good luck symbols for business

Good Luck Symbols for Business

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Good Luck Symbols for Business

Good Luck Symbols for Business and Prosperity: At the time of this writing, there is a lot of talk about depressed business and economy which, quite frankly, is depressing.

So, in my own way, I’m counterbalancing that gloom by offering these good luck symbols for business.I can hear the questions “If I rub myself on an elephant will I gain my lucky fortune?” Knock yourself out.

However, it’s doubtful I’ll get these kind of vapid questions because I know my readers. You people are savvy, and way too smart to fall for that nonsense thinking.

Maneki Neko Cat Good Luck for Business
Maneki Neko Cat is Good Luck for Business

The Maneki Neko cat, also known as the ‘waving cat’ is featured in many Asian businesses as a good luck symbol. The cat is said to wave good business and good customers in shops and restaurants.

Good luck symbols for business are a subtle way to bring our attention back into focus. Contemplating the symbolic meaning of an object that traditionally represents good luck is just one tool among an arsenal to help us keep our eyes on the prize.

As with any symbol, good luck symbols are designed to enhance your mindset – which, in turn, causes enhanced life experiences.

I know you’ll keep this in mind while you’re rubbing elephants for good luck.

good luck symbols lucky animals

“You can’t get lucky if you’re playing it safe.”

~Richard Branson

Common Good Luck Symbols for Business and Prosperity

bloodstone meanings as good luck symbols for business
Bloodstone meanings as good luck symbols for business

Today’s business scene might seem bit like a battlefield, so the bloodstone is an appropriate good luck stone for businessmen/women. It was worn by ancient Babylonian soldiers before battle, and its energy was reputed to open doors, win the advantage and enhance courage in the heat of conflict. It is also believed to increase physical strength, and staunch bleeding (hence its name).

Bloody connotations aside, the bloodstone is a good luck symbol because of its semi-green color which speaks to us about the green of money as well as the abundance of new growth in the spring. Green is the growth color, and triggers our minds to feel flush with abundance.

Further, the bloodstone has reddish coppery flecks, which sparkle like currency. Try putting a bit of this stone in your wallet, your cash drawer or wear a bloodstone amulet. Consider this little stone pulsing with a cool cash vibe as you keep it close. Maybe entertain the idea of money flowing into your experience as easy as blood circulates through your body.

Coatl good luck symbols for business
Coatl good luck symbols for business

The ancient Mesoamerican’s (like the Aztecs and Mayans) had loads of good luck symbols, and the Coatl is a sacred serpent among these people who symbolized foundational wealth. Indeed, the Coatl can be seen in their ancient architecture as pillar pieces – holding up the wealth housed in their temples. The Coatl speaks of a kind of abundance that is stable and concrete – nothing can tamper or diminish this kind of wealth. This Aztec serpent is an icon for the tangible, and can serve to galvanize our material/financial dreams into solid reality.

The Coatl serpent is also great for business people because it’s an emblem of balance. It harbors both male and female energy, and thus produces a stabilizing effect for those who acknowledge it. You don’t have to go to the ruins of Mexico to touch the power of the Coatl. Simply recognize these attributes of the Aztec serpent. Give a mental nod to the solid coil of the serpent, crediting its ability to unfurl a new awareness of financial gain. If you like, hang a little serpent charm or picture from the rearview mirror of your car (or someplace you look often). Picture the rock solid financial stability combined with infinitely clever ways it comes into your experience each time the serpent catches your attention.

good luck symbols for business and meaning of coins
Good luck symbols for business and meaning of coins

This seems like a no-brainer. If you’re reading this website, odds are you are familiar with the Law of Attraction. Keeping a specific coin in your pocket and visualizing it as a seed, growing into many more coins sounds trite, but it can to get the money ball rolling. Planting a coin in the mind (or physically by keeping it in your pocket, purse, altar, wallet, nightstand, whatever) and charging it with the idea that more will be attracted to it can be highly effective.

Of course, you can get needlessly frenetic over it too. There are tons of crazy superstitions about coins as good luck symbols. For example, coins with holes in them are more auspicious than others. Spitting on coins is fabled to win you a great day’s pay. Tossing silver coins on a new moon at midnight grants you financial blessings during the moon’s upswing (waxing) cycle. If you’re going to count on superstition to win you financial gain, do yourself a favor and back it up with a good financial plan too.

cornucopia as a symbol for good luck in business
Cornucopia as a symbol for good luck in business

Not just for Thanksgiving anymore, the cornucopia also serves as a great good luck symbol because it’s all about value, abundance and infinite supply. What a great mental icon – the horn of plenty. Actually, mythology indicates it’s the horn of endless plenty. The original cornucopia was a ram or goat’s horn in Roman mythology. The Roman god Jupiter (Zeus in Greek) gave a goat’s horn to his nursemaid as a reward for doing such a great job babysitting him and taking care of him as an infant.

It was a magical horn of supply, and whenever the nursemaid desired something, she just made a wish, reached in the horn, and pulled out her heart’s desire.

My friend Bucky wears a horn of plenty as a charm around his neck. He’s convinced it brings him good fortune, lots of friends, customers and abundance. I think it looks dorky, but I like the symbolism behind the horn/cornucopia. If you think wearing a goat’s horn is a little wacky too, try a simple meditation or rumination about an endless cornucopia. Visualize it bursting forth with gobs of crisp cash. Hear the coins spill out of the cornucopia like it just unleashed a jackpot from the mouth of a casino slot machine. You get the idea.

elephant as a symbol of good luck for business
elephant as a symbol of good luck for business

In the Rigveda, a collection of Vedic Sanskrit hymns, the elephant is described as the only animal who has a hand. I like that because it talks to me about giving and receiving, and might be an initial answer for why the elephant is a symbol of good luck, fortune and wealth to India. Another reason is that elephants were owned by only the wealthiest families of India. It was like a status symbol. I suppose it would equate to a materialistic impression of a Bugatti Veyron – an insanely expensive, exclusive car only elitists own.

I like to think of Ganesha when I think of the elephant as good luck symbols. Ganesha is an elephant-headed god of India, and is legendary for happily harboring good luck to those who acknowledge his presence. He’s also known for stampeding obstacles out of the way. Note: If you’re going to wear the elephant as an emblem for luck in business, superstition merits the trunk of your elephant be worn upright (if you subscribe to that sort of thing).

Feoh rune symbol for good luck in business
Feoh rune symbol for good luck in business

To round off this page on good luck symbols, I explored the Futhark, a specialized divinatory alphabet from ancient Nordic people (Anglo-Saxons, Germans, Scandinavians). The Feoh is a symbol for cattle. Don’t have a cow, man (sorry, I couldn’t resist the bad pun and the opportunity to link to my cow page). I’m including it in the good luck symbols for business because cattle was just like money to the ancient Nordic people (albeit, not as easy to carry in pockets).

In fact, the measure of a man’s wealth was based on how many head of cattle he owned. The value of cattle was even higher than land ownership.  Further, the Feoh is the first letter of the Germanic alphabet, which underscores its symbolic importance. This symbol represents wealth gained by honest means, and hard work. This may not appeal to some of you. But, those who are building a business from the ground up with pride, integrity and a passion for what you’re doing – the Feoh may rumble a throaty “hurah!” in your veins. The Nordic people believed in gain by the sweat of the brow. If you’re that kind of business person, consider the mark of the Feoh as a point of focus for your business intent.

Jade plant as a good luck symbol for business
Jade plant as a good luck symbol for business

Jade Plant
Every Chinese restaurant I’ve ever attended has had a jade plant in it. That’s because it’s one among many Chinese good luck symbols. The jade plant is actually a symbolic mimicry of the actual jade stone. Jade is considered highly valuable, and therefore very lucky – a material representing great wealth, auspiciousness and fortune and status. Feng Shui practices encourage placing jade plants near entrances to your business or in southeast location of your home or business in order to activate financial energies.

Jade plants, like the stone, are green and (just like the bloodstone) this color carries symbolism of growth, renewal, springtime sprouting in the form of wealth in our lives. Money may not grow on trees, but a gemmy jade plant might spark your mind to more lucrative thinking patterns. If nothing else, having a jade plant around will certainly boost your mental functions as the oxygen the plant puts out is great brain food.

Lakshmi feet good luck symbols for business
Lakshmi feet good luck symbols for business

Lakshmi’s Footprints
Lakshmi is a beloved scintillating East Indian goddess of good fortune, and believed to be the giver of great wealth. In addition, to be fantastically beautiful Lakshmi is also generous and compassionate with her gifts. What’s more, Lakshmi is all about refinement, beautification and opulence. Indian art depicting this goddess has a tremendous “wow-factor” because she is bedecked, bejeweled and wholly beguiling.

Little charms of Lakshmi’s footprints are worn as a symbol of devotion to her compassionate ways. They are an emblem of the wealth Lakshmi is capable of bestowing. In India, Lakshmi’s footprints are seen painted on doors, carved on coin boxes, and kept as charms in money drawers. The belief pattern here is: A little faith, a little love, some luck, and an open heart will allow Lakshmi to walk a path of richness and abundance into our lives.

malachinte stone as a symbol of good luck in business
Malachite stone as a symbol of good luck in business

For many of the same reasons jade and bloodstone are good luck symbols, malachite is said to be an auspicious stone for business people too. I have a smooth oval of malachite on my altar, because it appeals to my crow mind. I just love the two-tone swirly veridian whirlpools in the stone – they draw me in. I am not, however, a millionaire. Nevertheless, business people of all eras have placed malachite stones in the corners of their business establishments with the idea the powers of the stone will magnetize a long line of customers to their door. As with other good luck stones, you can keep a piece of it in your pocket, purse or wallet for the same intent of gaining wealth/customers, etc.

We’ve talked about the symbolic implications of its color, green, and how that translates to sprouting new growth (like spring sprouts new life) into financial/business matters. Semi-tangentially, malachite is reputed to be a radar detector for nefariousness. It’s said to shatter to bits as a warning of impending danger. Apparently, malachite is a bit of a cure-all as it’s also handy as a sleeping aid (no, you don’t ingest it, just keep a piece by your bedside), and when worn as an amulet near the heart is purported to enhance love energies.

staff of Ptah as a lucky symbol for business
Staff of Ptah as a lucky symbol for business

Staff of Ptah
I hesitated to include this one in the good luck symbols for business section. If you haven’t picked up on it, this page has an irreverent tone, and Ptah is anything but. Ptah is an Egyptian creation god and has some serious manifesting powers. Ptah is kind of like the architect of the universe. And, his methods of building matter are completely fascinating. Apparently, he first dreams the design, and then speaks it into existence. The symbolic and esoteric correlations to this act are far more than this page will allow for elaboration. Nevertheless, it might be worth a little independent research on Ptah and his methods of creation. Fascinating stuff. Note: Ptah’s staff is actually comprised of three symbols, the ankh, the was and djed.

Ptah is also a patron of craftsmen, sculptors and so his staff may appeal to people who are working on the foundation or construct of their business. The staff of Ptah serves as a focal point to enhance creativity and ingenuity in matters of vocation. Further, Ptah encourages dexterity and resourcefulness in creating substance. As the architect of the universe, Ptah’s staff is a symbol reminding us of our ability to coax material from the immaterial.

the wheel as a symbol of good luck in business
The wheel as a symbol of good luck in business

Wheels are mobile circles, and remind us of the circulatory motion of wealth in our lives. Ideally, money should flow in an out of our lives in a beautiful, fluid motion – never too much, never too little – always plenty to go ’round. The wheel is also a sacred symbol of energy, and an illustration of how energy perpetuates through everything. Always rolling, turning and moving through all things.If you incorporate the wheel as a personal symbol of fortune, be mindful your wheel rotates in a clockwise manner – that’s the direction most auspicious for business and accompanying wealth.

I also like the navigational connotations the wheel offers. Whether a ships wheel, or the steering wheel of a car, this circular symbol reminds us we are at the helm. We are the ones who navigate and control our fortunes. And so, it’s fitting I’m concluding this page on that note of self-willed navigation.

It’s great to learn, explore and adopt good luck symbols for business as tools to expand our awareness. There’s nothing wrong with using the resources at hand for beneficent gain.

On the other hand, it’s important to recognize personal responsibility in the role we play in our lives. Human potential is far more vast than we allow ourselves to conceptualize. In the end, these good luck symbols are meager substitutes to the inner resources available to us in obtaining the higher ground we seek.

I hope you found this good luck symbol page to be meaningful and helpful. Be sure to check out the in-site links at the end of this page for more good luck symbol meanings, and more! Thanks for reading.



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