Celtic Symbol Calligraphy

Triple Mother Symbol Calligraphy in the Shape of a Celtic Triskelle Sign

Celtic symbol calligraphy is the merging of calligraphy and Celtic symbolism to make a whole new and uniqe form of art.

The process of making this new art form is as follows:

  • A Celtic sign is chosen

  • Original poetry (relevant to the sign and subject matter) is created

  • The poetry is written in calligraphy, and done free-hand to take on the shape of the sign

Learn the Process of Creating Symbol-Calligraphy Here

The end result is a striking and remarkable marriage of symbolism and beauty.

Epona Celtic Symbol Calligraphy Art

More on Epona and other Celtic dieties

Celtic symbol calligraphy is a unique way to express Celtic history and poetry within ancient Celtic signs.

Throughout time, the Celts honored their heritage and traditions by telling stories. Regrettably, very little of their culture was recorded in writing. The ancient Romans, Greeks observed a lot about the Celts and their way of life and recorded their observations. This is how we know much about the Celts. We also know about them through the calligraphy scribed by ancient scholars and devotees of the new Christian era. These students and priests were given the charge of recording historical/cultural data about the Celts. This is how the Book of Kells came into existence, and within that book is some of the most incredible Celtic Calligraphy and artwork you'll every lay your eyes on.

I am a calligrapher, and so I love the Book of Kells. It has inspired me to create these Celtic symbol calligraphy pieces.

If you want more information about my thoughts and practices with calligraphy see this page.

Please Note

At this time, custom Celtic symbol calligraphy services are unavailable.

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