animal totems at birth

Animal Totems at Birth Part One

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Exploring Animal Totems at Birth (part one)

There are many cultures around the world that prescribe to the idea that we each have specific animal totems at birth.

Ideally, if you were born in an aboriginal tribe or clan, your initial animal totems would be identified with the aid of your clan’s Seer or tribal Shaman.

One of the prime purposes of the Seers and Shamans is/was to lovingly scan the outer realms for signs of your animal counterparts upon the much anticipated moment of your birth.

By way of wind, land, water and sun your animal totems would journey forth to greet your awakening into this new world.  Your tribal Seer or Shaman would serve as your ambassador and meet the creatures who intently chose to rendezvous with you in your new physical presence.

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If this all sounds pretty heavy, it is.  Animal totems are a very big deal – just as vital to your development and spirituality today, as they were when the first aboriginal births took place.

Thankfully, the process of knowing your birth animal totems has changed very little in the tens of thousands of years since humankind first starting reaching out to connect with animal kind.

“Hang on,” you might protest,  “I didn’t have a Shaman to identify my animal totems at the time of my birth.”

Are you sure about that?

True, many would argue that most of us today lacked a watchful Shamanic presence upon the day of our birth.

If a tree falls in the woods, and no one is around to hear it …did it ever really fall?

I contend all of us has at least one animal counterpart, and their presence is always announced to our awareness at the time of our birth.  Whether or not we have a Shaman or Seer physically present to  tangibly identify our animal guide is irrelevant.

“Animals share with us the privilege of having a soul”

~ Pythagoras
animal totems at birth
About animal totems at birth

Besides, Shamans don’t die off through time, they just recycle. So who’s to say your ancestral Shaman isn’t right there by your side (in the ethereal non-physical form) on your birthday? Food for thought.

Anyway, to be sure, you do have birth totems.  And even more animals connect with you as you move through your life experience (that’s another article altogether). 

Animal totems are your guides, compatriots, defenders, and most loyal friends.

So all this begs the question: “How do we know our birth totems?”

You’ve got to stick around for the next installment crack that egg. 

Check out the second half of this discussion about tapping into Shamanic wisdom to identify our birth totems here!

I hope you enjoyed this article on birth totem meanings. Check out more articles on animal totems listed below.

As always, thanks for reading!



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