Starling Symbolism and Meaning

Starling Symbolism and Meaning

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The starling is one of nature’s most curious creatures. This feathered friend has been used in literature, art, and cultural symbolism for centuries. In this article, we will discuss the various meanings associated with the starling and what it symbolizes. We will also explore the different ways the starling has been portrayed in literature and art, as well as its meaning in certain cultures. Finally, we will discuss ways to use the starling’s symbolism in your daily life. Read on to learn more about starling symbolism and meaning and its powerful messages for you!

Starling Symbolism and Meaning

Starling Facts and Behavior in Nature

Starlings are interesting little birds that are found in many parts of the world. The starling is a small to medium-sized passerine bird in the family Sturnidae. Native to much of Eurasia and North Africa, it has adapted well to life around humans and is now found in most urban areas throughout the world. 

Starlings are small to medium-sized passerine birds in the family Sturnidae. The name “Sturnidae” comes from the Latin word for starling, Sturnus. There are about 60 species of starlings worldwide. They are known for their acrobatic flying abilities and their curious nature. 

The starling is a very social bird that often forms huge flocks. They are known for their loud, chattering calls. Starlings are also known for their ability to mimic the sounds of other birds and animals. This mimicry can be quite entertaining to listen to.

Although they are not the most popular bird, they are still loved by many people. Here are some facts about these amazing creatures:

  • Starlings are small to medium-sized birds with glossy black feathers.
  • They have pointed wings and a long tail.
  • Their beak is short and hooked, and they have small feet.
  • Starlings are very agile flyers and can maneuver quickly in the air.
  • These are social birds that live in large flocks.
  • They make a variety of vocalizations, including chirps, clicks, and twittering sounds.
  • Starlings are omnivorous and eat a variety of foods, including insects, berries, and nectar.
  • They nest in cavities and will often take over the nests of other birds.
  • Starlings are native to Europe, Asia, and Africa but have been introduced to North America and other parts of the world.
  • In some cultures, starlings are considered to be symbols of good luck or fortune.
Starling Symbolism and Meaning - Starlings in Murmation
A gathering of starlings is known as a murmuration

What is the Symbolism of Starlings?

Starling symbolism and meaning have been varied and debated throughout history. Some believe that starlings represent hope and new beginnings.

One of the most popular theories is that starlings represent hope and new beginnings because they are one of the first birds to return in the spring after winter has ended. This theory is supported by the fact that starlings often build their nests near doorways or windows, which represents the doorway to a new beginning.

Another theory is that starlings are a symbol of misfortune or messengers of potential trouble because they often flock together in large numbers right before a storm hits. This theory is based on the fact that when a storm is coming, starlings will gather in huge flocks called murmurations. Some people believe that these murmurations are actually warnings from the spirit world about an impending disaster.

Here are a few other points to consider when contemplating starling symbolism:

  • Starlings are masterful vocalists. By association, they are symbolic of communication. They remind us that verbalizing in smart ways is the best way to grow and develop within a community.
  • These birds are also great at mimicking other sounds.  Symbolically, this speaks to our ability to utilize existing ideas and beauty around us to improve our lives.  Mimicry is also symbolic of survival, and reminds us to be creative about self-preservation strategies.
  • Starlings are very social.  They are reminders that in order to thrive in life, we need support from others.  These birds illustrate how living in a community is key to living a full and balanced life.

No matter what you believe about starling symbolism and meaning, there is no denying that these little birds have been fascinating humans for centuries.

Starling Symbolism and Meaning

Meaning of Starlings in Cultural Myths and Lore

When most people think of starlings, they picture a small, nondescript brown bird. But did you know that these little birds have a lot of meaning and symbolism associated with them?

Native American

For example, in many cultures, starlings are seen as messengers from the spirit world. In Native American mythology, they are often seen as symbols of hope and good fortune. In many Native American cultures, starlings are seen as a symbol of good luck and prosperity. 


The starling is an important bird in Asian culture and mythology, often being seen as a symbol of good luck or fortune. As a Chinese symbol, the starling is known as the “hui ying” which means “auspicious omen bird”. It is also seen as a symbol of spring and new beginnings. In Japan, the starling is known as the “suzume” which means “sparrow”. The Japanese sparrow (starling) is seen as a bringer of good news and luck. Sparrows are also considered to be auspicious birds in Korean culture. 

The starling is also mentioned in Buddhist texts where it is said that the Buddha himself turned into a starling in order to save a drowning man. In Hinduism, the starling is known as the “kalavinka” which means “blackbird”. It is said that this blackbird brings good luck and fortune to those who see it.

They are also often associated with the sun and fire, and are said to represent the cycle of life. In some tribes, starlings are also considered to be a sacred bird. In many Asian cultures, they are believed to be reincarnated souls.


In terms of astrology, starlings are associated with the element of air. This means that they represent things like communication, new beginnings, and intellectualism. Their energy is light and optimistic, making them perfect symbols of hope and positivity.

Gods or Goddesses Associated With the Starling

There are many different gods and goddesses associated with the starling. In ancient Greece, the starling was associated with Apollo, the god of the sun. Norse myth and lore associates the starling with Freya, the goddess of love and beauty. In Celtic mythology, the starling was associated with Brigid, the goddess of healing and fertility.

Each of these cultures saw the starling as a symbol of something different. However, there are some common themes among all of these cultures’ beliefs about the starling. The most common theme is that the starling is a symbol of hope. Hope is a central tenet of many religions and belief systems, so it makes sense that so many cultures would associate the starling with this concept.

Starling Symbolism and Meaning - Starlings in Murmation

Starling in Pop Culture and Art

The starling is a popular bird in pop culture and art. It has been featured in many works of literature, film, and music. The starling is also a popular subject for paintings and sculptures.

In literature, the starling appears in many poems and stories. It is often used as a symbol of hope or love. In William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, two starlings are mentioned. In the poem “Ode to a Nightingale” by John Keats, the nightingale is compared to a starling.

The film The Art of Flying starlings are featured for their bewildering and magical feats of flight. The creator of the short film, Jan van Ijken, beautifully captures the seemingly impossible way these amazing birds cluster in mid-air creating masterful visions in the sky.

What Does it Mean When You See a Starling?

If you’ve been seeing a lot of starlings lately, it could be a sign that the universe is trying to send you a message. Pay attention to your surroundings and see if there’s anything you’re supposed to be paying attention to. It could be something as simple as a change in your daily routine or a new opportunity that’s presenting itself to you. Either way, trust that the message is coming from a place of love and good intent.

When you see a starling, it can mean many things. It could be a symbol of hope, or a reminder that something beautiful is always within reach. It could also represent new beginnings, or be a sign that good luck is on its way. 

What Does it Mean if You Dream of Starlings?

If you find yourself dreaming of these little black birds, it could be a sign that you are feeling outnumbered or overwhelmed in your waking life. Alternatively, dreaming of birds such as the starling could be a sign that you are about to embark on a new journey or phase in your life. The number of starlings in your dream can also be significant; a large flock could represent many different aspects of your life coming together, while a small group could symbolize the need for more focus or attention in one particular area.

Starling Symbolism and Meaning

Frequently Asked Questions About Starlings

What is the symbolism of a starling?

The symbolism of a starling can vary depending on the culture, but they are generally seen as positive omens. In some cultures, they represent hope and new beginnings, while in others, they may be seen as messengers from the afterlife.

What is the meaning of the starling as an animal totem?

The starling is a popular animal totem due to its positive symbolism and meaning. The starling represents hope, opportunity, new beginnings, renewal, and change. This powerful little bird reminds us that even in the darkest of times there is always light at the end of the tunnel. If the starling has flown into your life it may be time to take a leap of faith or make some much-needed changes in your life.

How do I know if the starling is my spirit animal?

If you appreciate being a part of a community, the starling is your ally. The starling is also an excellent spirit animal if you often work to make others happy. Because this is a bird that represents joy, hope, and inspiration, the starling will encourage these characteristics within you as a spirit animal.

Are starlings associated with spirituality?

Starlings are reminders of unity and community. In this sense they are spiritual messengers that teach us to live in harmony with each other. They are symbolic of hope, inspiration, and insight. Many cultures recognize the starling as a bird of spiritual wisdom and the aspiration to be closer to the divine.

When should I call upon the starling in life?

When you feel lost, confused, or in need of guidance, call upon the starling for spiritual help. The starling will help you to find your way and give you the strength to continue on your journey.

Concluding Thoughts About Starling Symbolism and Meaning

As we’ve seen, starling symbolism and meaning can vary depending on culture and context. In general, though, these birds are seen as symbols of hope, new beginnings, and good fortune. They’re also associated with the element of air, which makes them a potent symbol of change, communication, and divine messages.

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