Full Flower Moon Meaning of May

Full Flower Moon Meaning of May

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Exploring the Flower Moon Meaning and the Full Moon of May: Not surprisingly, this blooming full moon is all about renewal, and celebrating the joys in life as Nature continues to bedazzle us with the colors, sights, and sounds of spring.  The flower moon is a sign of the times. It embodies a spirit that revels in growth, expression, and creativity.

This full moon is an energetic message that says, “Howdy! Here is a big lunar bouquet of bountiful, bodacious beauty…reminding you to bloom where you’re planted!”  That sentiment, ‘bloom where you’re planted’ is a commonly used turn-of-phrase, but it’s super-poignant in terms of this particular moon. This full flower moon of May reminds us that we CAN pollinate, grow, and blossom no matter where we are, no matter what our circumstances.

Lotus and Flower Moon of May

Full Flower Moon Meaning of May
Full Flower Moon Meaning of May

Consider the lotus. It’s a symbol of enlightenment, among other things.  Have you ever wondered why? What I find especially intriguing about the lotus is that it thrives in some of the most crap-tastic environments. It blooms like a majestic beacon of beauty and light in the midst of murky, mucky, muddy conditions. Essentially, it is the jewel that shines in the most unlikely (and sometimes pukey) places.

I’m pointing all this stuff out because the full flower moon meaning is about exposing you to the enchanting, beautiful soul you are and remind you that you are freakin’ platinum-strong…capable of thriving, creating, growing…even if you find yourself in the middle of a thunderously big pile of bullspit. 

All full moons in every month wield big jujumagumbo. Meaning, full moons have an epic influence over our lives. The full moon of May is particularly mammoth in energy because it bears dynamic meaning. Read on if I’m still seizing you by the snarglies about this phenomenal full moon…

“Bread feeds the body,
But flowers feed the soul.”

― The Koran
Full Flower Moon Meaning of May
Full Flower Moon Meaning of May

Full Moon Name Meanings for the Month of May

We have the Nature-savvy Native Americans to thank for the full moon names we are familiar with today.  There are many different names for each full moon. For example, the full moon of May is known as the flower moon, but it also goes by the planting moon, bud moon,  and other names. The names changes according to which Native American tribe you consult.  The Native American full moon names listed on this website are from Algonquin-speaking tribes in the northeast of America.  Here are a few names for the full moon of May and their meanings.

Flower Moon Meaning

As you might imagine, the full flower moon is aptly named after all the lovely flowers that are popping up this time of year (at least in the Northern hemisphere). Symbolically, this flower moon is associated with healing because many Native traditions use flower remedies for cleansing, renewal, and healing various disorders. The flower moon is also symbolic of creative expression, so this is a good moon to get artistic, innovative, inspired, and inventive. Lastly, this full moon in May is celebrated for its associations with fertility, new birth, and growth.

Planting Moon Meaning

For most Native American tribes, this full moon indicated the kickoff of the agricultural year. So, as the ‘planting moon’, this was a time to plant seeds, have ceremonies and say blessings to ensure bumper crops in the summer. This was a sacred time in that seeds were saved from the previous year and mindfully planted this time of year. Symbolically, it’s a good time for us to do the same. This full flower moon meaning invites us to plant seeds of intent, sow ideas, and new goals…these metaphorical seeds are planted in the fertile soils of our hopes and dreams and we nurture them with our affirmations, positive energy, and intentions.  

Budding Moon Meaning

Depending upon the tribe and its geographical location, the budding moon could be this month or it might be the full moon of April. In either case, it marks the time of year when beautiful baby buds are breaking through the soil. It’s a time of cracking open what has been confined or covered us up and embracing the light. On a symbolic level, the budding full moon of May invites us to kick off the covers, stop hiding and crack open our shells to experience the rejuvenation life has to offer.

Full Flower Moon Meaning of May
Full Flower Moon Meaning of May

Intentions to Plant & Stuff to Do During the Full Flower Moon of May

All full moons every month have unique essence and energy. We can harness the unique energies of the May full moon.  We can use this month’s flower moon meaning and momentum to stimulate and enhance our intentions.  Here are a few ideas that might help you take advantage of this fabulously powerful full moon.

Reflecting on Reflections

The moon is all about absorbing the light of the sun and dancing with delight at being seen and adored. By association, we should do the same. As a full flower moon, we can also get inspiration from blooms that reach to be kissed by the rays of the sun. Again, we should do the same. Interestingly, this time of year was a time of celebrating the expression of unique individuality during the Cherokee Feast of Days. The full moon of May was (is) a time for Cherokee elders to be honored within the tribe, young ones to explore their unique personalities, and warriors to show their individual strengths.  We can share this collective energy under this month’s full moon by doing the very same by acknowledging and celebrating the differences in ourselves and in others.

Get Planting

I know…”Duh, Avia!”…it seems so obvious to plant flowers under the full flower moon…but I’m inviting you to do so with mindful intentions.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money. Think about spreading a simple pack of wildflower seeds (costs less than a dollar) and set intentions about how you are spreading your own seeds in life. As you see the seeds fly, fall, and land upon the welcoming soil, envision your own dreams flying into the ethers…finding the right places to land, and eventually sprouting and manifesting into glorious opportunities in your life.

Full Flower Moon Meaning of May
Full Flower Moon Meaning of May

Other Flower Full Moon Meanings of May

As the month of May blooms with vibrant flowers and fresh beginnings, there is a celestial event that captivates skygazers and spiritual seekers alike – the Flower Full Moon. This enchanting phenomenon, also known as the Full Flower Moon, holds deep symbolism and meaning that resonates with our inner selves. Join us on a journey to uncover the mystical significance of the Flower Full Moon of May and discover how you can harness its energy for growth and transformation in your life.

What Is the Flower Full Moon of May Meaning – For Real?

The Flower Full Moon of May is a time when the earth is bursting with life and color, mirroring the abundant energy that fills the air. This full moon marks a period of fertility, growth, and blooming possibilities in nature and within ourselves. As flowers bloom in all their glory during this time, we can also embrace our own potential for growth and transformation.

Symbolically, the Flower Full Moon represents rebirth, renewal, and awakening. It invites us to shed old habits or beliefs that no longer serve us and make way for new beginnings. Just as flowers need sunlight to blossom, we, too, require nourishment and light to thrive.

During this magical time, we are encouraged to reflect on what areas of our lives are ready to bloom and flourish. The energy of the Flower Full Moon supports us in manifesting our desires and embracing change with grace and openness.

Affirmations to Try During the Full Flower Moon of May

Embrace the energy of the Flower Full Moon in May and set intentions for growth, transformation, and abundance. Use these affirmations to align yourself with the powerful energies of this special lunar event:

  • I am open to receiving all the blessings that come my way.
  • I release what no longer serves me and welcome new opportunities into my life.
  • My heart is full of gratitude for all that surrounds me.
  • I trust in the divine timing of the universe and know that everything is unfolding as it should.
  • I am a magnet for love, success, and happiness.

Repeat these affirmations during your Full Flower Moon rituals, or simply incorporate them into your daily practice to harness the magical energy of this beautiful celestial event. May your intentions bloom like flowers under the light of the May Full Moon!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Flower Full Moon Meaning of May

Curious about the Flower Full Moon of May? Here are some common questions that may spark your interest.

What is the significance of the Flower Full Moon in May?

The Flower Full Moon marks a time of blooming and growth, symbolizing new beginnings and abundance in our lives.

Why is it called the Flower Full Moon?

This moon gets its name from the blossoming flowers during this time of year, reflecting nature’s beauty and transformation.

How can I harness the energy of the Flower Full Moon?

You can invoke the lunar energy of this full moon by setting intentions, practicing gratitude, or simply taking a moment to appreciate the beauty around you.

Is there a specific ritual for celebrating the Flower Full Moon?

Rituals vary among different cultures and practices, but common themes include honoring nature, meditating on goals, or creating flower arrangements as offerings to the moon.

What does it mean for my zodiac sign during this full moon phase?

Each zodiac sign may experience unique influences during this period based on their individual characteristics and astrological alignments.

Closing Thoughts About Full Flower Moon Meaning

No matter how you embrace or celebrate this full month of May, recognize that this is a blooming time to nurture yourself, care for yourself and relish the unique growth available to you. Also, remember the lesson of the lotus…no matter what your conditions are, the flower moon reminds you that you can grow wherever you are planted.

Full flower moon blessings to you!

Mighty brightly,

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