Symbolic and Spiritual Meaning of September

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With its crisp air and golden hues, September holds a special place in our hearts as the gateway to autumn. Well, at least it does for me.  As a New Yorker, this month is resplendent and awe-inspiring in terms of promise, potential, and exciting transitions.  As we bid farewell to the warm embrace of summer, September invites us to sojourn into realms of introspection and spiritual growth. For me, the symbolic and spiritual meaning of September is all about preparing, pondering, and processing on a more internal level.

But this month is not just about cozy sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes.  It is a month steeped in rich symbolism and ancient traditions that have shaped its significance throughout history. Join me as we explore the hidden depths of September’s meaning, from its mythological origins to the profound spiritual practices that can enhance our connection with this transformative time of year.

History and Origins of September

September, the ninth month of the year, holds a rich history and intriguing origins. Its name derives from the Latin word “septem,” meaning seven, which may confuse some since it is now the ninth month. 

Originally, September was actually the seventh month in ancient Roman calendars.  In 45 BCE, when Julius Caesar introduced his Julian calendar, he added two months to align with the solar year. This pushed September to its current position as the ninth month.

Throughout history, the symbolic and spiritual meaning of September has held various meanings for different cultures. In ancient times, it marked a time of harvest and abundance in many agricultural societies. It symbolized a period of reaping what had been sown during earlier months.

Furthermore, September played significant roles in religious festivities and rituals across different civilizations. For example, this month featured celebrations in ancient Greece and Rome dedicated to deities like Demeter (Greek) or Ceres (Roman), who were associated with agriculture and fertility.  And speaking of that – let’s take a look at the symbolic and spiritual meaning of September in terms of mythological gravitas, shall we?

Symbolic and Spiritual Meaning of September - Autumnal Equinox Meaning

Mythology Surrounding the Month of September

In the realm of mythology, September holds a special place with its own fascinating stories and legends. Let’s journey into the mythical tales surrounding this enchanting month.


According to Greek mythology, September was associated with Demeter, the goddess of harvest and agriculture. It is said that during this time, Demeter mourned for her daughter Persephone, whom Hades had taken to the Underworld. This led to winter on Earth until Persephone returned in spring.


In Norse mythology, September was believed to be connected to Freyja, the goddess of love and fertility. She was associated with abundance and protection during this fruitful time of year.


In Celtic symbolism and folklore, it was believed that fairies were particularly lively during September nights. They would dance under the moonlight and play mischievous tricks on unsuspecting humans who wandered too close to their enchanted realms.

Native American

Deep in Native American tradition, September posits big myths and meanings. For some tribes, it marked the beginning of hunting season as animals prepared for migration or hibernation.

These mythological tales highlight how different cultures celebrated nature’s cycles and honored deities associated with abundance and transition during this magical month.

Symbolic and Spiritual Meaning of September - Mythology, Gods, and Goddesses

Gods and Goddesses of September

In ancient mythologies, September is associated with various gods and goddesses who hold significant symbolism. 


One such deity is Demeter, the Greek goddess of agriculture and harvest. As the summer comes to an end, Demeter mourns for her daughter Persephone, who descends into the underworld during this month.


In Norse mythology, Freyja takes center stage in September. She is a powerful goddess associated with love, beauty, and fertility. She is believed to weave golden threads at this time of year to prepare for winter.


The Roman god Vulcan also holds sway over September. He is known as the god of fire and craftsmanship, representing transformation and creativity. He hammers away at his forge throughout this month to bring about change.


Additionally, Quetzalcoatl from Aztec mythology plays a prominent role in September. This feathered serpent deity symbolizes wisdom and enlightenment.

Suggested Spiritual Meaning of September

September is a month that holds significant spiritual meaning for many people. As the summer transitions into autumn, September represents a time of change and transition in our lives as well. It serves as a reminder to embrace new beginnings and let go of what no longer serves us.

Spiritually, September signifies growth and abundance. Just like the harvest season, it is a time to reap the rewards of our hard work and reflect on the blessings in our lives. It encourages us to express gratitude for all we have received and share our abundance.

In terms of personal transformation, September offers an opportunity to delve deeper into our spiritual practices. Whether it’s through meditation, prayer, or connecting with nature, this month invites us to explore different avenues for self-discovery and inner peace.

Furthermore, September symbolizes balance and harmony. As we witness the shift from light to darkness during the autumnal equinox, it’s a reminder of the necessity of rendering equilibrium in all aspects of life – balancing work with rest, giving with receiving, and nurturing ourselves along with others.

September invites us to embrace change courageously while staying grounded in gratitude and balance. It calls upon us to nurture our souls as we navigate life’s transitions gracefully and resiliently. So why not take this month as an opportunity for spiritual growth?

Gemstones Associated With the Month of September

Gemstones have long been associated with various meanings and energies; September is no exception. 


Symbolic and Spiritual Meaning of September - Sapphire

Sapphires have been treasured throughout history for their beauty and mystical properties. They are believed to enhance intuition and psychic abilities, making them ideal for those seeking spiritual growth or clarity of thought. This gemstone is also said to promote balance in relationships and foster loyalty and trust.


Symbolic and Spiritual Meaning of September - Moonstone gemstone

Another gemstone associated with September is the lustrous moonstone. With its ethereal glow resembling the moon’s soft light, this stone embodies feminine energy and intuition. Moonstones are often used as an aid in meditation or divination practices due to their ability to enhance emotional healing and promote inner peace.

Both sapphires and moonstones can be worn as jewelry or placed on altars during rituals or ceremonies conducted in September. Their vibrant colors serve as reminders of the transformative power of this transitional month while offering protection against negative energies.

Animals Symbolic of the Month of September

Animals have long been associated with symbolism and spiritual meanings. In the month of September, certain animals hold significance and are believed to represent different aspects of this transitional period.


Symbolic and Spiritual Meaning of September - butterfly

One animal that holds symbolic meaning in September is the butterfly. As summer fades away and autumn approaches, butterflies undergo a transformation from caterpillars to graceful winged creatures. This process symbolizes change, growth, and freedom—a reminder for us to embrace personal transformations during this time.


Symbolic and Spiritual Meaning of September - bear symbolism

Another animal associated with September is the bear. As we transition into fall, bears begin their preparations for hibernation. They symbolize introspection, restfulness, and turning inward to find inner strength. The bear teaches us the importance of self-reflection and time for ourselves as we navigate life’s challenges.


Symbolic and Spiritual Meaning of September - salmon

The salmon is also closely linked to September symbolism. Known for their incredible journey upstream against strong currents, they embody determination, perseverance, and resilience. Just like the salmon facing obstacles head-on during its migration, we too can draw inspiration from their unwavering spirit when faced with adversity.


Symbolic and Spiritual Meaning of September - crickets

The cricket represents harmony in September’s symbolism. Its rhythmic chirping reminds us of balance amidst change—a soothing melody that brings peace in times of transition. The cricket encourages us to find equilibrium within ourselves and our surroundings as we adapt to new beginnings.

These animals serve as reminders of important qualities that can guide us during the month of September—transformation like the butterfly; introspection like the bear; perseverance like the salmon; and finding balance like the cricket. By connecting with these symbols both spiritually and emotionally, we can navigate this month with intentionality and purpose

Plants and Flowers Associated With September

Plants and flowers have long been associated with different months and seasons. September is no exception. As summer transitions into autumn, the flora of September reflects this change in its own unique way.


One plant that symbolizes September is the aster. With its star-like blooms in shades of purple, pink, and white, the aster represents love, patience, and elegance. It is often seen as a symbol of wisdom and protection as well.

Morning Glory

Symbolic and Spiritual Meaning of September - morning glory

Another flower commonly associated with September is the morning glory. This vibrant bloom comes in various hues, such as blue, purple, pink, and white. Morning glories are known to represent affectionate love and perseverance.


Symbolic and Spiritual Meaning of September - goldenrod

This unassuming plant is exploding all over the place in September where I live. I love it because it’s so innocuous – yet so instrumental to the ecosystem and biodiversity of the front field I enjoy every morning over a cup of tea.  September also brings forth the goldenrod plant with its bright yellow flowers. Symbolizing positivity and good fortune, goldenrods are believed to bring happiness into one’s life.


Symbolic and Spiritual Meaning of September - forget me n ot

The birth flower for September is the forget-me-not. These delicate blossoms signify authentic love and remembrance. These sweet blossoms pop up here during this time of year, and it always reminds me of my auntie – an amazing influence in my life.   

In addition to these symbolic flowers and plants associated with September, it’s worth noting that many other flowers continue to bloom during this month, including dahlias, sunflowers, and chrysanthemums.

Whether you’re admiring these plants in your garden or bringing them indoors as floral arrangements or decorative touches for special occasions like weddings or birthdays, September offers a wide variety of beautiful blooms symbolic of transition, love, and celebration.

Zodiac Signs of September and Their Meanings

September is a month filled with celestial energy, and the zodiac signs that reign during this time have unique characteristics. The two primary zodiac signs in September are Virgo (August 23 – September 22) and Libra (September 23 – October 22). Each sign holds its own symbolism and qualities this time of year.


Virgo, an earth sign, represents practicality, organization, and attention to detail. Those born under this sign are known for their analytical minds and strong work ethic. They quite frequently crush it in careers that require precision or problem-solving abilities. With their keen eye for perfection, the Virgo personality can be meticulous but also compassionate friends.


On the other hand, Libra is an air sign associated with balance, harmony, and diplomacy. People born under Libra tend to be social butterflies who value relationships deeply. They can see both sides of a situation and seek fairness in all aspects of life.

Both Virgo and Libra share traits such as intelligence, kindness, and a love for beauty. However different they may appear on the surface level – these signs bring their unique strengths to influence those born within September’s realm.

Understanding the zodiac signs of September provides insight into the personalities we encounter during this time of year. Whether you resonate more with Virgo’s grounded nature or align better with Libra’s quest for equilibrium – embrace your astrological energies as you navigate through the month ahead!

Prominent Dates and Holidays in September

September is a month filled with significant dates and holidays that hold special meaning for people all over the world. 

Labor Day (US)

One of the most well-known holidays in this month is Labor Day, which is celebrated on the first Monday of September. It’s a day dedicated to honoring workers’ hard work and contributions.

Patriot Day (US)

A somber yet certainly notable date in September is Patriot Day, observed on September 11th each year. This day serves as a remembrance of the tragic events that took place and the lives lost in 2001.

Yom Kippur (Jewish)

For our Jewish friends, September also marks Rosh Hashanah, which is considered one of their most sacred holidays. It commemorates the creation of Adam and Eve and ushers in ten days of reflection leading up to Yom Kippur.

Independence Day (Mexico)

Independence Day takes center stage in Mexico in September to mark the country’s independence in 1821. This national holiday celebrates Mexico’s independence from Spanish rule with colorful parades, music, food, and fireworks.

Additionally, there are various other observances throughout the month, like International Literacy Day (September 8th), International Peace Day (September 21st), and World Tourism Day (September 27th).

Each date holds its significance and provides opportunities for reflection or celebration depending on your beliefs or cultural background. Embrace these moments to connect with others around you or engage in meaningful activities that align with your values.

Symbolic and Spiritual Meaning of September - Ways to celebrate

A Word About the Autumnal Equinox in September

The Autumnal Equinox, also known as the September Equinox, is that lovely time-marker denoting the changing of the guards between summer to fall in the Northern Hemisphere. It occurs around September 22nd or 23rd each year, and we know this time of year because the sun crosses the celestial equator at this time.

During this time, day and night are nearly equal in length all over the world. It is a moment of balance and harmony between light and darkness. The energy shifts as we bid farewell to longer days and welcome cooler temperatures, falling leaves, and cozy sweaters.

Symbolically, the Autumnal Equinox represents a time of reflection and gratitude. It invites us to embrace change gracefully, just as nature does during this season. As leaves change colors and eventually let go, we too, can release what no longer serves us.

It’s an opportunity for inner growth and introspection – a chance to evaluate our personal harvests both physically and spiritually. We can take stock of our accomplishments thus far while setting intentions for what lies ahead.

In many cultures worldwide, this equinox is celebrated with festivals that honor harvest deities or express thankfulness for abundant crops. People come together to share meals made from freshly harvested produce.

The Autumnal Equinox reminds us of impermanence.  It teaches us that seasons change, life cycles continue endlessly. As we witness nature’s transformation during this time of year, we are reminded that change is inevitable but also beautiful.

So let’s embrace autumn’s arrival with open arms. Let’s savor pumpkin-spiced everything (if that’s your thing), take long walks amidst vibrant foliage or simply enjoy cozy evenings by candlelight.

Symbolic and Spiritual Meaning of September - full moon name meaning - harvest moon

September Full Moon Names and Their Symbolic Meanings

Different names know the September full moon, each carrying its own symbolic meaning. 

Harvest Moon

One of the most well-known names for the September full moon is the Harvest Moon. This name originated from ancient agricultural practices when farmers relied on the bright light of this particular moon to gather crops late into the night. The symbolism of the Harvest Moon represents abundance, gratitude, and reaping what you have sown.

Full Corn Moon

Another name for September’s full moon is the Full Corn Moon. This name also relates to agriculture and signifies a time of harvest when corn was traditionally gathered. Symbolically, it represents fertility, prosperity, and transformation as we reap the rewards of our hard work.

Both names reflect themes of gratitude and celebration for all that nature provides us with during this bountiful season. They remind us to appreciate the Earth’s gifts and acknowledge our connection to nature’s cycles.

During these full moons, it can be beneficial to reflect on your personal harvests—both literal and metaphorical—and express gratitude for what you have achieved or received in your life thus far.

Spiritual Practices to Try in the Month of September

Now that we’ve downloaded a big chunk about the symbolism and spiritual meaning of September, you might be wondering how you can make the most out this month and celebrate this time of year. Here are a few ideas:

Connect With Nature

As the weather begins to cool down, take advantage of the crisp autumn air and vibrant foliage by spending time outdoors. Engage in mindful walks, forest bathing, or simply sit under a tree and meditate.

Harvest Rituals

September is associated with abundance and harvest season. Create your own personal harvest ritual by reflecting on all you have achieved throughout the year. Express gratitude for your blessings and set intentions for what you still hope to accomplish.


Use this month as an opportunity for self-reflection and introspection. Set aside some time each day to write down your thoughts, dreams, desires, and goals. Explore your innermost feelings and discover new insights about yourself.


Take a few moments each day to find stillness within yourself through meditation practices. Focus on grounding energy and connecting with your higher self or spirit guides during this peaceful time.

Energy Cleansing

Clear out stagnant energies from your living space by smudging with sage or burning incense sticks such as sandalwood or lavender to purify the environment around you.

Moon Rituals

The Full Moon in September is known as the Harvest Moon due to its association with agriculture’s peak season – it’s a perfect time for moon rituals! Set intentions under its glow, perform releasing ceremonies, make moon water, or charge crystals under its powerful energy.

Feel free to modify these suggestions according to what resonates best with you! Embrace this beautiful month of September as an opportunity for growth, transformation, and connection on a spiritual level

Symbolic and Spiritual Meaning of September - Spiritual practices

Other Ways to Celebrate the Month of September

As we dive into the beautiful month of September, there are endless ways to celebrate and embrace this transitional time. 

Take a Walk

One way is by immersing yourself in nature’s bounty. Take leisurely walks among the changing leaves, feeling the crispness in the air and marveling at Mother Earth’s vibrant colors.

Try Something New

September is also a perfect time for self-reflection and personal growth. Consider embarking on a new hobby or challenging yourself with a goal you’ve been putting off. Use this month as an opportunity to explore your passions and expand your horizons.


Another wonderful way to celebrate September is by connecting with loved ones. Organize gatherings or virtual hangouts where you can share stories, laughter, and create cherished memories together. Appreciate those special bonds that bring warmth and joy to your life.

Don’t Forget the Pumpkins!

Additionally, take advantage of seasonal activities like apple picking or pumpkin carving. Pumpkins are so special; they provide fun-filled moments and connect us back to our roots and traditions.

Give Back

Consider giving back during this month of gratitude. Volunteer at local charities or donate supplies to those in need. Acts of kindness not only make others’ lives brighter but also fill our own hearts with fulfillment.

Embrace all that September has to offer – its beauty, opportunities for growth, and connections with loved ones – and let it inspire you throughout this transformative season!

Symbolic and Spiritual Meaning of September - meditations for September

Affirmations and Meditations to Try in September

Affirmations and meditations can be powerful tools to enhance our spiritual journey in the month of September. Setting positive intentions and connecting with our inner selves is important as we transition into a new season. Here are some suggestions for affirmations and meditations to try during this transformative time.

  • Affirmation: “I embrace change and welcome growth in my life.” Repeat this affirmation daily to cultivate a mindset of openness and adaptability as you navigate the changes that September may bring.
  • Meditation: Find a quiet space outdoors, preferably surrounded by nature, and focus on your breath. Imagine yourself letting go of any negative energy or emotions from the past months, allowing space for new beginnings.
  • Affirmation: “I am grateful for the abundance that surrounds me.” Practice gratitude by listing things you appreciate about your life each day. This affirmation helps shift your perspective towards positivity and attracts more abundance into your life.
  • Meditation: Sit comfortably and visualize yourself achieving your goals in the coming months. See yourself stepping into your highest potential with confidence and clarity.
  • Affirmation: “I trust in divine timing.” Remind yourself that everything happens for a reason, even if it doesn’t align with our plans or expectations.

These affirmations and meditations are just starting points; feel free to customize them according to what resonates with you personally! Use these practices as tools for self-reflection, empowerment, and spiritual growth throughout the month of September


As we delve into September’s symbolic and spiritual meanings, it becomes evident that this month holds a significant place in our hearts and minds. From its rich history and mythology to its association with various gods and goddesses, September is truly a time for reflection, growth, and celebration. As always, thanks for reading!

Mighty brightly,

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