meaning of lizards

Symbolic Meaning of Lizards

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Learning from the Symbolic Meaning of Lizards

The symbolic meaning of lizards is diverse and extremely colorful. This creature offers huge lessons about using our perception and instinct to get by in life. Lizards also teach us to get in the rhythm of our environment and be in tune with nature. Lizards also have over-the-top tips about survival.

Lizards. I think they are the quintessential example of the element of surprise. Have you ever been on a hike, or cleaning your front porch – and a lizard comes darting out in front of you? Whoa! Crikey! What a freak-out moment!

That’s part of the symbolic magic of lizards. They’re fast. They pop up when we least expect them. I think that’s big fodder for us humans to consume.

Symbolic meaning of lizards is variable. We will receive different messages and lessons from them according to their breed, physiology, habitat and color. I’m writing this article with a broad stroke. Even though I can’t really place all lizards under the same symbolic umbrella…I can develop a dialogue that helps us all understand the deeper meaning of lizards in our lives.

When I think of lizards on a symbolic level, I can’t help but think of Seth Godin. I’m not sure he coined the phrase, but he uses an expression. He talks about the “Lizard Brain”. What Seth has to say about his concept of the “lizard brain” isn’t quite at the core of what I want to share with you. Nevertheless, his article is worth a lookie-loo, if you’re interested. You can catch Seth’s thoughts about Quieting The Lizard Brain here.

Seth spins an idea that our minds can potentially skitter and scatter as a lizard does. He speaks about how the human mind’s proclivity can be primal, raw, erratic. That’s so very true. But lizards do what they do for survival. They may seem speedy and erratic in a willy-nilly way…but that’s not the case. They move fast and unpredictably because THEY sense what’s going on. THEY know why they must move with expedience.

I like Seth’s analogy. But there’s a flaw in it. Let’s compare the way of our minds with lizard behavior. Our minds are very much like lizard movement. Our thoughts jitter and fritter. They scamper and go all whip-speed on us. If left unchecked, this can be harmful. When we have lizards come into our lives, it’s often a sign to check in with our thoughts. 

meaning of lizards
Symbolic meaning of lizards

“Why does the lizard stick its tongue out?

The lizard sticks its tongue out because that’s the way it is listening and looking and tasting its environment.

It’s the lizard’s way of appreciating what is in front of it.”

~William Shatner

The lizard asks us questions like: What do we sense? Why are we always at high voltage in our minds? Are we always on-point…looking out for what is a threat? If so, then why? Regrettably, most lizards in Nature are fair-game for predators. That means something in terms of symbolic messages for us humans. What threatens us? What are we afraid of? What are we running away from? What makes us move so fast in an opposite direction.

Lizards are a great reminder of coming in tune with potential threat. They sense things in a remarkable way. Lizards have a highly attuned sixth sense. By design, and by our connection with Nature, we have that same uncanny sense. If a lizard crosses your path, ask its energy to identify what you are moving away from, what you are afraid of, what makes you bolt.

Symbolic meaning of lizards doesn’t stop at identifying instinct within us. Nope. There’s more. Perhaps one of the most intriguing symbolic elements of the lizard is its cold-bloodedness. I’ve spoken about the symbolic import of cold-blooded creatures in relation to human consciousness. It’s worth going over again in respect to lizards. 

meaning of lizards
More about lizard meaning

Being cold-blooded doesn’t mean we are cold. I’m referring to the cliche: “Oh she is such a cold-blooded person.” Or whatever. No way! That’s cliche is an affront to cold-blooded creatures. It maligns the true symbolic nature of lizards, snakes, fish.

In actuality, on a symbolic level, cold-blooded creatures are a sign of our own skill at maneuvering our environment. Cold-blooded creatures adapt to their external temperature. As we are all born from the same Source, we humans have the same skill. When lizard comes into our lives, it’s typically a sign to pay keen attention to our environment. What’s healing us? What’s hurting us? If we can’t stand the heat, is it time to get out of the kitchen (as Harry Truman said)? Lizards have an intimate relationship with their environment. They know how the sun moves, how the moon moves, how the Earth’s mass influences their own bodies. We should be aware of the same movements in Nature. That’s one of the most essential lessons the lizard teaches us. Be in sync with Nature.

Solid Lessons From the Lizard

♦  Take time to chill out. The lizard reminds us that sometimes our very lives depends on rest, relaxation and lounging in the sun. You’ll never be healthy if you don’t take time to enjoy the things that make you whole.

♦ Shed it or shut down. Lizards shed their skin. It is a process of growth. They simply grow out of their skin, slough it off and start moving forward with the process of growing more. As humans, we’ve got to do the same thing. In order to move ahead and improve, we’ve got to shed the old stuff that doesn’t serve us anymore.

♦  Get grounded. I know, it sounds ridiculously simple. But, the lizard survives on knowing itself and the world it lives in. They never needed a manual or a self-help book to stay alive. You don’t either. Simply be more aware. Ground yourself in nature and know yourself.  Be in tune with your thoughts, feelings and conscious of your actions.

♦  Color is key. Once upon a time, I wore black…seven days a week, all black; mostly in the form of Harley-Davidson t-shirts. As I got older, I was attracted to color, and found it was quite invigorating to introduce a splash of red or blue to my wardrobe. Now, you’ll never catch me in pink or purple, but hey…at least I’ve learned to change my colors! That’s what lizards do too.  Not all, but many lizards change their color to suit their environment. This is mostly for camouflage, but sometimes brightly colored lizards make a statement in nature that says: “Hey, I’m a badass, don’t mess with me!”  Take a hint from the lizard and employ some color in your life to show off how bold and beautiful you are!

symbolic meaning of lizards
symbolic meaning of lizards

Speaking of color….what about it? Well, it’s a big deal as far as symbolic meaning of lizards is concerned. Here are some ideas…

Symbolic Meaning of Lizards and Their Colors

Brown Lizards:
Brown lizards ask us to consider what is grounding. Is your family an anchor? Then seeing a brown lizard in your life might be a sign to focus attention on family. What about home? Brown lizards encourage us to engage in matters of the home…security, safety, provision. Brown lizards ask us to pay attention to core issues. What is your most intense concern? What is your ground-zero thought? Whether it be family, home, job…whatever…brown lizards are a sign to pay attention to what is vital, what is core.

Blue Lizards:
Blue lizards ask us to consider our emotions. Blue is affiliated with the Vishudha chakra. In a nutshell, that means blue lizards are all about expression and vocalizing our intent. Did you know some lizards have an impressive singing voice? Well, more accurately, they kind of vocally scratch and screech, but Nature finds it a lovely song.  Blue lizards are uncommon. Sometimes our vocalizations are uncommon too! So often we stuff up our opinions within ourselves. Why? Blue lizards ask this of us. Why? Why barricade our voice? Why not sing out loud? It doesn’t matter if we croak our go all opera on the world. Whether meek or mild, we always have a voice to toss out. Blue lizards ask us to speak, sing, vocalize – express ourselves in our best, big beautiful voice.

Red Lizards:
Red lizards are all about passion. If you encounter a red lizard in your consciousness, your sign is to pay attention to your desires. Red (and red lizards) are all about passion, heat, love, emotion, and even sex. What sets you aflame? What kindles your dreams? Your goals? Your desire? Red lizards can scamper down a trail that can lead you to a connection with your heart’s need and fulfillment.

Green Lizards:
When we think of lizards, most of us conjure them cloaked in green. Symbolic meaning of lizards on the green field is replete with growth. Green is connected with the Anahata chakra. That’s the heart center. Green lizards in our awareness are a sign to pay attention to what makes our hearts swell. What makes us grow? What makes us evolve? What feeds our desire to advance and reach our fullest potential? A dear friend of mine, Emily, has been seeing green lizards lately. As it happens, Emily is launching her heart’s passion. I don’t find it a coincidence that her gemmy green lizards have paid her several visits during her journey to her heart’s aim. Green lizards come when we must be compelled to scuttle to the core of our heart. I’ll ask again: What makes you grow? What direction must you take in order to advance into your best direction? Symbolic meaning of lizards helps us identify and follow these life-paths.

Changeable Colors:
Many lizards have the ability to change their colors according to their needs. Chameleon is one, of course, but other lizards can morph into other colors too. What does that mean on a symbolic level? It means, by our divine design, we can shift into our greatest advantage. We too, just like the lizard, can change our color according to our needs. Sometimes (especially in times of great threat) we must blend in. Sometimes we must adapt and become one with the landscape in which we find ourselves. To be truthful, I’m pretty ballsy and bold. I’m not usually an advocate of blending in, or hiding our potential as humans. But I must acknowledge there are occasions in life when this is necessary. If a crazy-color-changing lizard comes into your life, it may be a sign to lay low, blend in, camouflage…do this until the coast is clear, and it’s safe for you to show your true colors.

meaning of lizards
Final thoughts about the meaning of lizards

Closing Thoughts on Symbolic Meaning of Lizards

I hope you’ve enjoyed these symbolic insights about lizards. It sure has been fun writing about these spunky, spirited creatures. Remember lizards are incredibly instinctual. They move according to their senses and according to the condition of their environment. When lizard comes to your consciousness, it’s a sign to do the same. Lizard asks us to listen to our instinct. It asks us to move fast. It asks us to adapt to our environment.

Thanks so much for reading. If you like this article on symbolic meaning of lizards, be sure to check out other articles I’ve written listed at the end of this page.

May all your lizard encounters be delightfully insightful,


Take Away Tips About Symbolic Meaning of Lizards

meaning of lizards

Lizards do not mess around when they move from point A to B. These suckers are FAST! This is mostly due to their instinct for survival. Lizards remind us that sometimes speedy action is required to keep our tails in tact.

meaning of lizards

Cold blood, warm heart.
Lizards are cold-blooded. That means their survival hinges on their environmental conditions. If too hot, they’ve got to move to shade. If too cold, they’ve got to bask in the sun. Lizards are super-sensitive to their environment. The lizard-lesson for us here is: Be aware of your surroundings, and move into better positions so you can live your best, healthiest life.

meaning of lizards

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
Lizards have lived on this earth longer than almost any other creature in history. That takes savvy. Well, it takes evolution and a knack for knowing what works. The lizard reminds us that if you want to survive, figure out what works. If you want to reach a goal, research formulas that are consistently successful, then follow that game-plan!

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