Power Animals of April

Power Animals of April

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Every month has overarching themes, and the month of April is no different.  These power animals of April are such because this is the month when these creatures really shine – and when critters are at their prime, that’s usually when their messages are the strongest.  So, keep your eyes and intuition alert for these power animals of April and heed what they have to say to you.  For that matter, keep yourself open to any of Nature’s creatures to gain insight, wisdom and guidance.

Exploring Power Animals of April

While these aren’t ALL the power animals of April, they are certainly the top eight in the lineup. These are the critters that crop up in April for various reasons, but mostly because they become incredibly active this month. Each has a clear message, so take heed for optimal growth and transformation.


Bird omens and bird meaning
Hawk meaning

In the life-cycle of hawks (at least in the Northern hemisphere), April is a busy month. This is their prime time for mating. If you’ve ever had the honor to see hawks during courtship, then you know what a spectacular event it is. They skyrocket into the high skies and fly together in circular patterns. Hawks catch prey and feed it to each other while in flight. They clutch and cling to each other in fierce throes of fearless passion. All this amorous affection is a good sign to keep in mind during the month of April. The hawk reminds us to love boldly, fly high, and whatever we do – do it with passion.


Celtic zodiac sign fox and fox sign meaning

According to Native wisdom, the fox is a power animal of April because it is most energetic during this month. This really is true because they start having their babies in this month.  That means foxy moms and dads are heavy on the hunt snatching good eats for their babies. Symbolically, the fox reminds us that April is a good time to tend to our nests. It’s also a good time to gather up resources so we can better provide for ourselves and others.


Easter meaning Easter symbols

Rabbits are symbolic of fertility. They’re associated with Easter – likely because of goddesses such as Ostara (Anglo-Saxon) and Wenet (Egyptian) who resembled rabbits and were also fertility goddesses.  In addition to being symbols of fecundity, rabbits are deeply sensitive to their environment.  All this amounts to a message from the rabbit that says, “Be sensitive when it comes to bringing new life into this world.” If you’ve got a project, let this month (and the rabbit) support you in giving birth to it.  Be sensitive to your creativity to render best results.  Listen to your instinct when it comes to creating something new and special in your life.  


Celtic zodiac sign deer meaning
Deer meaning

The animal symbolism of deer is meaningful in April because they are stirring, rutting and strutting during this springtime month.  The tender beauty of deer did not go unnoticed by ancient wise folk.  For example, the deer was associated with the arts, writing, music, poetry and other creative pursuits in Celtic legend and lore.  The deer asks us to herd with other creative types and start grazing for inspiration. Connect with deer spirit and with others and start manifesting some seriously creative juju this month of April. See yourself walking in the magical forests with the deer leading you into amazing depths that are both stimulating and uplifting. Each step you and the deer take will lead you to creative treasures.


Badger Meaning
Badger Meaning

Okay, so this creature might not make everybody’s top-5 most favorite – but it’s a noteworthy beastie for the month of April.  In Native American symbolism, the badger is linked with the earth because it burrows inside it. This is womb symbolism, and therefore the badger is symbolic of fertility as well as incubation.  Therefore, the badger is symbolic of being patient, laying low in order to restore ourselves and our ideas as well as taking time for things to unfold.  Native American wisdom also associates the badger with the moon because it’s a nocturnal creature.  This makes the badger a symbol of self-reflection, intuition, introspection and observation.


symbolic meaning of the heron
symbolic meaning of the heron

The heron is active in April and demonstrates ease in all types of elements and environments. Because of its seemingly effortless navigation through water, earth and air – the heron is symbolic of adaptability, resourcefulness and diversity.  This month, the heron is a reminder to be flexible, embrace new things, get out of your comfort zone. It also speaks about making transitions – shake things up a bit and embrace opportunities you might have overlooked in the past.


Frogs and Signs of Change
Frogs of April

The frog is a sacred symbol of birth in Egyptian iconology and is associated with the frog-headed goddess, Heket.  It’s also a powerful amphibian during the month of April with themes such as transformation, renewal, regeneration, birth and other life-affirming themes. What’s lovely about the frog is that it deftly straddles water and land in order to thrive in life. This can be symbolic for you this month.  Maybe it seems you’re treading water in certain areas of your life, and teetering on the landmasses of other parts of your life – the frog might be a reminder that you really CAN live both worlds…you just have to be prepared to make adjustments to make it work.


Symbolic Beetle Meaning
Beetle Meaning

Okay, not a power animal of April, but still a strong figure for the month. If you haven’t noticed, beetles are starting to come out of the woodwork this time of year – at least they are where I live. Believe it or not, beetles are symbols of power and strength in many ancient cultures. A big reason for this is because they are so talented at building impressive structures and colonies.  They can do this because they are masters at organizing and working within their communities. This is a message about rethinking teamwork.  April is the perfect time to brush off the staleness of winter hibernation and start joining with others to build something beautiful.  Get out in the community and lend a hand to make it better, or connect with others to manifest a common vision into reality.

Last Word on Power Animals of April

As you can probably see from the creature features this month, April and her animals are incredibly active. They are encouraging us to get busy too.  This is a prime time to start new projects, give birth to new ideas, gather resources, and join with others to create something incredibly beautiful.  As always, thanks for reading and may all of your April adventures bear fruit and joy for you and others.

Mighty brightly,

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