Symbolic Bluebird Meaning. Image by Dave Crotty

Symbolic Bluebird Meaning

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Inspiring Thoughts about Symbolic Bluebird Meaning

I saw a bluebird this morning and it made me wonder about symbolic bluebird meaning and messages. Some folks might say, “So what? Big deal!” Well actually, it is a big deal.  The bluebird is legendary in many cultures for being an extremely good omen. My sighting of this bright beauty could not have come at a better time. 

You see, I’m going through a real crummy phase in life. I suppose all of us are to an extent. Nobody’s life is perfect. But these days have been pretty freaking dark for me and many others.

So seeing the bluebird really lifted my spirits. Maybe that seems flimsy in the face of some serious crud I’m going through – but on the other hand – sometimes it’s the smallest blessings that get us through a brutal moment. Wouldn’t you agree?

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Symbolic Bluebird Meaning
Symbolic Bluebird Meaning

Native American Bluebird Meaning and Myths

I think many Native American tribes would agree.  Pueblo, Iroquois and Navajo all viewed the bluebird as a rare and beautiful sign of prosperity. This good fortune was particularly relevant in terms of fertility. When someone in the tribe spotted a bluebird, it was a clear sign of some kind of new birth or blessing on the horizon.

All this symbolism has a lot to do with the season the bluebird is associated with. In Native perspective, the bluebird represents springtime. This time of year represents lovely things like: Growth, birth, change and renewal. So it’s no wonder the bluebird is a signal of some good changes cropping up in our lives. The bluebird is also helpful in times of serious transition.

There is an old Native Pima legend that expresses the bluebird’s connection to positive change. The legend says that once upon a time there was a terribly ugly bird that hung around the camp.  One day, the unsightly bird found a magical lake situated close to the tribe.  

After bathing several times in the lake’s special waters, the ugly bird was transformed into a beautiful blue wonder-bird. I think the moral of this story addresses exactly what I am going through, and what many of you might be enduring too.  This legend points to some ugly times in our lives. But as we move through life, we are bound to experience some gifts of promise and faith.  

By submerging ourselves in healing waters of hope and anticipating positive results, we are blessed on our journey through transitioning into a better phase of life. I hope this post on bluebird meaning offers you some hope and assurance.

Messages From The Bluebird

To really fly with symbolic bluebird meaning, I thought I would include some potential messages the bluebird might have for you. Imagine the bluebird is speaking directly to you…here are some ideas about what she might say to you…

Symbolic Bluebird Meaning
Symbolic Bluebird Meaning – Direct Messages from the Bluebird
(Symbolic Bluebird Meaning Through Direct Messages)

Direct talk from bluebird totem:

I’m a totem that talks about the concept of attraction. You see, the males of my kind scour an area for a prime nesting location. Once we find the perfect landing pad, we skillfully and methodically build a nest. When all that work is done, the real magic happens.  As a male bluebird, we go through all this fuss to woo a prized lady friend. This is a big totem lesson for you.

Do you want something? Do what I do.  Make a plan. Scout out the right environment for your plan to hatch. Build a solid foundation. Then strut your stuff to attract your desires into reality. Work on a strong strategy and structure. Then release your charisma and positive attitude. Doing this will magnetize and materialize your dreams.

It’s important to note that while you’re making a nest for your wish-eggs to hatch, it’s best to do so with a happy heart.  There is a reason I am called a bird of happiness.  In general, we are extremely lighthearted. We are a kind clan of birds, and prefer peace over conflict. I mention all this as a totem moral. I’m here to remind you that you don’t have to fight or scratch to realize your goals. In fact, attitudes of gratitude, compassion and tranquility often result in more success and fulfillment than what opposite attitudes produce.

Sincerely, The Bluebird.”

Symbolic Bluebird Meaning
Symbolic Bluebird Meaning

FAQs About Bluebird Meaning

What does it mean to see a bluebird?

In many cultures and myths the bluebird is a sign of renewal. It is also symbolic of joy and appreciation. What the bluebird means to you when you see one will be different for anyone else, because you are unique. However, in general, a bluebird visitation is a sign of hope, promise, growth and rejuvenation.

What does it mean to dream of bluebirds?

The meaning of a bluebird dream is different for everybody. However, the bluebird in a dream could indicate you are on the precipice of something wonderful happening in your life. Bluebirds in dreams are also a sign to pay attention in waking hours because you might be struck with a “bright idea” – Be sharp and alert. A dream bluebird is often a sign of great possibilities just around the corner.

Is the color blue in bluebirds symbolic?

Yes. It is symbolic of clarity, healing, growth, communication and healing. When you think of the color blue you might think of blue skies, or clear cool waters. The same symbolic sensations are associated with the bluebird. The blue in the bird is also associated with the throat chakra (which is also blue) and is symbolic of communication, speaking clearly, or singing a soulful tune to the world.

Does the bluebird have a spiritual meaning?

As mentioned, the bluebird is a spiritual symbol of fertility in many Native American myths and cultural histories. This means it is also a spiritual sign of promise, birth, and life. In many European stories, the bluebird is a spiritual message of prosperity and love. Seeing one is thought to increase health, wealth and spiritual wisdom.

As always, thanks for reading this article on symbolic bluebird meaning and messages. I hope you enjoyed it…if you did, I’d be delighted if you shared it on your social’s! Thanks!

May all your moments be blessed with bluebird beauty,

Mighty brightly,

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The banner image of the bluebird in this article is courtesy of photographer, Dave Crotty

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