Interview with Master Hypnotist Declan Lestat

An Interview With Master Hypnotist Declan Lestat

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Are you lucky to have some incredible people in your life who are like unicorns? You know what I’m talking about…Dynamic people who magically appear in your life, who give off amazing energy, make you smile and make you a better person just by knowing them? That’s Declan Lestat for many other fortunate folks and for me too.

Declan Lestat is a Master Hypnotist who specializes in phobia cures and peak performance. He is a Neurolinguistics Practitioner (NLP), a life coach as well as a business coach. Declan also specializes in mindfulness techniques and meditation. If that isn’t impressive enough, Mr. Lestat is a student of Eastern philosophy and a lifelong martial artist holding black belts in six different martial arts.   

About My Honor to Talk to a Master Hypnotist

I had a great fortune (or maybe it was karma?) to connect with Declan through social media many years ago. At first interaction, I knew Declan was a straight-shooter and highly skilled as a Master Hypnotist and Coach. What I’ve always appreciated most about Declan is that he consistently proves to be passionate about helping others. 

He has a Titanic drive to genuinely help others live the life they are born to live (and deserve to live!).  Combine this kind of compassion, with his no-nonsense attitude and a killer skill-set…Declan Lestat is the guy you want to know and have in your corner when it comes to acing your self-improvement goals.

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Having said all that, it should be no surprise that an interview with Mr. Lestat was inevitable!  Declan was kind enough to agree to answer a few questions about the benefits of hypnosis, past life regression, martial arts and more!  I think you will find his insights as illuminating as I did!

Interview with Master Hypnotist Declan Lestat

Interview With Declan Lestat, Master Hypnotist

This is an in-depth interview with Declan Lestat, who is a Master Hypnotist. He has decades of experience helping hundreds of people live their life to the fullest using the power of hypnosis. Mr. Lestat is the founder of, and makes himself available for in-person or online sessions. You might also be interested in Declan Lestat’s free online guide to self-hypnosis here. Below is an engaging Q&A between Mr. Lestat and myself, which will give you a revealing look into the day-in-the-life of an accomplished master hypnotist.

What got you interested in hypnosis?

Declan:  I’d have to start at the very beginning, and it’s a little weird! A lot of therapists will say they were inspired by a desire to do good or help people – and that’s definitely what moves me today – but it’s not what got me interested.

For me, it started at a 6-year-old boy, in a small movie theatre in the middle of Ireland, watching Star Wars. Like every one of my generation, it made a huge impact. But while my friends were flipping out about the space battles and light-sabers, for me it was the moment everyone else seemed to miss: “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for”. This old guy avoiding conflict and bending people to his will blew me away.

A few years later when I saw a hypnotist on TV I connected the dots – this guy can do what Obi Wan did! And naturally, I wanted to learn how to do it too. This was way before the internet and YouTube, so an 8 or 9-year-old boy can’t find that kind of information readily! Luckily, by the time I got to mix with real hypnotists and motivators, I knew there was a world of difference between what is done on the TV or movie screen and what is possible in the clinical setting.

But it was those early experiences that got me interested, and meeting people like Cliff Mann of Time 4 Change that kept me motivated to learn and, eventually, become a hypnotist myself. At the time we were motivational speakers for a company called Motivation in Business.

A large part of what we did was provide fire-walking (walking on hot coals in your bare feet) events for charity. What elevated his events was his artful use of hypnosis to help participants access states of motivation to take that walk. We spent MANY hours talking hypnosis and he motivated me to want to formally study.

So like I said, a little weird and not what most people expect when they ask that question!

Interview with Master Hypnotist Declan Lestat
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What are common misconceptions and myths about hypnosis?

Declan:  It’s closely related to my previous answer, actually! People too readily believe what they see on a stage or screen. There are a million miles between what happens for entertainment (which is largely play-acting) and what a professional therapist can do, or is indeed motivated to do. It’s akin to someone avoiding going the ER because they’re afraid the doctors will be joking around and making wisecracks with the janitor because they saw an episode of Scrubs!

There’s also a lack of understanding about what “trance” actually is. It’s a natural state we go in and out of all day! Daydreaming, watching movies (There’s a reason you get scared or sad for characters even though you know it’s not real. You’re in a trance!), chatting with friends and suddenly you realize you’ve been there for hours (You’ve been hypnotized by your friends). Do you finish a meal and immediately reaching for your cigarettes without thinking? Trance! Ever got off an elevator with everyone else only to realize it’s not even your floor? Trance!

In fact, there’s a school of thought that we are in trance 100% of the time – we spend our lives moving from trance to trance. It’s a school of thought I subscribe to, but way beyond the scope of this chat!

So hypnosis is a collaborative experience. A hypnotist’s skill is, essentially, getting the words in the right order to guide your trance, to help you unlock your potential. I can show you where the key is kept, but it’s up to the client to pick up that key and open the door to their new life without addiction, negativity, fear, etc.

So in short, a hypnotist can’t make you do anything you don’t want to do. This was evidenced recently on an episode of Good Morning America where the hypnotist did an awful job of putting the hosts into trance – there was a group of people who just didn’t want to look foolish on national TV, so didn’t do go along with the process.

It’s very upsetting because it’s definitely the number 1 thing that stops people coming to myself or another hypnotist for help; “Oh, you’ll make me cluck like a chicken!” Nope! (Unless that’s something you really want to do, for some reason!) Also, you can’t get stuck in trance. You can’t be made to reveal secrets that you’re not comfortable sharing. A hypnotist cannot “get inside your head.”

How long does it take for your clients to see results?

Declan:  This varies. Studies – and my experience – indicate an average of 6 – 8 sessions for more deep-rooted issues like self-image issues, but phobias can usually be cured in 45 minutes to an hour. Hypnosis is very client-centered, and indeed to reinforce what I said earlier about it being a collaborative process, it’s the client who leads the structure of the sessions.

Are certain conditions more receptive to hypnosis than others?

Declan: I personally specialize in phobias and they respond very well to hypnosis, but largely it’s down to the therapist. How flexible they are in their approach, and how responsive they are to clients needs and limitations, etc. But keeping in mind that hypnosis doesn’t carry side effects, there’s no chance of overdose and it doesn’t contra-indicate with medications, I always advise trying it out! 

What are the benefits of using hypnosis over other types of treatments?

Declan: It’s fast. Reliable. Non-invasive. There are no chemicals involved. Hypnosis simply works! But the thing most people don’t realize – and the thing I love the most about the process – it’s great fun!

In this second part, we discuss past life regression, martial arts, and the mind as well as the concept of “flow.” You don’t want to miss it!!

I’ve known Mr. Lestat over many years, and he is proven himself to be a consistently bright light in what could otherwise be a dark world. Through our professional relationship, Declan has offered inspiration, insight and just the right delivery of motivation to get me through some tough times.

As I was going through the interview with Declan, I wondered if he realized the impact he has had on me and countless others.  He has superhero skills, but you would never know what a world-class expert this guy is. Why? Because he is modest, kind and approaches his craft with admirable humility.

When so many are looking for accolades, Declan is looking for improvement and well-being on the behalf of others.

Interview with Master Hypnotist Declan Lestat

More About Declan Lestat – A Day in the Life of a Hypnotist

Are you looking for a way to change your life around? Hypnosis is a heavy-hitter when it comes to getting results and permanent change within body, mind and spirit. Thankfully, we have a professional like Declan Lestat to provide revolutionary tools to guide us all on the path of life-changing improvement and spectacular results.

In this next part of my interview with Declan Lestat, Master Hypnotist, we go deeper into the basics of his profession, what hypnosis is about, and dispels many of the myths surrounding hypnosis. 

Is hypnosis a quick fix for behavioral problems like addiction or weight loss?

A big misconception about hypnosis might be that it is a quick fix to some nasty behavioral problems like addiction or weight loss.  Is this true? Or, do you prescribe your clients with additional tools in combination with hypnosis to ensure long-term success to achieve their goals?

Declan: I always say quick fixes don’t exist, but hypnosis will certainly do until one comes along! There’s a wealth of studies, and more appearing every week (Google them!) that show that hypnosis is by far the simplest, most reliable, and indeed quickest way to quit smoking, lose weight, fight stress and cure phobias.

The time varies, depending on the client and the therapist. I’ve stopped people smoking in a single 1-hour session, a few have taken as long as 3 sessions. My record was with a girlfriend many years ago who wanted to quit chocolate. I think I did that in under 10 seconds, but that was obviously an exceptional circumstance!

A good hypnotist should always offer a range of tools and resources to the client. Unconstructive habits and beliefs are usually a result of choices made by a person with a limited “toolbox”. I give clients more tools to play with, open up more choices of behavior. I offer extra “ego strengthening” suggestions, and I always teach my clients how to hypnotize themselves so they can continue the work after our sessions are done. Plus I guarantee all my work – all clients get free “top-up” sessions if at any time they feel they’re slipping back into old ways.

What training is required of a certified hypnotist?

Declan: It varies, and unfortunately, the industry is largely unregulated. I trained in the UK which is a little different to here in the US, and I was very fortunate to be able to spend time with Cliff Mann (a world-leading motivational speaker). But my formal training took a few months of training – both online and in-person at classes – and since then I’ve dedicated myself to continued learning and development. By far the best teacher is the client in front of me! Every session is a lesson and I’m constantly refining my technique, improving the process.

In the US, there’s a ton of great teachers out there. For my money, the best is a guy called Jason Linett. He operates in Virginia but has a wealth of resources online for beginning hypnotists. If anyone is interested in finding out more, that’s the guy!

What is the connection between martial arts and hypnosis?

Declan: Absolutely. A personal mentor and motivator of mine, Cliff Mann of Time 4 Change , is also an accomplished martial artist, as it happens.

Both activities deal with developing a level of self-control over the mind. There’s also a lot of “Flow state” activity going on in martial arts, where the higher self “takes the wheel” and the movements become automatic and instinctive.

The art I teach, Aikido, is closely linked to the fighting arts of the Samurai so we develop a state called “mushin” which translates as “no-mind”. We cease thinking about the situation or the incoming attack, the hostility or even our emotional response to the events developing around us. We leave judgment, fear, the anger behind and simply be. We don’t respond, we reflect.

This way, we can join with the attacker and use their force against themselves. Good aikido should be effortless, and as a result very powerful. This all relies on a very refined state of mind, not unlike those experienced in hypnotic states – Flow. This kind of “waking” hypnosis where the subject is actively engaged in activities is actually called “uptime trance”. The kind of eyes closed process we see in the office is “downtime trance”

It’s funny, but “flow” has been doubted for years, but since science has caught up to things we already know (as often happens), and proved that flow exists and EVERYONE wants some! The military, pro sports teams, and athletes, top corporations, are lining up to have their people taught how to access flow – or hypnotic – states.

How does hypnosis relate to past-life regression?

Declan: I LOVE doing Past Life Regression! In fact, the dissertation I submitted as part of my qualification was a new approach to PLR for people who are resistant to the process. One of my very first clients came to me for PLR and was a great subject – right up until we crossed that threshold into his past life. At that moment, he’d immediately open his eyes and sit upright and say “No. Something’s stopping me.” After several attempts, I devised a process where I enlist the higher self to act as a kind of intermediary to guide the subject through the journey. It worked great!

As to what PLR actually is, I honestly have no idea. Is it a genuine past life experience? I’m open to the idea. I’ve heard some very interesting things over the years that have definitely given me pause. As an aside, I lived in a Buddhist temple for 3 years. Part of that belief system is reincarnation. A nun there told me she’d often talk with people who were in touch with their previous selves. At that time, she’d met 3 Cleopatra’s 5 Napoleons and a couple of Elvises!

I’ve heard of a process that guides people to a “Life Between Lives” state. This is incredibly exciting to me, and I have to learn how it’s done sometime soon. The client is guided to find that spot between this life and a past one where their soul is in transition.

Again, I’ve no idea what is actually experienced but there’s a lot of corroborating evidence and similarities between stories – all from people who have not met each other and don’t know what’s been reported elsewhere. Somehow, they’re all experiencing events that are strikingly similar. Way beyond the “tunnel of light and all my loved ones are here!” kind of thing.

Interview with Master Hypnotist Declan Lestat

Who is the best candidate for hypnosis?

Declan: Personally, anyone motivated enough to make the changes needed to improve their lives is welcome! If someone shows up because of other people’s wishes, they tend to not be so invested in the process. The guy who’s here to quit smoking because his partner wants him to, or the person who wants to lose weight because they “feel I should” usually get politely sent away or we work on something else. Again, hypnosis can’t make you do something you don’t really want to do.

Can’t get enough of Declan Lestat? You’re in luck!

Be sure to go to Declan’s website, which is:

Declan is available for therapy in person or via Skype. Declan also provides training in meditation and self-hypnosis (especially for deep relaxation and confidence-boosting)

Other ways to reach Declan include:

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