tree meaning and intuition

Tree Meaning and Intuition

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Intuition, Insight and Tree Meaning

Thoughts about Tree Meaning and Intuition: By far, one of the most effective catalysts for illuminated understanding comes from trees.  By hanging out in the branches of tree meaning we can derive fathoms of higher understanding. This is what intuiting tree meaning is all about:  Moving our illumined perception into the deeper realms of nature with a focus on gaining insight – even enlightenment.

Trees are uniquely positioned to extend these gifts of enlightened knowledge.  They are timekeepers.  They are wisdom-keepers.  Trees are uniquely sacred. Furthermore, trees are phenomenal metaphors for spiritual growth.

celtic meaning hawthorn tree meaning ogham meaning
celtic meaning hawthorn tree meaning ogham meaning

“Consider a tree for a moment. As beautiful as trees are to look at, we don’t see what goes on underground – as they grow roots. Trees must develop deep roots in order to grow strong and produce their beauty.”

~ Joyce Meyer

Here are some points of understanding about tree meaning as a metaphor for soul-evolution…

Using Intuition to Explore Tree Meaning for Personal Growth

When unfurled in their luscious glory, leaves express themselves in a myriad of colors.  Most predominantly, however, they reveal themselves in viridian greens – a color notorious for healing, abundance, and vitality in life.

When I think of green, my mind moves into Anahata energy – the realm of the heart chakra, which deals with inclusion, love, empathy, wealth, health and a whole slew of other marvelous attributes.

I don’t think it’s by chance leaves are (mostly) green, nor is it a coincidence that I draw correlations between green leaves waving “hi” to my inner vision and the Anahata.  Draw green into your own awareness and see if you settle into a sense of opulence, health, and luxury.

tree meaning and intuition
Tree meaning and intuition

Observing tree meaning reveals a fact: Trees are never about limitation.  Branches express a diverse focus on generosity;  they are ever-extending themselves to reach out for more, and more and more.  Through their branches trees are always seeking more light, more freedom, more nourishment, more awareness (same with branches too, and I’ll discuss this similarity in a later article).

Furthermore,  branches are amazingly nimble, and can grow in gravity-defying contortions to reach out.  This is a big spiritual lesson.  Never be limited.  Always branch out to expand awareness and spiritual growth.  Your life depends on your expansion.  Moreover, branch growth always finds ways around obstacles, and I love the tree meaning in that.  There is always another way.

The tree trunk is an incredible design.  Outer tree bark protects the whole from potentially harsh cruelties of the world – while on the inside there is an intricate system of circulation and energetic flow.  Trees are renewed from the inside out.  This is sacred wisdom passed on from tree to humankind:  Our prime source for renewal must first be activated from within.

Furthermore, there is a section of tree anatomy called the heartwood.  It’s the centermost pillar of stabilization for the trunk of a tree.  This center core, the heartwood, supports the entire tree system.  Ironically this heart is “dead,” meaning there is utter stillness in biological reproduction within this area.  To me, this triggers Zen themes.  This inner emptiness translates into tree meaning that to me sings statements like “be an open vessel,”  “have an open heart” and “empty out in order to support our growth.”  What does a center core of “no-thing-ness” mean to you?

tree meaning and intuition
More about tree meaning and intuition

Another profound spiritual lesson from tree meaning comes from the roots.  They serve as anchors, gripping tightly into the Mother (Earth).  They form a symbiotic union with the earth, drawing from her various nutrients and water.  Tree roots can span for miraculous lengths – like branches – ever reaching out for more.  This is metaphoric of our own inner root systems of beliefs and spirituality.  We must dig deep, and be firmly rooted in a structured system of beneficent beliefs.  It’s the only way we are insured upward mobility.

A vital observation about roots is they are unseen.  They remain (mostly) underground.  In much the same way, our spiritual progress will be hidden from view to the common eye.  Our growth and power occur beneath superficial layers.  Moreover, our belief systems are much like the root systems of a tree – they are sacred, tacit and they anchor us in our lives.

I hope you have enjoyed these observations about intuition and tree meaning, and I further trust these thoughts will spark your own symbolic vision into the potential lessons trees can hold for you.

As always, thanks for reading.

Mighty brightly,

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