What is my animal totem?

What is My Animal Totem?

Last Updated on March 4, 2023 by Avia

“What is my animal totem?” – It’s cool to question, and it’s cool to be curious. That’s why I welcome all the questions I get that ask: “What is my animal totem?” But there is something inherently wrong with this question. Can you guess where I’m going with this?  The question is flawed because it assumes I have a pat answer. It is a direct question that suggests a direct answer.

Tips to getting clear about “What is my animal totem?”

Now, in all good conscience, that is something I simply cannot, and will not do. Because I know the intricacies of human-animal-totem relationships, there’s no way I could possibly answer: “Bingo! Your totem is a bear!”

If I were to dole out pat answers to this fixed question, I’d feel like a charlatan…a fake or a fraud. Why? Because nobody, and I mean nobody can assign an animal totem to a stranger over a 2 minute email exchange.

Sure, there are psychic methods I use to gain insight into animal totem assignment. Yes, I use intuition to assist people with totem meaning. My own guides help me get communication from potential animal connections for my clients. But that is combined with a deeply spiritual process that I also express to my clients. It must be understood that what we have with our animal guides is a relationship, not a fast game of whack-a-mole.

what is my animal totem
what is my animal totem

Do So-Called Experts Really Know “What is my animal totem?”

I know of several ‘experts’ who use their ‘psychic power’ to assign animal totems to their clients. In fact, I’ve seen this personally at a few psychic conventions.  I witnessed an internationally renowned psychic (whose name shall not be mentioned) blurt out “you’re a moose!” or “you’re a tiger!” after a whopping 3 seconds with her client on the stage.

She could have been right. Maybe she was SO connected to the animal realm on a spiritual level that they just popped into her psyche like a Pop-Tart jumps out of a toaster (which, by the way takes longer to toast than this psychic took to assign animal totems to people).  I’m not denying the accuracy of the animal assignments. But I am questioning the abrupt answer without any kind of explanation as to the powerful connection we share with our animal guides.

Animal Totem Connections are Sacred Partnerships

I’ve always viewed our animal guides as our partners or like a family member. The connection we have with our creatures lasts over lifetimes. This is a bond that goes beyond time and matter. Think of your animal totem as a ‘soul-mate’ or a ‘kindred spirit.’  These connections are profound and deeply spiritual.

The next time you ask yourself (or someone else) “What is my animal totem”, Consider the deep connection we have with our animal kin. Think about how our animal guides have been hanging out with us all our lifetimes (whether we recognize them or not). Ponder how these animal energies guard us, watch us, and are born to guide us.

After all that thinking, would you really want somebody else (a virtual stranger) spew off “Your totem is a two-toed sloth”  in response to your question: “What’s my animal totem?”

If your answer is “Yes, I’m cool with that answer.” Then more power to you.  If you’re willing to accept animal assignments from someone who knows nothing about you, then go for it. But I’ve got to remind you how the philosophy of animal totems got started. It all originated with our Ancient Ones…our ancestors. These are people who lived before Google, before industry, before TV dinners (much less TVs).  They relied on their connection with the community and their connection with Nature to experience life and find answers to deep mysteries. Get more information about this in my article: Tapping the Native Mind and Indigenous Mind Meaning for Interpreting Signs and Symbols.

what is my animal totem
It takes deep, spiritual investment to answer “What is my animal totem?”

The connection we have with our animal guides is a bond that goes beyond time and matter. Think of your animal totem as a ‘soul-mate’ or a ‘kindred spirit.’  These connections are profound and deeply spiritual.


Determining Animal Totems the Old-School Way

Long before we could call a psychic on the telephone for animal totem ID, our ancestors consulted the Wise One of the village, clan or tribe. These Wise Ones were typically the oldest members in the community.  They had the advantage of living amongst all the other members from the time of birth to adulthood. They observed everybody in the clan over the years and were very astute. The shaman guided his/her people to identify their animal totems. There was coaching and journeying and understanding about the crucial connection between totem and clansman. In other words, the Wise Ones counseled tribal members about the relationship with their special animal totems.

See the difference?  One way is a quick-and-easy answer without any kind of investment in the totem-human relationship. The second method encourages soulful contemplation, intuition, sensitivity, and a devotion to crafting a meaningful relationship with our animal kin.

Think of it like this: Arranged marriages happen, and sometimes they are extremely successful.  But having others mash two strangers together in wedlock forever can present some challenges. Same with quick, slapdash assignments of animal totems. Sure, if someone says your animal totem is an octopus, you have your arrangement…but where is the connection? Where is the context? How can you connect with just a label? How can you be sure this is one of your totems in the first place?

what is my animal totem
Thoughts about “What is my animal totem?”

The Last Word

At the end of the day, we must invest in identifying, and forming relationships with our animal totems. Totem identification is a mutual practice…it’s about communication between you and your animal. This means being open, receptive and thoughtful.

I hope you enjoyed these ideas about answering the question “What’s my animal totem?” It’s a question I get every week, and so I thought it was worth talking about.

As always, thank you for reading. If you liked this article, please feel free to share it on your social networks.  Also, check out my other articles on animal totem meanings (below listed).

Mighty brightly,

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