Astrology forecast for June by Jahben

Astrology Forecast for June by Jahben

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Zodiacs, the mesmerizing world which promises to take you up a ride and provide you with a glimpse of the future. It is one of a kind interest and fueling passion for others. So, if astrology is your thing and you like to stay ahead of the time, prepared for what may come, then read on as the Top Psychics provide you with the most accurate astrology forecast for June you could ever find!  


Zodiac Sign Meaning for Gemini
Zodiac Sign Meaning for Gemini

The month of June 2022 starts off with Gemini, who has had a long struggle during the pandemic. The state of the economy had you bent down, but here we are. You need to remember that success does not occur overnight, but whenever your lucky planet Jupiter goes retrograde, you may start seeing the rewards of your hard work. 

With the Gemini season in full swing, revitalize your social life with that chatty mood you have going. Remember that you need to follow your self-care routine and ground yourself often so you may not get lost in the bustle of this life. The energy out there has a way of putting even the best one of us off our radar. So be careful in strategizing your stress-relief methods. This lunar month, You are likely craving emotional intimacy. The month promises you’ll be getting it intertwined with an emotional level added to your relationships on the 3rd of June as the sweet Venus changes its signs with nurturing Cancer.

Invest this energy in staying at home with your loved ones and cozying up. On the 10th of June 2022, a solar eclipse may prompt you to make difficult decisions, but try to stay calm and relaxed in the face of adversity. Remember, if you are against the wall and feel like you cannot make a solid decision, then the best idea is to wait it out. With the action-planet Mars moving into the domain of fiery Leo afterwards, the energy levels will see a tremendous ride with the need to prioritize your passion reaching a pinnacle.

As the sun moves into Cancer on the 20th of this month, it will be marking the official beginning of summer. With hearts priming with joy and souls aching for a month of nourishment, welcome what the universe sends you with open arms. In June 2022, your psychic abilities will be getting a kick as well, so don’t forget to surround yourself with positive energy and people who care for you. As the 21st approaches, Mercury will station directly ending its retrograde journey, thereby creating a smooth sail for you by the end of this month. Overall, the predictions are of a nice and breezy summer, so just lay back and try to relax.


Zodiac Sign Meaning for Aries
Zodiac Sign Meaning for Aries

As an Aries, you are the first sign of the zodiac, you have always been a trailblazer. Sometimes you tend to have a tough time, especially when you don’t get your way in things. June is bringing forward a chaotic eclipse, and a word of caution: It is not a wise time to lash out at others. You can indulge in a self-care routine with a luxurious bath, a lot of rest, me-time, and snacks, so that you survive this eclipse with minimal drama. 

At this time of the year, you might feel spread thin because your ruling planet Mars will trudge into the watery Cancer. This will lead to an unfortunate dip in your energy levels. You should be aware that the eclipse season won’t bring forth any favorable circumstances for you as the Mercury retrograde wreaks its own havoc. You might feel a strange dynamic setting in which people will be irritating you beyond any measure, yet you will find yourself not caring. Give yourself a break and permission to relax for a spell – in the long run, your body and soul will thank you for that. Don’t worry, though; the readings suggest that these vibes are fleeting in nature, and the 11th of June will bring a new shift in your energy and a pep in your step. 

However, just be aware of your relationships irritating you as partners may seem needy. The energy will likely shift around the 26th of June when partners will start focusing on themselves. Perhaps the harshest day of the month will be the 30th of June as Mars, Saturn, and Uranus form a series of harsh aspects within the cosmos.


Zodiac Sign Meaning for Taurus
Zodiac Sign Meaning for Taurus

Your astrology forecast for June will be filled with happy thoughts and optimism for you. There is a high probability that you will receive income from unforeseen sources. In this period lots of joy is coming your way. Just be wary of Gemini and Capricorns in your life. They are bound to bring you unexpected pain during this time. Also, try and stay away from the colour black as it may prove to be a bad omen for you.

Apart from the dark clouds, there is a silver array lining the first few weeks of June as you may want to start a business. So, keep your head level and throw away any gloomy thoughts that you might have. As for your love life, there are key signs that it will bloom. The month of June is both unique and crucial for you. 


Zodiac Sign Meaning for Cancer
Zodiac Sign Meaning for Cancer

The beginning of this lunar month will be with a chaotic solar eclipse, so you might have the chance to stay in your recluse, sweet Cancer but get ready to re-emerge soon because your season is about to begin! You live that Cancer life all year round, and there is no time to shy away from that light now. Your season begins around the same time as Summer Solstice, and that is the perfect excuse to invite friends and family over. These four weeks are going to blossom for you in all directions. The first and third weeks of June will be a lesson for you, but be sure to learn from it all. The month will prove to be a bit full of turmoils but be sure that better things are to come. 

With your enthusiastic nature and passion, you will be driving people towards you. You are going to have the opportunity to make a lot of money in this period. The choices you make will not manifest easily and early this month, but with time, all shall become clear. Your choices will have repercussions for a long time so just be careful when you decide. If you have been contemplating entrepreneurship then dip your feet around this time as the month will yield some favorable results.


Zodiac Sign Meaning for Leo
Zodiac Sign Meaning for Leo

For better or worse, this month will bring your love life to light. As both Neptune and Jupiter move in a retrograde position, all truths about life will be exposed. Just remember that letting go of relationships beyond their expiration date just makes room for healthier ones, so there is no need to fight beyond the expiry positions, as holding on to a rope full of blades will only cut your hand. Remember to make new acquaintances and not let new relationships affect old ones. Try to sort through your emotions this month and use the vast array of possibilities in your stride.

You will be receiving a lot of appreciation from your friends and relatives but don’t let it get to your head. The tensions will lead to turmoil, which may wreak havoc on your relationships. Aside from these, be sure to not associate with people you don’t like and avoid negative energy.

Just remember, as soon as you start putting in the effort, things will become intriguing. As we said previously, this month will be full of possibilities so take time out to shine the light on yourself.

June also brings the chances of your body acquiring some acute form of ailment, so be very protective about your body conditions. Also, the chances of getting into accidents along this time do exist; drive carefully. You might end up displacing old acquaintances around this time of the year, but you will have ample time to assess difficult conversations. Just pick your words wisely. Also, you have the best opportunities to start a new business focused on electronic devices or schooling.


Zodiac Sign Meaning for Virgo
Zodiac Sign Meaning for Virgo

There is no way this can be put lightly for you, dear Virgo; your astrology forecast for June could get a bit messy. Your ruling planet: Mercury is fully swinging in retrograde motion. It will affect the areas of your chart that rule your career. You may find yourself extremely occupied at work, and mistakes by coworkers or yourself may leave you clocking out for long. There exists the possibility that your communication with significant people may get distorted because of technical glitches and slow internet but don’t you dare worry as you can seize control of the situation effectively. Just remember to make a to-do list every morning such that the most important tasks of the day do not fall wayside. 

It’s also important that you take wise control of your tongue in formal and informal meetings, as it might lead to curbing impulsive conversations that may haunt you much later in the day. Be very mindful of your schedule and avoid taking on tasks and committing to events that you know you won’t be able to cater to. The 5th of June may have you committing to some volunteer task that you might end up agonizing about later.

The good news after all the turmoil in your life is that once the sun enters Cancer on the 20th, your work pace will slow down. The following day, Mercury is also predicted to finally end its retrograde shift and with it the wrath of stress that you are facing. A few days following that, the Full Moon in Capricorn will rise, encouraging you to tap into your artistic potential. There you will have a chance to provide an outlet for your emotions.

You are one of the most intelligent signs, Dear Virgo. Still, even you can somehow overlook when a relationship has its fair share of red flags. It is fine to outgrow someone or when a situation is no longer working in your favor. As soon as Jupiter and Neptune move into a retrograde position this month, illusions will be exposed for what they truly are. Be sure to double down on self-love and remind yourself that you are worthy of all the world’s love.


Zodiac Sign Meaning for Libra
Zodiac Sign Meaning for Libra

This month is full of opportunities for you, and you will make a drastic change in June. You will be able to take a professional leap that would be beyond your expectations. Be sure to make sound decisions on your professional front as the ball will be in your court. You might repeat some of your old mistakes though. The second half of the week may bring some minor losses for you. 

Your life’s romantic front will be stable in the first half of the month. You will be facing some marital issues in the second half of June, so try and maintain your distance from people who often bad mouth your partner. The Mercury retrograde may not be much of a menace to you, but just in case it takes a dive in your direction, be sure to read your emails extra carefully. Also, allow yourself some extra time to get ready in the mornings.

Your ruling planet, Venus, will make its journey through Cancer on the 2nd of June, opening your heart to nurturing positive emotions. Unfortunately, the 19th of June may prove to be a bit challenging to you as the Libra Moon takes on a harsh aspect towards Venus. If your focus has been predominantly on catering for others, then your energy may get affected. If you have been investing a lot of late hours in the office, this might become the time it all catches up to you, so be careful and try to relax a little


Zodiac Sign Meaning for Scorpio
Zodiac Sign Meaning for Scorpio

You have quite an imagination, and that is why the majority of people fall in love with you. But sometimes, that flair you hold may add to the chaos and the eclipse season will be holding enough drama. Try to lean into meditation this season to keep your ground. Self-care tools may prove to be highly proficient in this regard. Venus, the planet of love, has your feelings directed towards domestic emotions, so try to nest a little in your comfy home.

Your love life is bound to travel to new depths this month, little Scorpion, as the Sun shines brightly in the area of your life chart, which rules deep connections and transformation potential. If you are committed to a relationship, this is the ideal time to take things higher. If you are single, then the universe asks you to love yourself deeply. You can do that by pursuing your hobbies, causes and goals that prime you to the uppermost position. You need to level up your game a little to meet your great love. The possibility is of a sooner time than later. 

Venus will be entering sentimental Cancer on the 2nd, and that will activate your spiritual potential. When this happens, soulmate connection is bound to pop up, so do not shy away from putting yourself out there. 


Zodiac Sign Meaning for Sagittarius
Zodiac Sign Meaning for Sagittarius

You are amongst the few individuals who tend to attract good fortune towards themselves; the credit goes to your ruling planet Jupiter. However, as soon as this pretty planet moves into retrograde position, it will be up to you to create your own luck. As soon as the warrior planet Mars moves into the bold Leo, you know how to tell haters to shove it. On the other hand, the Sagittarius Love horoscope suggests that you might break some hearts as the Gemini Sun starts shining on the areas of your chart that rule matters of the heart.

 You are often a shameless flirt by nature, but your charismatic nature may be off the charts right now, and your romantic interests will not stand a chance when it comes to the sparkle in your eyes. This month it may feel like everyone wants a slice of your time. This may become overwhelming as you try to pace yourself socially and place boundaries where acquired. In turn, you need to be careful about reaching out to the ghosts from your past and resist that urge- remind yourself that relationships end for a reason. Whether you’re playing the field or part of a duo, things can get intense or weird this summer as the New Moon and Solar Eclipse are coming up on the 10th. 


Zodiac Sign Meaning for Capricorn
Zodiac Sign Meaning for Capricorn

This month you will be guarding your happiness by staying in a positive mood and implementing some much-needed boundaries. Your professional fronts may experience some highs and lows too. Your finances will be managed well, but there will be some difficulty in closing off some big deals. The third and fourth weeks of June will get better as you start gaining support from financial institutions. The last week of June will get you some plausible revenue from the share market.  

 In June, you will be brought closer to your lover as your relationship blossoms and you rekindle old love. Don’t forget to maintain a cool and steady pace this time. Your economic path will be steady this month, with occasional blooms. During driving sessions, you need to be careful as there exists a slight chance that collisions might occur. Aside from the occasional sidetracks, the month of June will be one of a kind for you. When Jupiter moves into retrograde, the truth about friendships will be revealed. Many of your friendships and relationships have taken 

a turn for either the better or the worst, and at this time of the year the same will follow. You might have let go of some friendships, but this time it is okay to remind yourself that not every old flame deserves to be rekindled.  


Zodiac Sign Meaning for Aquarius
Zodiac Sign Meaning for Aquarius

The horoscope Aquarius suggests that you will be making some extenuating goals and walking errands in the pursuit of finishing them. You will be more sure of things this year. Your area of expertise is bound to shine around this time. You will also become assured of many things despite all that you will make one wrong move in the direction of investments. Just don’t try to let it get to you. The work you have invested in setting up a new venture will end prior to what you expect. You will be in need to seek advice from your supervisors before you begin implementing plans. By the second half of June 2022, you might start thinking about changing your workplace. 

Apart from that, your health is going to climb notches. If illnesses have been your fate for the first half of the year, be sure that health is coming your way. The house that rules spirituality for you will see optimistic Jupiter, implying that your mind will be more receptive toward esoteric concepts and higher thinking potentials. Throughout the month, you will be encountering moments of clarity and sacredness. Keep an open mind for divine interventions and blessings from the other side.  


Zodiac Sign Meaning for Pisces

By the start of the full moon you will receive excessive support from your family and friends. You are going to rest assured about a lot of things in your life. By the end of this time, you will feel calm and relaxed about a lot of things. On your professional front, you will be making some major amendments. Your superiors will be impressed as you start complying with their orders. You will solo be investing energy in starting entrepreneurial ventures. As planets move into the eighth house, people who have jobs will see some favorable circumstances. 

As for your romantic front, you will seek attention from your partner, but they might not be available. By the third week, your relationship with your partner will flourish as you get your work in order. Avoid worrying about your health in the first half, but your parent’s health will likely be affected by the second half of this month.  

Conclusion About Astrology Forecast for June 

This astrology forecast for June has been super fun to do for you this month. The zodiacs are bound to face a little downtime as the retrograde and eclipse begin. Just hold on tight as the end of June will flourish for you all! As always, thank you for reading!

About the Author: Jahben is a 3rd generation intuitive and has spent two decades studying various divinatory art forms. He has devoted his life to learning and has been trained by some of the finest healers, psychics, and mystics of today. Jahben is committed to his clients and has helped thousands clarify their life purpose, obtain healing remedies, and consistently provides intuitive guidance. Find out more about Jahben and how you can gain personal wisdom through his intuitive & interpretive gifts by visiting his website here at (WYS) is a trusted Etsy affiliate & Amazon Associate. We also promote certain products we've tested and approved. As such, the website features sponsored products for Amazon or Etsy or other afiliates. Should you make a purchase from a link on this website, WYS may receive a small commission. This website also hosts advertisements. Please see our policy page for further information. Thank you for your purchases, as it contributes to keeping this website online and running.