Celtic zodiac sign horse meaning in Celtic astrology

Celtic Zodiac Sign Horse

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Celtic Zodiac Sign: Horse Meaning in Celtic Astrology
July 8 – August 4

Personality Introduction for Your Horse Celtic Zodiac Sign: Greetings dear Horse! Oh, fabulous equine, you are so royal and regal! I mean, just look at you! You are a personality worthy of the red carpet. You can’t help but cut a striking pose. Luckily for you, plenty of people take notice of your noble stature. Why lucky? Because secretly you relish being adored. Who doesn’t!? But for you, being cherished and appreciated is your birthright. We all owe it to ourselves to bask in your brilliance – and let you know we’re duly impressed with you!

Ever heard of the phrase: “Wild horses couldn’t keep me away” – That’s true for you – as long as whatever it is benefits your cause. There’s not much that stands in your way when it comes to elevating your position. Public opinion and status is a big deal for you. You love being the Grand Poobah. It’s all good, because you were born to be in a position of authority. You are a natural leader. Problem-solving is easy for you. Indeed, you are a master at taking action. Where other Celtic zodiac signs might brood or ponder a problem – you won’t. Nope. You’re going to take action. Even if it’s the wrong action, you’re going to push through an obstacle so you can say: “I saw the challenge, I met it, and by gosh I did something about it!”

Celtic zodiac sign horse meaning
Celtic zodiac sign horse meaning

“The horse is a perfect mix. It is incredibly wild, but has the potential to be mild. Within the right environment, the horse is a master of fierce passion and unyielding loyalty. All this requires devotion, balance and understanding.”


Like your Celtic zodiac sign, the horse, you have an inborn gift for teamwork. Consider the history of the horse. It’s beginning started wild, and without rule. Eventually, it complied to the needs of man and allowed itself to be a partner in industry. From transportation to agriculture – civilization simply wouldn’t be what it is today without the partnership of the horse. Now, don’t get me wrong. The last descriptive I would ever use for you is “compliant.” Far from it. Uh-uh. You pretty much know you’re the boss in any team project. What I am saying is you have a sixth sense when it comes to getting along with people. Partnerships come easily to you – especially when you recognize a collaboration can be successful for your cause.

Revisiting the history of the horse mentioned…I peg you as a native, early horse. The wild, unbridled, free spirited horse. Yep. That’s you – or at least what you feel you’re entitled to. You don’t have much use for rules, and you don’t take kindly to anybody trying to tie you to a post. Rather, you make your own rules. And like the horse, you are a path-finder. The horse has made a way for mind-blowing strides in their species as well as within humanity. That’s you. You’re a juggernaut – a powerful force of nature that leads the way. The bold moves you make are usually highly beneficial for your family, community or even influential on a global scale.

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Celtic zodiac sign horse meaning
Celtic zodiac sign horse meaning

In short, you have a lot to be proud of. That’s a good thing, because pride is a big key point for you. Whether it be your own accomplishment, your family or business – your sense of self is derived from whatever your most proud. As a result, it’s vital you have a positive, healthy focus in your life. You simply must have some kind of source for accolade. Something that proves you are every bit as dynamic and wonderful as you truly are.

Keywords for Celtic Zodiac Sign of the Horse

  • Wild
  • Proud
  • Creative
  • Ambitious
  • Generous
  • Confident
  • Intelligent
  • Influential
  • Expressive
  • Affectionate
  • Flamboyant
  • Challenging
  • Opinionated
  • Self-assured
  • Action-oriented

Like your Celtic zodiac sign, the horse, you’re quite impressive. This can be especially true of your physical stature. You tend to keep yourself physically fit…not necessarily for the health benefits to you – but more so you can visually present yourself as the gorgeous creature you are. You often gravitate towards sports that bring out your competitive streak. Weight training, football, soccer – you probably excel in activities like these because it shows off your assets and makes you the star of the show.

Now, it might sound like I’m painting an egotistical or arrogant picture of your Celtic zodiac sign. Not really. I mean, you’re certain you’re the cat’s meow – and that’s cool. But underneath all your bravado is a genuinely tender, caring heart. You have a tremendous capacity for love and sensitivity. Maybe you cover it up with big boasts and gravitas – but it’s there. You can be extremely playful, cuddly and highly affectionate given the right circumstances.

Celtic zodiac sign horse meaning
Celtic zodiac sign horse meaning

Noteworthy Aspects for Your Celtic Zodiac Sign

Element: Fire
Those of you born under the Celtic animal sign of the horse are ruled by the fire element. That underscores what I’ve been saying about your switched-on personality. Fire is symbolic of passion, enthusiasm and inspiration. Fire is also highly combustible, which you can be. Some of you have a terrific temper. But that’s just a manifestation of your strong will and high passion.

Planet: Sun
The horse Celtic zodiac sign is governed by the Sun. The sun is symbolic of life, energy, action and vitality. Consider this: Without the sun, we wouldn’t have any life on this planet. In interesting ways, you are the life-giver of the zodiac. Your enthusiasm and charisma is infectious. Very often your light shines into dark spaces. This means you give new life to people, projects or situations that might otherwise die on the vine. You do this with your zeal, power and energy.

The Legend of Your Celtic Animal Sign

In Celtic mythology, the horse is big mojo. It was admired for its beauty, strength, endurance and of course for its role in advancing the entire civilization. Raiding and battle became a whole new ballgame when the Celts adopted the horse in their clans. As a result of its successful partnership with the Celts , the horse was worshipped because it allowed the Celts to move, win more territory and essentially give them the freedom they so loved. Sound familiar? You love conquest. You love freedom. And I’m certain you would love to be worshipped (in a way).

Epona is a special Celtic goddess. She was THE horse-goddess. Celtic myth tells of Epona and her herd of horses aiding warriors in battle. She is also known to escort warriors to the otherworld with her horses leading the way into the spirit realms. Epona and the horse are synonymous with power, skill, intelligence and achievement. By right and association – you possess these same attributes.

Learn more about the power of the horse here: Celtic Meaning of the Horse .

Celtic zodiac sign horse meaning
Celtic zodiac sign horse meaning

Closing Thoughts on Your Celtic Zodiac Sign

For those of you born between July 8 – August 4, you are the beautifully wrapped present of the Celtic zodiac. Your wrapping is bold, flamboyant and a sight to behold. As if your gift-wrapping isn’t breathtaking enough – it’s what’s underneath all the trappings that’s really significant and impressive. Under your bold bows and bright packaging you are dynamic and truly inspiring. Your biggest challenge is letting others see what’s inside. To be sure, you are lovable just because you’re you. There’s no need to try so hard to prove yourself. Most of us already know of your courage, sharp intellect, and your generous heart. When you show us your inner self – that’s when we’re truly blown away by who you really are.

I hope you have enjoyed these insights into the horse Celtic zodiac sign. If you liked this article, don’t miss the whole list of Celtic Animal Signs here. You might also like to read more about Symbolic Horse Meanings here.

As always, thanks for reading.

Happy horse blessings to you,


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