Attract Good Luck Through Astrology

How To Attract Good Luck Through Astrology?

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The journey through life is not an easy one. It is not without its share of highs and lows. Nevertheless, there are moments when we get the impression that things are just not working in our favor anymore, which might relate to any facet of our lives. Well, you have arrived at the correct location if you have been feeling this way recently and have been placing the blame for it on your luck up until this point. We have a few little pointers to help you on your way so you can attract good luck through astrology.

Wishing Vs Strategies for Luck

You are making a wish, crossing all your fingers, and rubbing every one of the magic lamps that you can locate. You find that you are suddenly lot more superstitious than you remember being, and you are hoping that the constellations will soon align. You have that important test coming up next week, or maybe you have a major crush on someone, or you need some additional flames in your relationship. Perhaps you want to try your luck on 9 pots of gold slot at Amazon Slots, or any one of the other fantastic casino games to win some money.

Whatever it is, you could find yourself wishing that the rest of the world has some wonderful surprises in store for you. 

The fact of the matter is, though, that you can control both your luck and your destiny. Today we are looking how to attract good luck through astrology, according to your zodiac sign so you can attain the most success in your life.

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Attract Good Luck Through Astrology
Attract Good Luck Through Astrology

Attracting Luck Through Astrology According to Each Zodiac Sign

Online horoscope groups are increasingly embracing luck, games of chance and astrology. Here is how it can help you out. So if you’re reading to attract good luck through astrology, find out what your zodiac sign has in store for you? Let’s take a look!


Lucky Colors: Red and Brown

Lucky Numbers: 1, 8, 35

If you’re an Aries, your fortunate day to bet will likely fall on a Monday or a Wednesday. Keep attempting to put bets on your preferred sports, and Lady Luck will shower you with remarkable victories!


Lucky Colors: Black and Green

Lucky Numbers: 0, 10, 13, 22

Venus rules gamblers whose zodiac sign is Taurus. So normally, the greatest day to put some bets on is during weekends. You may always improve your chances by completing some early research.

Attract Good Luck Through Astrology
Attract Good Luck Through Astrology


Lucky Colors: Green, Orange, Blue

Lucky Numbers: 10, 13, 22

Gemini is a zodiac sign controlled by Mercury. Thus, betting on 2-digit numbers might work more in your favor than picking smaller digits.


Lucky Colors: Yellow and Purple

Lucky Numbers: 2, 3, 7

People born in the Cancer constellation are among the finest at getting scores correct. On Fridays, people should put their bets on horse racing to increase their chances of winning.


Lucky Colors: Yellow, Gold, Brown

Lucky Numbers: 3, 7, 12

When it comes to poker and other casino games, no one can match Leo. They are naturals at practically any card game they start playing. As a result, you’ll almost always see them participating in a poker tournament or playing a beginner’s casino game.

Attract Good Luck Through Astrology
Attract Good Luck Through Astrology


Lucky Colors: White, Violet, Yellow

Lucky Numbers: 7, 41, 77

Virgos are often regarded as the best-trained forecasters in the zodiac. But there’s no scientific explanation for this phenomenon. It might be solely due to Mercury’s impact on this sign, which is the ruling planet for Virgos.


Lucky Colors: Green, Brown, Black

Lucky Numbers: 8, 14, 20, 22

When it comes to gambling, Libras are known to be among the most level-headed zodiac signs. Usually, the finest days for Libra betting fans are Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.


Lucky Colors: Blue, White, Pink

Lucky Numbers: 3, 5, 7, 11

Mars and Pluto are the planets that rule Scorpio. As a result, these players are more daring than the ordinary bettor. This is particularly true if they are playing their lucky numbers.

Attract Good Luck Through Astrology
Attract Good Luck Through Astrology


Lucky Colors: Orange and Purple

Lucky Numbers: 7, 19, 24, 99

Sagittarius is a zodiac sign that constantly wants to shoot for the stars and scores most of the time. They are some of the most on-point gamblers. In addition, online sports betting is a favorite area for them to take a chance.


Lucky Colors: Blue, Green, and Orange

Lucky Numbers: 1, 17, 20

As a rule-follower, Capricorns like playing card games. You’ll never find them wandering out into unexplored seas. They favor lower and safer odds than riskier wagers.


Lucky Colors: Red, Light Green, Yellow

Lucky Numbers: 1, 7, 18, 43

Aquarius is another sign influenced by two planets, Saturn, and Uranus, which causes gamblers to have confused sentiments and second thoughts every time they take a wager. When it comes to placing a bet, individuals should always go with their instincts.


Lucky Colors: Black, Brown, White

Lucky Numbers: 12, 15, 21

When it comes to gambling, Pisces can be quite picky. So, everything must be proper for them to contemplate placing a bet or joining a game. Tuesdays and Saturdays are the days when you’re most likely to see them wagering. They trust on their fortunate period for gambling to bring them riches.

Follow the guide and see where your zodiac luck takes you!

It’s a fun thought to games of chance or boost your good fortune according to the zodiac sign you were born under, so why not give it a go? If you tend to be overly superstitious before participating in anything that relies on chance, try these tips on how to attract good luck through astrology. The idea is to bring an additional dose of charm, fortune and high-energy to your favorite games of chance, including the game of life. (WYS) is a trusted Etsy affiliate & Amazon Associate. We also promote certain products we've tested and approved. As such, the website features sponsored products for Amazon or Etsy or other afiliates. Should you make a purchase from a link on this website, WYS may receive a small commission. This website also hosts advertisements. Please see our policy page for further information. Thank you for your purchases, as it contributes to keeping this website online and running.