Crow Moon Meaning

Crow Moon Meaning: Full Moon of March Meaning

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Exploring Crow Moon Meaning and the Full Moon of March: The full moon of March has peculiar and perky energy. Many cultures believe this particular moon has special powers because it illuminates and ignites the growing season in ancient agricultural societies. In order to learn more about the crow moon meaning, it’s a good idea to get familiarized with the movements and personality of the month of March.

Some Background on the Full Moon of March

This, the third month in the Roman calendar was originally named Martius, honoring Mars, the god of war. If you think about it, this makes a lot of sense. Mars (and the month of March) has gung-ho, charging-forth energy.  This month marks the vernal equinox, a time when the ‘death’ of the year (winter) is releasing its grip and new growth begins to burst forth upon the land.  Consider this kind of explosive energy and new growth during the full moon of March because it is replete with themes of exploration, vitality, and busy excitement.

March can be a finicky month in that it is both stabilizing yet erratic at the same time. Ancient farmers welcomed this month and the spring equinox (March 20-21) because they anticipated clarity in the skies and a chance for the land to dry up from winter snows, ice, and transitional rains.  It’s a wonky month too because it is so transitional and the weather is unpredictable. Even though it is hoped the environment will begin to dry up, there is still instability in the air.  That is why the full moon of March is also referred to as the wind moon.  This brings me to another point.  This moon is known by many names in Native American and other cultures.  Here are a few other names and meanings for this auspicious moon…

Crow Moon Meaning
Crow Moon Meaning

“It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.”

~Rainer Maria Rilke

Other Names for the Full Moon of March and Their Meanings

Crow Moon Meaning
Crow Moon Meaning

Crow Moon Meaning

This is the name I first learned for the full moon of March.  It is Algonquin, but also known by the same name in other Native American tribes.  Crows (and Ravens) have a reputation for being extremely active.  As this moon engages creative growth, it makes sense it would attract the energy of the crow with its fullness.  Crows are also natural explorers. They love to kick over anything that tickles their curiosity. It is also believed and observed that crows appreciate shiny things. This behavior is a solid match to the full moon of March, as it illuminates all manner of new developments upon the land. The crow moon meaning is all about exploration, discovery and satisfying curiosity. Its energy is both magical and unpredictable…just like the energy of crows.

Worm Moon Meaning
Worm Moon Meaning

Wind Moon Meaning

As I mentioned earlier, March is a transitional month replete with shifts and changes. The spring equinox can be a turbulent time with big winds.  To the Native mind, the four winds represent powerful spirits that could either kiss or crush the people and land.  Winds were thought to be oracles, delivering messages to the people that could change their lives or inform them of things to come in the future.  The full moon of March has a special energy that brings in ‘winds of change’ – because fresh movement is rushing into our environment and lives on the wings of springtime wind.  Wind moon meaning is all about blowing off the old energies and welcoming the new winds of transformation.

Wind Moon Meaning
Wind Moon Meaning

Worm Moon Meaning

This is another common name for the full moon of March, originating in various Native tribes and also referenced in the Old Farmer’s Almanac.  This moon is associated with worms because this is the month when earthworms begin to wiggle in renewed soils.  Admittedly, this may not be the most romantic name for a full moon, but if you think about it…worms are vital for the livelihood of gardens and crops.  Worms are crucial for aerating the soil which facilitates new growth, ensuring produce has a better chance to fully develop.  The worm moon meaning is also connected to the spring symbolism of the robin. Robins are a clear sign that spring has finally sprung, and it’s all because wee worms are wriggling during this season of renewal and change.

Cool Symbolic Stuff to Do During the Full Crow Moon

All full moons of every month have a special kind of energy. We can utilize the unique flavor of the March full moon.  It’s like using this crow moon momentum to buoy, sustain or invigorate our intentions.  Here are a few ideas that might help you take advantage of this fabulously powerful full moon.

Turn Over a New Leaf

This moon is divinely designed for “do-over’s” and springtime renewal. Consider…all of life is surging in an electrified soup of regrowth. This time of the vernal equinox (at least for the northern hemisphere) is a time of exploding developments and new beginnings.  If you are curious about new adventures (like the crow moon meaning implies), this is a good time to kick at creative ideas and launch new projects.  The burgeoning energy of new life bursting forth is an excellent environment to start new ventures. This is also an ideal time to turn over a new leaf.  If you’re thinking about making changes to your life, this is a time to do so.  This full moon has a way of boosting your will to make changes to improve your life.  Quit bad habits, clear out the old things and thoughts that no longer serve you – this moon will bless your efforts.

Investing in Nesting

This auspicious full moon is the perfect time to take care of foundational structures.  The weather is clearing, daylight is increasing, and all signs say “get to work on hearth and home.”  This entails home improvements or redecorating your living/office space to reinforce a new spark within your life. If you think about it, winter had us in a dull, dreary grip. Now it’s time to celebrate the renewal of life, and the crow moon meaning is all about crushing boredom and encouraging activity.  It’s also a perfect time to do some deep spring cleaning. Again…it’s that clearing out the old energy and welcoming new, cleansing vibes.  If home-improvement or spring cleaning isn’t your bag…consider using the momentum of this full moon to help creatures in Nature.  Build a birdhouse, or create structures that help shelter creatures so they may give birth or lay eggs in a safe environment. Your actions will reap grand rewards.

Wander Into the Wonder of Worms

Well, maybe not literally hanging out with worms…but this is a time to think about digging in the dirt.  I call it dirt therapy.  There is something extremely healing and renewing about getting dirty and planting.  You don’t have to have 3 acres of gardens.  You can tap into the energy of life and growth by simply sprinkling handfuls of wildflower seed in a pot of soil or a patch of mud in the backyard.  Tending to your seedlings is nourishing for your plant-babies and also nourishing for your own soul.  There is something about growing green beauties that is clarifying and cathartic. If you have the antithesis of a green thumb, then consider appreciating Nature (and worms) in a community garden, or a local park.  Doing so during this full crow moon will be energizing and renewing for your soul.

Closing Thoughts About Crow Moon Meaning & the Full Moon of March

Whether you prefer to call it a worm moon, wind moon, or the crow moon…to be sure, it has powerful meaning.  This full moon of March gives us the impetus to complete projects and gives us the energy to make beneficial changes in our lives. Harness the influence of this month’s full moon to guide you towards bright, new beginnings. I hope you enjoyed these insights into the March crow moon meaning. As always, thanks so much for reading!

Bright moon blessings to you!

Mighty brightly,

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