Symbols for Good Health

Symbols For Good Health

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Symbols for Good Health: You’re probably familiar with the common adage, “If you haven’t got your health, you haven’t got anything.” That really is true. It’s tough to enjoy all the good stuff in our lives if we feel punky and puny. -Even harder if we’re completely laid up. This article on symbols for good health offers good juju that might help you sustain, maintain and regain health.

A Few Thoughts About Symbolism and Good Health

You know me, I’m all about symbols, meanings and signs. Do I believe these symbols for good health are the complete answers to wellness? Nope. We all know it takes a myriad of elements and efforts to be healthy. Exercise, diet, drinking plenty of water, getting enough rest, paying attention to our bodies…there’s a lot that goes into feeling fit as a fiddle.

Oh, and while you’re contemplating good health, consider installing a wellness app to keep you on track. For instance, Lasta is the ideal wellness app to help users develop and maintain healthier habits. It puts the user in control with its habit trackers that allows users to track progress and monitor their behavior. Lasta gives users real-time feedback of their performance, as well as recommendations for improvement. It even communicates with wearables and healthcare providers to offer an array of suggestions that can help users to build towards success. So, it’s the perfect multi-functional tool for anyone looking to form a healthier lifestyle. 

“Good health and good sense are two of life’s greatest blessings.”

~Publilius Syrus
symbols for good health
symbols for good health

With all this in mind, these symbols for good health can give us an extra boost. These symbolic factors are reminders that may help reign in our focus towards better lifestyles and put us in high gear for our best well-being. If you find your health-routine is a bit stale or boring, maybe these symbols can get you jump-jiving again. Maybe you’re just starting a commitment to a healthier lifestyle. These hand-picked symbols for good health might keep you on track for your wellness goals.

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As with all symbol meanings…these are just a sampling. There’s tons of stuff in our Natural world that offer and represent the idea of good health. Don’t stop your research here! Exploring the realm of healthy symbolism will lead you to lots of other signs and meanings that can keep your focus honed on good health.

Symbols for Good Health in Food

symbols for good health
symbols for good health

Apple a Day

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away!” We’ve all heard that phrase, but what makes it true, exactly? Well, apples offer phenols, antioxidants, triterpenoids, pectin fiber and more. These are all high-falutin words that mean apples are jam-packed with goodies that aid in maintaining our health. Symbolically, apples are crammed with healthy juiciness too. Ancient Norse legends claimed the apple to be the source of eternal youth.

The Greeks also attributed longevity to the awesome apple. In Islam, the apple is touted to cure all ills. Apples are ruled by Venus, the goddess of love. That means this fruit helps sustain a healthy love life too. Specifically, red apples encourage a robust love life. Green apples are symbolic of financial health. Yellow-gold apples are good for a healthy social life according to rural (European) legend.

Beans – The Magical Fruit

“Beans, beans, the magical fruit, the more you eat the more you toot!” Well, beans have a lot more benefits that just tooting. 🙂 Have you ever wondered why Jack (of the famous Beanstalk) got magic beans? I have. I mean…why not magic corn? Or mystical mushrooms? Once upon a time, I took an anthropological course on folklore and fairy tales (if that sounds cool, you’re right – it was super-cool). In that college course, I learned beans were a sustaining food for peasants. Beans were the go-to food for cheap nutrition. So as an allegory, we could take Jack’s beanstalk and equate that to ingesting staple foods to help us grow healthy and tower to great heights of health. It’s also a metaphor for simple, grass-root stuff leading to big results.

Sometimes less is more. That can certainly be said for beans. Metaphors and fairy tales aside, beans are massively good symbols for health. Beans are packed with proteins, as well as phytochemicals that ward off tons of threats to our health. Beans are governed by Mercury. This is symbolic of taking control of our wellness and communicating with our bodies. Garbanzo beans are symbolic of energy, especially in competitive environments. Lentils are symbolic of health and peace. Black-eye peas have long been associated with good luck.

Garlic Packs a Healthy Punch

Oh, how I love garlic. I never cook without the stuff. I suppose that’s a good thing if I were worried about vampires, lol. We all know about the myths that say garlic wards off evil influences. Aside from the stink (which I love, personally), garlic has powerful oils that repel a lot of nasties. Ancient European’s rubbed garlic oil in places where they wanted to ward off unwanted insects. Roman warriors used to adorn themselves with garlic necklaces to protect them from injuries in battle. Ancient Jewish traditions revere garlic for boosting mojo (increasing testosterone levels).

The intensity of garlic is a testament to its cure-all powers in countless cultures. Curing illnesses, toothaches and preventing colds, garlic is an awesome symbol of good health. Garlic is governed by the goddess Hecate, and the god Mars. That translates to powerful healing in the deific realms. These deities aligned with garlic is also symbolic of protection.

Olives for Life

Some olive trees live for hundreds of years. This has put olives on the map as symbols for longevity. And what about that olive branch extended as a symbol of peace? Well, once upon a time, the Greek god Poseidon wanted control of Athens. He did some major damage to the city in his fight for ownership. The goddess Athena planted olive trees in the places where Poseidon left his nefarious marks. Ultimately, Athena was given reign over Athens, essentially defeating Poseidon for governance. Ever since, the olive tree has been a symbol of healing and peace. Aside from mythological import, the olive is replete with stuff that lessens allergy symptoms, prevent cancer, aid bone density, and help with inflammation.

Olives are governed by Athena for the reasons mentioned. The Sun also rules the olive. In terms of symbolic meaning, the Sun imbues themes of life, growth, renewal and joy. All key ingredients to a healthy way of life. Green olives help with healthy financial prospects. Red olives support a healthy love life. Black olives are symbolic of protection and prevention.

Symbols for Good Health in the Stone Realm

good symbols for health stones
good symbols for health stones

Calming Carnelian

This is a soft, amber-colored stone of the chalcedony ilk. I love carnelian for its buttery, rich energy. Something about this stone gets me in a good mood, and leaves me all warm and fuzzy. Ancient Egyptians wore carnelian in jewelry to ward off enemies, as well as promote circulation in the body. In India, carnelian was said to protect the wearer from harm and also help with keeping fevers down. European lore prescribe wearing carnelian to reduce blood pressure, calm anxiety and promote cellular cleansing. Ancient Greek athletes were known to carry carnelian with them during training and feats of strength.

Apparently, the stone promoted physical strength and endurance. The Egyptian sun god, Horus rules carnelian (as well as Osiris and the Sun itself). This imbues symbolism of radiant energy to the stone. Keep carnelian in your pocket for a bit of sun-powered energy.

Healing Hematite

I dig this stone too. Truthfully, I’m a rock-monger…I’m pretty groovy with all stones, lol. Hematite is a heavy, silver stone also known as bloodstone in some geological circles. A lot of hematite is formed from volcanic activity, and this is big juju. Volcanoes are rife with energetic symbolism. You can imagine why – that fire-fueled power thrusting forth is a great sign of power. As hematite is a child of the volcano, it has that same eruptive symbolism. Back in old Italy, necklaces were made of hematite. They were called “volcano spit”. Agreed…not the most appealing branding there, but these necklaces were worn for protection against accidents.

Hematite is also fabled to ward off blood disease, gallstones, and muscle pain. This stone can be charged magnetically, which makes it a good stone for aligning energy and physical balance. Hematite is ruled by Saturn, which lends a theme of control, structure and fortitude to this stone.

Rose Quartz for Recovery

I’m not a big fan of the color pink (the color of most rosey quartz’s), but it’s a proven color for healing, love and kindness. Quartz of any kind is beneficial for clarity and purification. Rose quarts is particularly helpful for mending old wounds – especially emotional trauma of the heart.

Been through a rough break-up with someone you love? Keep rose quartz with you to augment your emotional recovery. Pining for a love? Praying for your partner’s well-being? Keep a small chunk of rose quartz by your loved-one’s picture to strengthen your bond, and make your prayers heard more clearly by the gods. Rose quartz has a calming effect, which makes it a great symbol for good health. This stone is governed by the goddess Venus, which validates that good-loving-vibe we all need to sustain well-being.

Curative Calcite

This is an opaque crystal that is renowned for its curative powers. Specifically, calcite is good for brain function. Feeling a little fuzzy? Keep a bit of calcite in your pocket to help clear the cobwebs out of your noggin. Calcite comes in different colors. Blue is symbolic of spiritual health. White helps with intellectual clarity. Pink is good for calming, healing and love. Green calcite encourages financial wellness. Grey calcite tends to cancel out negative influences.

Symbols for Good Health in the Plant Realm

symbols for good health flower meaning
symbols for good health flower meaning

Dandelions are Dandy for Health

How could we possibly feel under the weather when in the presence of the ever-perky dandelion? Something about this plant/flower just exudes cheer. I have a niece who is a shamanic healer. She once told me the dandelion has more intelligence than humans. That might be a stretch, but there is mightiness in the wee dandelion that’s worth a hard look. For example, dandelion tea has proven to be awesome in detoxifying (cleansing) the body. Dandelion is also a great plant for dream interpretation.

Place a few dandelion flowers under your pillow when you’re really intent on gaining meaning from your dreams. Dandelions are ruled by the astrological sign, Leo. This makes dandelions infused with rip-roaring symbolism like: Power, strength, courage, protection, freedom and pride.

Chamomile for Cheer and Calm

My great aunt swears by chamomile tea. I remember getting all worked up over something-or-other, and she’d sit me down for a nice cuppa chamomile tea with honey. She was convinced it would cure all my teenage angst. I drank it to placate her. Well, I must say… I actually felt better after drinking her cure-all elixir. In truth, chamomile is one of the strongest healing herbs. It reduces stress, helps us sleep a full night, and promotes general joy. You don’t have to drink it to get those good-vibrations. You can soak in a tub of chamomile flowers for an intoxicating experience of soothing, relaxation.

Chamomile is superlative on the list of symbols for good health. It promotes circulation, lowers blood pressure, reducing fevers, and it also helps with stomach aches. With the Sun as the ruler of chamomile, we have symbolic energy of: Vitality, Growth, Illumination and Radiance in our corner when it comes to connecting with chamomile.

Pine for a Powerful Pick-me-Up

If it weren’t for the perky, pungent presence of pine, I don’t think I would survive a winter up here in the Northeast, US. Pine is an amazing pick-me-up. I’ve boiled down pine and made my own incense (whilst giving thanks to the tree for its sacrifice). The scent really bolsters my attitude during cold, dark months of winter. Everybody knows the gloomy-glums are a major detriment to health. Pine helps to keep the blues at bay. Burning pine needles in your homestead fires helps to purify your environment. This also helps with intuitive practices like foretelling and divination.

European folk-lore swears cleaning your house with pine oil is a guaranteed protection from illness and ickiness in general. I believe it. When I douse my house with pine oil, I feel invigorated, renewed and refreshed. Give it a shot. You may be pleasantly pleased by the power of pine!

Sensational Sunflower

In my opinion, the sunflower is Nature’s way of saying: “Howdy! Cheer up! I love you!” Those bright flowers are laughing beauties, just aching to be noticed by you and me. There is major sympathetic symbolism you can employ with the sunflower. Like this: Spread sunflower seeds (in the hull, as raw as you can get) around your home to promote health, joy, well being and harmony.

Sunflowers are symbols of spiritual health too. This has to do with the way sunflowers move their massive flower-heads according to the sun’s position. Metaphorically, the sunflower tilts itself to reach the “Higher Light” (gods, goddesses, higher illumination, whatever you call your deific source)…always seeking out the bright beacon of spiritual clarity. The sunflower is (logically) ruled by the Sun. That means we’re talking about themes of: Brilliance, Ebullience, Renewal, Hope, Energy. If these aren’t themes for health and well-being, I don’t know that is!

Closing Thoughts on Symbols for Good Health

I hope you have enjoyed these perspectives on symbols for good health as much as I enjoyed writing about them. Check out the links at the end of this page for more symbolic meanings, if you like.

As always, thanks so much for your support, and thanks for reading. My greatest desire is that this information hits your heart in just the right spot, and helps you on your journey through life.

Mighty brightly,

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