Spiritual Growth in Retirement

Soulful Retirement: Navigating Spiritual Growth in Retirement & Preparing for Life’s Next Chapter

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Retirement can be a transformative time of your life. You no longer have an obligation to work and may have to reinvent yourself to maintain your health and happiness. You can also experience tremendous spiritual growth in retirement.

It’s the perfect time for a spiritual journey. Learning to navigate your spirituality will take time and effort that may not have been possible while you were pursuing your career. 

You can also find plenty of spiritual support in retirement. Many folks begin spiritual practices in later life, meaning you’ll be able to find a network of new friends who understand your struggles and are prepared to stand by you while you reflect on life’s next chapter. 

Travel and Spirituality

Spiritual Growth in Retirement

Travel and spiritual growth have shared a synergistic relationship for centuries — there’s a reason they call it the hero’s journey! However, you may have been too busy to travel while working. Fortunately, retirement provides the perfect opportunity to get out and see more of the world. 

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Minimize the risk of an accident and travel carefree in retirement by speaking to your doctor before you leave. They’ll be able to top up your medication and advise some lifestyle changes to improve your health in the lead-up to your journey. 

Make sure you research your journey thoroughly before setting out. During your research, note down important facts concerning the closest hospital, hotels, and travel links. This research will give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on spiritual growth while you travel

During the research process, try to identify destinations that you know will help you rewind and reflect. Some folks prefer to relax on white-sand beaches, while others do their best thinking at a pilgrimage site. If you’re running low on ideas, consider well-known spiritual sites like: 

  • Kyoto, Japan;
  • Delphi, Greece;
  • Joshua Tree, California;
  • Varanasi, India.

These locations are renowned for their spiritual past and can help you strike new ideas as you set aim for spiritual growth in retirement. Alternatively, you can always save some cash by booking a quiet campsite or beach hut for the week. This will free up some funds for self-care products and help you focus on introspection.


Self-care is a key tenant of spirituality. If you don’t care for yourself and your body, spiritual revelations will be hard to come by. However, it’s all too easy to overlook self-care when you’re worried about quarterly reports and budgets. 

Use your retirement to navigate a more soulful way of life. Try to nourish your inner child by changing your mindset and giving yourself permission to fail. This approach embraces a more self-compassionate approach to work and play. This is key when searching for spiritual advancement, as you’re sure to hit some dead ends along the way. A child-like approach ensures that you’re willing to make mistakes and will learn from any false starts. 

Try to set aside some time for physical and mental wellness as these are also connected to your spiritual journey. There are several ways that you can stay busy in retirement that incorporate all of these aspects including sticking to a healthy diet, participating in community events with other retired people, or volunteering at a nonprofit, food bank or animal shelter.

Building Relationships

Spiritual Growth in Retirement

Your workplace may have provided important social support during your career. This can leave a real gap in your life when you enter retirement and no longer have an office to visit. Replacing these relationships is crucial for your mental and spiritual health. 

If you already belong to a faith practice in your area, try to commit more of your time to it. 

You can also use your newfound free time to build healthier relationships with your family and friends. It’s easy to overlook your personal relationships while pursuing a busy career, but you’ll need the support of your friends and family if you want to embark on a spiritual journey in retirement. Get started by: 

  • Intentionally asking about other people’s interests
  • Continuing to learn about your family members
  • Setting and respecting boundaries with other folks
  • Scheduling meaningful time to build a connection and have a conversation 

These simple changes will dramatically improve your relationships. Even small changes, like setting boundaries with folks who consume your energy, can free up some time and make it that much easier to embark on a spiritual journey.  

Avoiding Scams

Opening yourself up to a spiritual journey is a great way to learn new things and discover new perspectives. However, you’ll still need to exercise a little critical thinking if you want to stay safe and avoid scams. Unfortunately, there are plenty of people out there who will want to take advantage of your openness to learning and new experiences. It’s a crying shame, but there are unscrupulous individuals out there who might try to fleece you even though you have the best intention for your spiritual growth in retirement.

There’s no hard-and-fast rule to avoid scams. However, you should be wary of anyone who asks for money or personal details. Occasionally, folks will hide their ill intentions behind promises of spiritual revelation. These types of scams are commonly referred to as Psychic Scams and do not offer any genuine advice or guidance. 

Starting Small

Spiritual Growth in Retirement

Authentically embracing spirituality is a great way to find purpose in retirement. You have plenty of free time and should strive to find tasks and activities that bring you a sense of calm and balance. These needn’t be major endeavors, either. Sometimes simple tasks like cleaning your home, decluttering your garage, and tending your garden can give you peace of mind and a daily purpose. 

These types of repetitive tasks can be spiritually fulfilling, too. That’s why so many spiritual sites in Japan choose to keep a zen garden with sweeping sand. There’s little utility to be found in sweeping sand, but the spiritual growth from sweeping can be profound. Decluttering and tending a garden gives you time to come face to face with yourself and think about the way you want to live.  

You can start small, too. For example, if the idea of landscaping your yard is overwhelming, start with a transition space like a patio or the area around your backdoor. Cleaning these transitional spaces can give you the motivation to take on bigger projects around the house. 

Closing Thoughts About Spiritual Growth In Retirement

Navigating the spiritual waters of life can be daunting if you’re used to a busy routine. However, you may benefit from the time away from work as you enter life’s next chapter. You’ll need to take a robust approach to building relationships and should be open to new experiences. Consider traveling if you’re feeling low or have lost your enthusiasm for life. Travel exposes you to new ways of living that can generate profound spiritual revelations in later life.

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