: A while ago, I helped my dad move into his new home, which might not seem an obvious connection about auspicious elephant trunk up or down or which direction an elephant statue placement is ideal…but I’ll get to that. First task for dad’s move: Tackle the kitchen. It became quickly apparent that dad had a lot of extra, unneeded stuff.  I mean three can openers and four corkscrews? C’mon dad!

So dad, mom, my niece, and I started helping dad cull out the superfluous, and keep the essentials. The result of all this gleaning was my mom and niece inheriting a lot of stuff. I got the super cool hand-can opener I coveted! Lol! Now understand. My needs are simple. I lived in a tiny – 300 sq ft home at the time. Talk about having to cull out the flotsam and jetsam!! I did a lot of eliminating to get the bare necessities in my small space!

Elephant Trunk Up and Elephant Placement
Elephant Trunk Up and Elephant Placement

But I digress. The reason I’m bringing this up has to do with the elephant trunk up or down concept. To explain, while sorting through his stuff, my dad found two elephants. He asked me if I wanted them.  Well…. as I said, I had precious little room for anything, much less knick-knacks.   Moreover, elephants didn’t quite fit in with my decor.  Let’s face it, an elephant trunk up doesn’t quite mix with skulls and freaky-looking gargoyles.  Lol!

Nevertheless, as dad was holding those two elephants, I recalled those same pachyderms on display in my childhood home.  Having been in the family for so long, it was hard to say ‘no’ to dad. So I accepted dad’s elephant offering, wondering where the heck I was going to put them.  They’re quite lovely, actually.  Here’s a pic of these two elephant statue placement:

Elephant Trunk Up and Elephant Statue Placement
Avia’s Elephant Statue Placement (thanks dad!)

It was the only free space in my tiny home I could find.  I kept that space clear, because as you can see in the background, my a/c and heat unit is there.  Let’s just say these elephants have some pretty frosty bums when the a/c kicks on. Hee hee.

Elephant Trunk Up? Facing East? I’m So Confused!
Best Direction for Elephant Statue Placement?

With elephants in place, I started to wonder about which direction they should face. It matters you know.  I remember as a kid, mom told me they should face east.  So that’s how I situated them. But then I got curious. Why face east?  Is that really the elephant good luck law? Or is it just an old wife’s tale with nothing to back it up (no offense mom).  So I started doing some research.

Interestingly my mom was right, elephants with their trunks up facing east is a good idea. According to Feng Shui, the east is arousing energy. East positions tend to entice good luck, and facilitates the flood gates of prosperity.  Same with elephants facing the door – it opens the door to positive mojo.

Elephant Trunk Up and Elephant Placement
Elephant Trunk Up and Elephant Placement

The preponderance of data I collected was adamant that elephants sporting uplifted trunks should face the front door.  This, according to sources such as Feng Shui expert, Lillian Too…front-door-facing is the rule concerning an elephant trunk up scenario. Why?  Apparently, it has to do with welcoming good chi, or positive energy into the home.  Elephant statue placement facing the door is like a big “Howdy! C’mon in!” when it comes to invoking good luck, wealth, a happy family, and healthy relationships.

You know…I’m not the most superstitious person…but if I have an invitation (real or imagined) to allow good juju in my life – you can bet I’m going to take advantage of it. So I compromised. My two elephants – trunk up – are facing northeast. -North because that’s where my front door is, and east because that’s a positive position too.  

Feng Shui Chart to Help with Elephant Statue Placement and Direction

If you want the direction of your elephant statue placement, reference this handy Feng Shui chart to see the different energies for each direction…

Feng Shui Directions and Meaning
Feng Shui Directions and Meaning
Click to Enlarge!

Elephant Trunk Up and Other Scuttlebutt About Elephant Statue Placement

Again, as a general, loose rule of thumb: Elephant trunk up = good luck, apparently. Elephant with trunk down = not necessarily bad luck, just a different, introspective vibe.  Here are some other tips to elephant statue placement and elephant trunk up or down meaning.

Trunk Up and Elephant Placement MeaningElephants with trunks up are symbolic of fierce protection to the owner of the pachyderm.

Trunk Up and Elephant Placement MeaningElephants with trunks down have a bad rap for rotten luck. But this isn’t true according to my resources.  A downward trunk has internalizing energy. It’s about introspection and internal growth. Quite literally, internal growth as in producing a baby. Feng Shui recommends a pair of trunk down elephant in the west quadrant of the bedroom if you want to conceive a child with your partner.

Trunk Up and Elephant Placement MeaningNo bums facing the door! Supposedly, this blocks good luck and is extraordinarily harmful to positive chi (energy).

Trunk Up and Elephant Placement MeaningWhite elephants are supposedly the Grand Poobah of good luck.  Their beauty and rarity are considered the ultimate conjurer of good fortune.

Trunk Up and Elephant Placement MeaningTwo elephant trunk up meaning: Well, my instinct on the meaning of this one is the age-old adage, “If one is good, more is better”. Lol.  Seriously, double (two) elephants are good omens for partnerships – particularly for married couples and/or partners living in the same home.

Trunk Up and Elephant Placement MeaningThree elephants together meaning: Three elephants have a ‘triple luck’ effect.  The number three is hugely lucky.  You ever heard of the idea that if you do something good, karma or the universe will deliver good back to you three times over?  Three elephants kinda emphasize that idea.  They encourage and intensify what the elephant stands for: Protection, prosperity, luck, and successful relationships (especially with family).

Well, I haven’t covered all the nuances and meanings of the elephant trunk up phenomenon and elephant statue placement.  But I covered the highlights.  I hope you found this article helpful, or at least entertaining.

As always, thanks so much for reading.
Bright pachyderm prosperity to you!

Mighty brightly,

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