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Secrets Revealed, Vision Clarified. Owl Meaning is Not Ominous!

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Owl Meaning. Clarifying Some Myths.

From the Q & A Files

The following is a question about owl meaning and its association with some so-called ominous ideas. I say nonsense, and I explain why in this article.  Check out the question sent to me, and then please gander at my response. I’d love to get this idea of maligned creatures out of the way. And tell me what you think!

Question About Owl Meaning

Hi there, I Googled about the meaning of owls, and I got your website. I see owls every day. In magazines, stores, TV. I know some people consider the owl as an ominous sign, I’ve even read where the owl is a sign of death. That freaks me out! I am just wondering what you thought about this? Is owl meaning negative? Is the owl a bad sign? Thanks.” ~B. D.

Avia’s Response to the Question About Owl Meaning

Secrets Revealed. The Owl is Not Harbinger of Death!

When creatures are constantly cropping up in our awareness, it is definitely a sign. You are sharp to recognize this.  I ain’t buying into the whole “ominous owl” bit.  This meaning got kicked up by humans because ideas, myths and such get twisted over decades and centuries.

You ever played that game “telephone”?   Gather a bunch of people together and have them sit in a circle.  Somebody comes up with one statement..maybe something like: “I love Paula’s new hairdo.” That statement is whispered into the ear of the person next in the circle.  Then whispered to the next person, and the next and the next. By the time it gets to the last person in the circle, the message is always different.  That simple statement might come out as “Woven balls turn into new blue.”

Crazy, eh?  It’s just an example of how we all hear, see, experience things differently.  Even the most honored traditions and spiritual practices get funky and go off the rails over time.  This is especially true when traditions are oral and no written record is left behind.

Owl meaning owl death meaning
Owl meaning owl death meaning: Clearing up misconceptions

The owl was thought to be a sign of wisdom. It was given great respect for its ability to see into dark, unknown spaces.

At any rate…The “ominous owl” thing likely originated with ancient Europeans. There are also some Native American tribes in North East US and Canada who had some intense stories about the owl.  These peoples never said the owl was nefarious or ominous.  Nope.

These savvy folks recognized  the owl as a night creature, and respected the owl’s ability to ‘see in the dark.’  Now, to our early ancestors, seeing in the dark is big mojo.  This skill equates to seeing into the unknown, seeing through lies, uncovering hidden things.  That takes a special kind of energy, and certain clans/tribes paid huge respect for that ability.

What does this have to do with seeing the owl all the time and everywhere? Plenty.  For onsies, it means this is a time when answers are more readily available to you.  The veils of doubt, obscurity, confusion or secrets are lifted and you are able to see more clearly.  The truth is more likely to make itself evident at this time.

This is largely why the owl is a figure of intelligence.  Seeing through the dark, the unknown is a supernatural skill.  It implies having wisdom that is beyond and super-switched-on.  The connection between seeing into the shadows of mystery revolves around the idea of vision.

“I know but one freedom and that is the freedom of the mind.”

~Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Owl meaning owl death meaning
More thoughts about owl meaning owl death meaning

Constant encounters with the owl is really heavy  when it comes to the concept of vision.  Consider…owl vision is like super-sonic-hero level.  When the owl comes into our awareness, our own vision is enhanced.  This ties in with seeing clearly.  It’s like a fog has lifted, and we can finally see the light at the end of the path.  Vision is also about goals, dreams, wants, needs. 

The owl is an ace at getting what it wants.  A masterful hunter, owls don’t mess around with doubt, fear or whatever. Nope. The owl is a bad-a*ss.  It reaches out with its senses, sets out for the target and KABLAM, grabs its prey. 

This is about surviving.  So the owl beckons the question: “What do you need to survive? What are you willing to do in order to get what you want? What are you hunting for, and are you taking the right approach? What do you need to do to snatch that treasure you desire?”  More importantly, are you messing around with doubt? Second guesses? Hesitation?  The owl says “Quit that rubbish! Go for it!”

I hope this helps settle the score about how owl meanings can get maligned.  It’s utter nonsense to cast any creature in a nefarious light.  I further hope this helps you become more connected with the owl when or if it comes to call. 

Truly, at the end of the day, an owl visitation is a very big deal.  Big juju.  It is a blessing.  Embrace this connection with the owl.  Explore, inquire, contemplate the owl and its significance in your life right now.  By doing so will reveal epic insight. I promise.

Mighty brightly,

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