5 Ways Astrology Helps Students

5 Ways Astrology Helps Students

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Astrology has been with us for over 2,000 years, and whether you subscribe to the stars are not, it’s woven into the tapestry of human life since ancient times. As a student, you might be particularly interested in what astrology has to offer you in terms of studies, social activities, relationships, and educational goals. Many students and educators alike have studied astrology for years and have learned a ton about themselves and the world they live in. So what kind of role does astrology play in a student’s life or their ultimate graduation? I’ve got some insights for you – so read on for ideas about how astrology helps students academically and socially.

How Astrology Helps Students
How Astrology Helps Students

Astrology and Students Today

According to the Institute of Time Pattern Research in West Caldwell, NJ, 51% of college students in the USA claimed they read their horoscope at least once a month.  The same poll revealed that 98% of students knew their sun sign, and 32% admitted that astrology helps students in their personal and academic lives.

Furthermore, astrology has grown in student body life today.  Millennial students are increasingly turning to the wisdom of astrology to gain guidance and awareness.  According to The Atlantic, astrology went into a tailspin after the 1970s. However, it’s experiencing a meteoric rise in popularity – especially among young people and college students. 

The reasons for astrology’s renewed popularity are multiple and make sense. But the most likely culprit is the fact that our world is in a quagmire of chaos these days. From political unrest to coronavirus blues – people of all ages are finding comfort in the knowledge from horoscopes and astrological forecasts.  Astrology helps students cope with the unknowns and troubling conflicts they face at home and on campus every day.

How Astrology Helps Students
How Astrology Helps Students

Different Ways Astrology Helps Students

According to Bertha Graham, a published author, college instructor, and professional blogger, students are always looking for help and inspiration for writing papers.  Bertha currently helps students all over the globe working as a top writer at papersowl.com and she says, and she says that students may sometimes consult astrology for direction with their educational goals. Her students appreciate a flexible, open-minded approach to their educational needs.  That said, read further about ways astrology helps students and educators alike.

1. Inspiration and Expansion in Creativity

One of many reasons why astrology helps students is because they are seeking to expand their perspectives and broaden their horizons.  To explain, the academic environment (especially in colleges and universities) is rife with a “Just the facts, ma’am” kind of attitude.  This can be beleaguering to students wanting to express themselves creatively. Astrology allows students to expand their minds, think outside the box, and explore different views about themselves and the world they live in.  As a result, students find astrology to be a great tool in unconventional thinking and innovations in their scholastic life.

2.  Predictive Assistance With Course Schedules and Social Activities

Let’s face it, students are hammered with hairy schedules and harrowing deadlines.  Hardcore followers of astrology who have to arrange their calendars often check in with their natal chart for predictive help.  According to The Southerner, more students today are choosing a professional astrologist to help them select their course schedules amongst other activities such as work routines and social events.  The reason being is that if a student has their natal chart, an astrologist can forecast the best times and dates, resulting in optimal performance in classes, courses, or social events for a certain student.

3.  Astrology Helps Students With Relationship Issues

You know what they say…”All work and no play makes for gloomy days” (or something like that).  What I mean is that social interaction and maintaining relationships for students are as important as meeting academic goals.  Thankfully, astrology can be incredibly helpful and revealing in a student’s life.  Equipped with vital information such as time, place, and date of birth – a student can get a deeper insight into his or her relationships.  Whether a student is trying to juggle a romantic relationship while attending college, or trying to adjust to high school while dealing with their parents – astrology can help.  Armed with starry insight, a student can feel far more empowered in handling relationship issues while excelling in his or her studies.

4.  Astrology Provides a Sense of Control

As mentioned, students today are grappling with issues of helplessness, despair, or depression.  In fact, according to the American College Health Association, a whopping 60% of college students admit to feelings of powerlessness and despondency.  This is especially true today with so much unrest and upheaval going on in the world.  Therefore, astrology helps students garner a feeling of more control and self-empowerment.  Understanding planetary influences at a given time in a student’s life facilitate a great sense of relief.  Effectually, astrology makes sense in unsettling times, and it assists in quelling a lot of doubts for students – especially today when life seems so topsy-turvy.

5.  Help With Self-Awareness

In my world (while I was a student and now as a college graduate), astrology was a gift in terms of helping me understand myself and my proclivities.  In fact, I had a tremendously arduous 2nd semester in my 4th year at university, and astrology helped me out of that dark hole.  I revisited my natal chart and did a few forecasts. That helped me clarify a lot of personal blockages.  Getting that astro-information allowed me to clean out some issues, which put me back on my collegiate track.  Astrology helps students understand who they are, why they behave as they do, and aids them in getting on the right path so they may complete their education goals. 

5 Ways Astrology Helps Students
5 Ways Astrology Helps Students

The Last Word on How Astrology Helps Students

Okay – I’ve talked some big talk about how astrology can be a lifeboat in the rocky seas of academic life for students.  Heck, it helped me out immensely when I was in college.  But that’s just me – and astrology isn’t for everybody.  It’s important to know that astrology isn’t the gospel, and it’s not infallible. 

At the end of the day, astrology is a pseudoscience, which means it is not 100% predictive or accurate.  All that said, astrology can be a powerful tool in knowing yourself, your relationships, your timing in life and so much more.  I hope these tips on how astrology helps students are helpful to you or a loved one who is trying to make the most of his or her educational goals.  As always, thanks for reading!

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