Full Moon of July Meaning Thunder Moon

Thunder Moon: Full Moon of July Meanings, Names, Ways to Celebrate, and More

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As the warm summer nights stretch out before us, the full moon of July brings with it a sense of magic and wonder. Known by many names throughout history, this celestial event has captivated people for centuries. From its symbolic significance to its spiritual meaning, the full moon of July has much to offer those who seek to connect with nature and explore their inner selves. With this in mind, I’m sharing insights into July full moon names (like the cool-sounded thunder moon, for example) and delving into origins, meanings, and ways to celebrate under the luminous glow of the thunder moon the full moon of July (by whichever name you call it).

What Is the Symbolic Meaning of the Full Moon in July?

The full moon of July holds a significant symbolic meaning to many cultures and religions around the world. This is because it falls during the height of summer when nature is in full bloom and abundance (at least in the northern hemisphere). The full moon in July represents fruition, growth, and manifestation.

In ancient times, many people believed full moons made way for spirits to roam freely on Earth, making it easier for them to communicate with their ancestors or deities. For some cultures, this full moon marks the peak of fertility and abundance as crops are ready for harvest.

Symbolically speaking, the full moon in July encourages us to embrace our own potential for growth and development. It reminds us that we have everything we need within ourselves to achieve our goals and aspirations.

This is also a time to reflect on any obstacles that may be hindering our progress toward success. By acknowledging these challenges, we can take steps towards overcoming them so that we can reach our fullest potential.

The symbolic meaning of the full moon in July encourages us to embrace change and transformation while embodying strength and resilience during challenging times.

Full Moon of July Meaning and July Full Moon Names
Full Moon of July Meaning and July Full Moon Names

What is the Spiritual Meaning of the Full Moon in July?

The spiritual meaning of the full moon in July varies depending on different cultures and beliefs. For some, it signifies a time for reflection, introspection, and letting go of negative energies. It is believed to be a powerful time for manifestation, setting intentions, and releasing what no longer serves our highest good.

In astrology, the full moon in July is associated with the zodiac sign of Cancer (as this full moon falls in the month for Cancerians). This sign represents creativity, nurturing, generosity, and intuition. Alternatively, Cancerian energy can shift quickly, making this personality type unpredictable, moody, or easily irritated.  By association, these personality traits often set the stage for the feelings we experience during the full moon of July.  

From a shamanic perspective, the full moon in July is known as the Thunder Moon. It symbolizes power and transformation through thunderstorms that cleanse negative energy from nature and ourselves. We’ll talk more about that in a minute, so hang tight.

The spiritual meaning behind the full moon in July invites us to connect with our higher selves and align with our purpose. By tapping into its energy and symbolism, we can use this potent lunar phase as an opportunity for growth and positive change in our lives.

Different Names for the Full Moon in July and Their Meanings

The full moon of July goes by various names, each with its unique meaning and significance. The different names for the July full moon that we’re most familiar with have been passed down from Native American tribes, who used lunar cycles as a way to track the seasons.

One name for the July full moon is Thunder Moon. As the month of July falls in the peak summer season, thunderstorms are common during this time. Thunder represents power and energy, making it an apt name for this full moon.

Another name for the July full moon is Buck Moon. This name originates from male deer growing their antlers this month, symbolizing growth and strength. It’s also known as Hay Moon since farmers often harvest hay around this time.

Are you still with me? If you’ve made it this far in this fascinating subject of the full moon of July meaning, check out more names for this powerful full moon and explanations for each moniker.

Thunder Moon Meaning

Full Moon of July Name and Thunder Moon Meaning
Full Moon of July Name and Thunder Moon Meaning

The Thunder Moon is one of the many names given to the full moon that occurs in July. The name “Thunder Moon” comes from the belief that July’s thunderstorms are at their most frequent during this time. This makes sense, as hot and humid weather patterns often create perfect conditions for storms.

Native American tribes have different interpretations of why they named it “Thunder Moon.” For some, it represents a reminder that summer is here and crops will soon be ready for harvest. Others believe that spiritually powerful energy emanates from the Thunder Moon, enhancing our intuition and psychic abilities.

Buck Moon

Full Moon of July Buck Moon Meaning

The full moon of July is known by many names, one of which is the Buck Moon. This name was given to it by Native American tribes, who used it as a way to track the seasons and hunting patterns.

The reason for its name lies in the fact that during this time, male deer begin growing their antlers. These antlers are covered in velvet, which gives them a fuzzy appearance. As the month progresses and we near the full moon, these antlers harden and become smooth like buckskin leather.

For Native American tribes, this signified that hunting season was approaching as they would soon be able to hunt for the game for food and supplies. It also symbolized growth and renewal as nature began replenishing itself with new life.

In addition to its practical meaning, the Buck Moon also holds spiritual significance for many people. It represents strength, courage, perseverance, and adaptability – traits that are essential for survival in both nature and life’s challenges.

Whether you view it from a practical or spiritual perspective or simply appreciate its beauty in the night sky – there’s no denying that the Buck Moon has an intriguing history behind it!

Mead Moon

Full Moon of July Mead Moon Meaning

The Mead Moon is one of the different names given to the Full Moon that appears in July. This name comes from ancient times when people used to make mead, a fermented honey drink that was highly valued by many cultures.

Historically, this moon marked the time when bees were most active and produced an abundance of honey, which was then used to make mead. In medieval Europe, it was customary for newlyweds to be given a month’s supply of mead as a wedding gift. They would consume it daily for the first month after their marriage, hence giving rise to the term “honeymoon.”

Calming Moon

Full Moon of July Celtic Comfort Moon Meaning

The Calming Moon is one of the more interesting names given to the full moon in July. This name signifies a special time when people can find peace and tranquility amidst their busy lives.

The origin of this name is quite fascinating as it relates to ancient Celtic traditions. The Calming Moon was named after the calming effect that hot summers have on nature, particularly plants and animals. Animals are believed to take refuge in shady areas during this time while plants slow their growth rate.

This phase of the moon is dubbed “calming” because it symbolizes a time for rest and reflection. It is believed that inner peace and clarity can be achieved by taking things slowly and being mindful of our surroundings.

The Calming Moon offers us an opportunity to slow down from our hectic lifestyles and appreciate life’s simpler moments. By embracing its energy, we can learn how to be calm even during times of chaos.

Herb Moon

Full Moon of July Herb Moon Meaning

Herb Moon is one of the names for July’s full moon, and it’s a name that carries plenty of significance. This name comes from July being the month when herbs are in their prime, making it an ideal time to harvest them.

The Herb Moon has long been associated with growth and fertility. It’s believed that plants grow especially fast during this time of year due to the abundance of sunlight and rain. This makes it an auspicious time for planting new seeds or taking on new projects.

In addition to being a symbol of growth and fertility, the Herb Moon also represents healing and wellness. Many cultures have used herbs for centuries, believing they have powerful healing properties.

If you’re looking to celebrate the Herb Moon, consider spending some time outside in nature. Take a walk through a botanical garden or go on a hike through a forest filled with fragrant herbs. You can also weave herbal remedies into your daily routine by drinking tea made from fresh herbs or using herb-infused oils for massage.

Hay Moon

Full Moon of July Hay Moon Meaning

The Hay Moon is one of the many names for the full moon that occurs in July. This name originated from the hay harvest season that takes place during this time of year. The Hay Moon signifies a period when farmers work hard to gather and store their hay, which will be used as food for livestock during winter.

The term “hay” comes from an Old English word meaning “grass,” and it’s no surprise that this full moon is named after such an integral part of agriculture. Farmers have been harvesting hay since ancient times, making it one of the oldest agricultural practices in history.

The Hay Moon represents hard work and dedication toward preparing for future seasons; it symbolizes reaping what we sow and reminds us of our connection with nature and agriculture. It’s a time when we can reflect on our efforts toward growth, personally and collectively.

Hungry Ghost Moon

Full Moon of July Hungry Ghost Meaning

The Hungry Ghost Moon, also known as the Ghost Festival Moon, is one of the full moon names for the month of July. This name originated from a traditional East Asian belief that ghosts and spirits wandered freely on Earth during this time in search of energetic fuel and attention.

According to Buddhist and Taoist beliefs, offerings are made to these hungry ghosts to appease them so they do not cause harm or misfortune. People would often burn joss paper money and incense as offerings to honor their ancestors and loved ones who had passed away.

This full moon holds significant cultural importance across different parts of Asia, where it is celebrated with festivals such as China’s Hungry Ghost Festival. During these celebrations, people gather together to pay respects to their ancestors by lighting candles or lanterns.

In essence, the Hungry Ghost Moon represents a time for remembrance and honoring our past loved ones. It reminds us that even though they may no longer be physically present with us, we can still keep their memories alive through traditions like this.

7 Ways to Celebrate and Honor the Full Thunder Moon of July

Full Moon of July Meaning

The Full Thunder Moon of July is a time for celebration and honoring the powerful lunar energy. Here are some ways to celebrate this full moon:

1. Create an altar: Set up a sacred space in your home, with candles, crystals, and other items that represent the elements. Place photos or symbols of things you want to manifest during this full moon.

2. Meditate: Sit outside under the light of the full moon and meditate on what you want to release from your life and what you want to bring in.

3. Perform a ritual: Write down things that no longer serve you on small pieces of paper and burn them while speaking words of release and gratitude.

4. Charge your crystals: Lay out any crystals under the light of the full moon overnight for cleansing and charging.

5. Host a drum circle: Gather friends around a bonfire or fire pit for rhythmic drumming, dance, singing, storytelling as they honor Mother Earth’s cycles

6. Unplug & ground yourself in Nature: Turn off all electronic devices, take off footwear, walk barefoot through grass or sand whenever possible.

7. Give back to the community: Donate goods, volunteer at food banks or animal shelters. The act of giving really intensifies the energy of this full moon of July.

These are just a few ideas to help you celebrate and honor the Full Thunder Moon of July!

Frequently Asked Questions About Full Moon Names and the Full Moon of July

I hope I’ve covered most questions about the full moon of July, but there might be some lingering inquiries. With that in mind, here are some Q&As about the full moon name of July, and other details I might have missed.

What are the different names for the full moon of July?

The full moon of July goes by many names, each with its own unique meaning and history. Some of these names include Thunder Moon, Buck Moon, Mead Moon, Calming Moon, Herb Moon, Hay Moon, and Hungry Ghost Moon.

Why do full moons have different names?

Full moons have different names based on cultural traditions and beliefs. Many cultures associate certain times of the year or lunar cycles with specific activities or events such as hunting or agriculture. The name given to a particular full moon often reflects this association.

What is the spiritual significance of the Thunder Moon?

For many indigenous tribes in North America, the Thunder Moon represents a time when thunderstorms were common and crops needed rain to grow. As such, it was seen as a time for renewal and purification.

How can I celebrate the Buck Moon?

Celebrating the Buck Moon can be done in many ways depending on your personal preferences. Some ideas might include spending time outdoors under the full moon’s light or performing rituals related to abundance and prosperity.

Do all cultures have their own full moon names?

Yes! Full moon naming traditions can be found all over the world in various cultures, including Native American tribes, Chinese culture, Southeast Asia, Hinduism, and Paganism, among others.

Conclusion About the Full Moon of July 

The full moon of July is a special time that holds deep meaning across many cultures and traditions. Whether you call it the Thunder Moon, Buck Moon, Mead Moon, or any other name, this powerful lunar phase reminds us all to reflect on our journeys so far and set new intentions for the future.

As we celebrate the Full Thunder Moon of July, let’s take some time to connect with nature and honor its beauty. We can do this by spending time outdoors under the moonlight, meditating or performing rituals that are meaningful to us personally.

Remember that each full moon has its unique energy and symbolism; therefore, paying attention to your intuition during this time is essential. By staying in tune with these energies and using them wisely in our lives, we can harness their power and bring positive change into our lives. So go ahead – embrace the magic of the Full Thunder Moon of July! Happy celebrating!  As always, thanks for reading!

Mighty brightly,

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